Camaro Tires With White Letters

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I know everyone doesn’t like them, but, I wish the tire company would make white labels for the Camaro. You can get 15″ and 17″ tires but not 18″ and the top is white tires. I get a lot of extras on my little LS. I did it yesterday with Ranger Paint.

Camaro Tires With White Letters

Camaro Tires With White Letters

It’s only a matter of time before tire companies start making their most popular white label tires, as RWLs are making a comeback.

Tire Stickers Goodyear Eagle F1 White 10 Pcs Decal Tyre Lettering Customizable Auto Decal 3d Universal 3mm Thickness 1

A couple of companies known as Tread Wear Letters and Tire Stickers make real rubber letters that can be stuck to the sidewall with hardened cement, turning a black rear tire into a raised white tire. It’s much better than paint markers, because these are real rubber labels and not just paint that needs to be removed. Here are the pictures:

They have become very popular, so it is only a matter of time before the tire industry starts to take advantage of them. They have all the technology to make white label tires, so they figure if they can do this and add $30-$40 per tire, why the hell?

I’ve always loved the look of the white letter. I used to drive them on my 89 Trans Am. Firestone Firehawks.

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Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition Inferno Orange

Looks great! I have always loved white tiles. I think cost is the main reason why tire companies stop making them and tires are moving in the right direction. They should release branded and non-branded tires of the same tire to buyers who did not want them.

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My understanding is that the rubber is white when they make the tires and paint them black? I know many young people don’t like them. I’m in my mid 50s so I like them myself. A black Camaro with white tires looks amazing to me.

Rubber is naturally pure white. They use a chemical called carbon black to make the tire tough, ozone resistant and UV resistant. It has nothing to do with appearance. white letter tiles are dead in standard designs, but in the right setting it can look good, so I wanted to try it. I’m just sharing my experience with this for your education in case you decide/don’t do it yourself.

Camaro Tires With White Letters

I didn’t have time to do the work, but I wanted the mail to start when the tires were new.

Chevrolet Camaro Ss For Sale In Bonita Springs, Fl

I chose stickers because their images seemed to be more consistent with the frame than others. there were others that cost less, but the correct layout is important to make it look good & I was willing to pay more to not have to change something to change it. I have a goodyear white (apparently) 1.5 standard, full size, 20″ rim. I used a discount code I can’t remember online that got me a discount. total was $125.99 ordered 8/11 & arrived 8/16.

I used to do 1 tire a day after work, take out one tire at a time, wash & dry the leaves.

When they say you may need to wipe with acetone “ten times or more”, idk where they are getting these 10 tires; it took maybe 30+ times not just to wipe, but to massage with firm pressure. and NO it hasn’t been deleted yet. I continued washing until I decided to return them. I mean it’s not worth the work unless you really want them. I used the entire quart of acetone for the 4th set.

The layout of the radus of the letters was very large, as in any sample pics. suck again. it was like 21-22″. I cut the middle of the plastic backing to make it the correct length to match the tire.

Tires With White Lettering

The letters are black rubber paper with a very thin sheet of colored rubber adhesive. the white cloth was peeling in several spots on several letters. I attached it with the glue provided, which seems to work. It goes without saying that white rubber is VERY GOOD. i mean just touch it with anything & it leaves a mark on the clean surface. brake dust & dirt will turn this black within a month.

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They say put the glue between the letters, let it dry, then go back and glue the edges. I made 1 tire like that…fook that. it took maybe an hour & a lot of messing around & gluing little corners & inside bends. for the other tiles I just worked on sealing all the edges without putting too much glue to get them to pop out. I glued two characters at a time to make sure I could give them strength and push all the corners. it took maybe 20min per tire.

Although they are still sidewall, 1.5″ is a bit big & they are at a higher tire pressure than they will last a long time. 1.25″ would probably be better.

Camaro Tires With White Letters

Adhesive “flexement” is the most important part here (along with prepping). it is said to be cyanoacrylate, which is a super glue. but they strongly insist that it is not a super glue, it is their unique design that does not exist anywhere else in the world. and costs $15 for a 30gm bottle. including shipping. You can do your research on this.

John’s 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

If you get shiny things on your tires, the world will go up in flames unless you clean them right away with a special adhesive cleaner, $10 for 8oz, plus shipping.

The only thing in the universe where you can wipe off the letters and stickers of the bright tiles. which is $15 (not available for them atm). and it is very harmful and burns if it touches your skin.

No. although I like the look, I didn’t expect this to be “standard”. they are just tied up…how long will they be? idk, we’ll see. Also, the number of cleaning tiles to get to the “clean rag” they recommend is not reasonable. I predict that it will fall instead of changing, because when I do this, I wash well. I would expect some things to be more or less the same, I might choose the cheaper one since enough is not good enough.

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“I don’t like the way it looks” – idgafs what you think, this is to teach you about spelling.

How To Bleach White Letter Tires?

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I see posts on tires regularly here including several that work with me. the fun is usually on the chargers. I can’t say I’ve ever seen ‘maro or’ standing here.

I put on the CQuartz UK 3.0 about a year ago, and the inside & outside of the wheels (including the lug nut pockets) have made cleaning a breeze.

Camaro Tires With White Letters

Good sir. You’ve got the perfect look. I’m not usually clean, but this looks good. Kudos.Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums – > General Camaro Forums > Camaro ZL1 Forum – ZL1 Specific Topics > ZL1 Wheels/Tires

Goodyear Tire Decals

Does anyone here have tires with white lettering and graphics? I’ve only seen pictures of the Z28 with white lettering on the tires (included and it looks amazing). Thinking of making the letters white…..

I think they look great and I have a friend who painted her characters with a small brush and white paint. I’ll admit I laughed while he was doing it and I probably drank a 12 pack while watching him do it. And man did he look bad when he was done!! They were always asked where they bought them because they looked like oem.

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We’ve just done a lot of research on white letters and the consensus is that painting the letters takes a while depending on which one you use, but almost all of them crack/peel and turn yellow (sometimes the same day). He did some more research and found a company called Tredwear

White Letter Tires On Ridgeline

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