Diy Marquee Letters Template

Diy Marquee Letters Template – My Aunt Becky is a wedding planner extraordinaire, or should be! She helped with my, my sister’s and her cousin’s weddings, so to say I owe her a big favor would be an understatement. When my aunt, her younger daughter, got married earlier in May; I was asked to make some giant LOVE letters as seen in this cool LOVE image via Rebecca Douglas – isn’t it stunning! From the dark photo, I can’t tell if the letters are flat or trimmed like typical marquee letters.

My aunt needed independent letters, so I chose to trim the letters. Anyway the letters look really cool and are pretty easy to make, just take some time. They are really big, 40 inches tall, and definitely make a statement.

Diy Marquee Letters Template

Diy Marquee Letters Template

To mark the O, I used a piece of scrap wood to make a compass of sorts. Drill a pencil-sized hole near one end, a hole 10 inches from the first hole and 18 inches from the first hole.

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Use a screw and place the end of the ‘compass’ on one of the two marks on the plywood. Place a pencil in the 10″ or 18″ hole and mark a half circle, change to the other hole and mark another half circle. Change the screw to the second compass position and repeat. Use a ruler and mark straight lines on the edges of the semicircles.

Use the saw to cut out the letters. To cut out the center of the O, drill a hole in the center of the O large enough for the jigsaw blade to fit, and cut out the donut hole.

Next is to drill holes in the letters for the lights. You can space the lights however you want, but this is how I placed mine. All lights are 4 inches apart. Measure the diameter of the light sockets, mine with the clip needed a 7/8 inch diameter hole. Drill holes for the lights.

I used a drill bit and a 7/8″ bit to drill the holes. The letters can be used like this, if you don’t want to add the decoration around the edges.

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I added trim around the plywood letters to give them a marquee look. I cut the 5mm (~1/4) bottom sheet in strips 5 1/4″ wide. If you cut it the short way (48″) you’ll need about 11 strips. Cut the strips to fit your letters, but the charts The following will give you a guide. After I cut each piece, I marked the center, applied wood glue, and used a brad nail to attach the strip to the edges of the plywood letters. (I think a stapler might work better, because sometimes the head of the small brad nail would go through the plywood. However, most of the time the brad nails worked fine.)

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LVE had an easy time putting the trim on. When I got the O, I realized that the 5mm plywood would not bend as well as I had hoped. I found a sheet of 2.7mm plywood that bends quite easily. I cut the 2.7mm sheet into 5 1/4″ wide strips (6-7 strips).

I applied 2 layers of 2.7mm strips to make the O look the same as the other letters.

Diy Marquee Letters Template

To keep the O from rolling, I nailed some 5 1/4 inch pieces of scrap wood to the bottom. I ‘love’ how it turned out :-), they are really fun. I then filled in the gaps with stain, let it dry and sanded it smooth.

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I painted the letters with Zinsser primer, then painted them with Behr Ultra Pure White. The paint sprayer made painting so easy with all those corners.

After the paint dried, I removed the bulbs from the string sockets and placed them in the holes.

The string light wiring is in parallel, they will work without all the bulbs in the sockets. I used the excess light wire as an extension cord for the power strip/surge protector. I changed the bulbs to the socket and the letters are ready to use!

I added ‘legs’ to the letters because the wedding was near a mall and I was a little worried about the wind.

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After the ceremony the party moved inside for dinner. Later in the evening the ceremony space became the dance floor and the letters really started to shine.

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Diy Marquee Letters Template

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Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect the user’s personal data through analytics, ads, other embedded content are called non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to obtain the user’s consent before enabling these cookies on your site. My little girl turned 3 this past week, and I don’t know where the time has gone (I know, I say that every year lol). I started planning this party months ago because I knew it would take a lot of work to put together this young, wild, three-person birthday party. We had so much fun and I think all her little friends had a blast at her retro flower power birthday party. I didn’t exactly know what theme, but some things I used to describe it were young, wild and three, flower power, or retro flower. You may be wondering why I threw my three year old a birthday party, well, the answer is simple… because I can, and I want to help you throw an easy party for your toddlers too.

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Do you love learning how to throw a flower power birthday party? You might want to learn how to throw a toddler birthday party

I chose to do only a few simple activities because the children who came were all 4 years old and under. I wanted them to be able to participate without much confusion or direction. Many of these activities can also be adapted for older children

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You can serve anything you want, but for my age group, I served pizza, bread, goldfish, and cake. All were well received by the children and there was minimal fuss. There really are endless options for what you can serve, but my advice is to keep it simple, and aim to please your audience.

At family parties in the past, I ordered from my favorite local pizza with salad, ham and Swiss sliders with salads and pasta salads, and of course lots of treats.

Create a focal point with your party. Either I do it with a background, or just the dining table. Since it was an outdoor party, I didn’t want to leave any food out. I used the arched backdrop I made for my sister’s baby shower and added lots of balloons.

Diy Marquee Letters Template

Balloons are by far my favorite way to decorate. They pack a huge punch and you can buy all kinds of packs on Amazon. Here are some of my favorite sets. You also have to buy an electric pump.

Diy Marquee Letters

I also made one of my favorite giant marquee books because it really is the cutest way to decorate that takes up a lot of space

I used my bouncy house as well as a main decoration. I added more balloons to the house.

I like to set a cute table for a birthday party. I think it makes a great background as well as helps set the tone for the theme. I like to grab two different sizes/shapes of plates to layer them, as well as grab different colored cups and straws to mix and match. I also put a party hat in every space.

You don’t have to make good bags but it was definitely a fun addition. I tried to make most of the things I put in mine, with a few exceptions. I used plain white paper bags from Amazon that I simply placed vinyl stickers on that I made.

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