Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters

Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters – Do you feel that hot breeze in summer? The sun is setting, the palm fronds are gently blowing this way and that, the sound of laughter from family and friends echoing in the air, mixing with the soft, soothing strum of the ukulele. Where else could you be but at a fun and food-filled luau party filled with soft white sand and sparkling blue water?

If a tropical getaway is out of the question, your next best bet might be to host a luau party yourself, inspired by the beautiful islands and people of Hawaii. Relaxed and loved by all, the luau is a gathering your guests will be thrilled to attend and will talk about for years. And with just a little planning, you can create your own luau right in your backyard—coastal or not.

Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters

Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters

From decoration ideas to party games and activities, food and drink, party favors, invitations and more, read on for our complete Lua guide—featuring 36 Lua party ideas to make your own.

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A luau (or leu, in native Hawaiian) is a festive, outdoor Hawaiian celebration that traditionally features live entertainment and delicious grilled food. Reasons for a luau can include a hearty harvest, a new baby, or a wedding—really, any significant life event. Attendance can range from hundreds or even thousands of guests in a single evening. It really is a party for all. In the early decades of the 19th century, when men and women first began dining together in Hawaii, the first luau hosted in modern times resembled one. (Before that, religious rules and cultural norms prevented the sexes from sharing meals, and women were forbidden from eating most delicacies.) The word “luau” refers to the taro plant, which plays a key role in cooking the dishes. The celebration is very special. Today, while luas are still largely considered a Hawaiian tradition, they are often a fusion of many cultures, with food, music, and dance originating from other Polynesian and island cultures. A typical luau includes hula dancing, live music, tropical drinks, and of course, incredible food. Think kalua pig, lomi salmon, pineapple skewers, succulent meat plates, poi bowls, poke and coconut treats. Is your mouth watering? I felt so.

Now that you know exactly what a luau is, you’re probably wondering what event you can host a luau celebration in honor of. A baby shower? Block party? Retirement party? Below are a few ideas for Lua themed parties.

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To celebrate the launch of a new fundraising campaign, company project or startup, why not host an outdoor luau cookout? Imagine it: fruity cocktails, lei-making stations, beautiful live Hawaiian music and hula dancing. The pool will help guests cool down and imagine that they are in the bright blue sea. Don’t have one built in? Grab a few kiddie pools and a garden hose—we promise no one will mind.

A themed wedding reception is a bold and fun move that family and friends will never forget. Go all out on decorating your wedding reception venue, and offer guests colorful custom tropical drinks or fun spins on classic cocktails like the Pina Colada—Pina Co-Love-A—or the Minty Fresh Mojito. Swap plated meals for a full-on cookout with traditional slow-roasted Kalua pig and delicious poi. You can also invite guests to change out of their cocktail attire for more casual “tourist attire” – think Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts.

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Who doesn’t want to spend time in a tropical paradise close to home? Bring that atmosphere to the city or suburbs with a “Summer Start” for family and friends, co-workers or neighbors to kick off summer. Keep it family-friendly and invite guests to bring their friends or have an adults-only barbecue.

A luau birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate your latest rotation around the sun. Rent a Hawaiian BBQ food truck for a blowout bash or just grab some Hawaiian t-shirts for guests to throw at your house. Fun, themed parties aren’t just for kids. Celebrate big birthdays—21, 30, 40, 50, and beyond—with a theme party that lets you embrace your inner beach-goer.

You don’t need a reason to throw a Lua themed party. No matter the season, your family and friends deserve an excuse to celebrate and have fun. Plan the perfect luau and give your guests a chance to come back and enjoy themselves.

Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters

When it comes to hosting a luau, your decorations will set the tone of your party. But you don’t have to splurge to create an unforgettable evening. Maximize your budget with DIY decor, creative decorations and a little help from your friends. For cute decorations to match your invitations, head over to the Paperless Post Party Shop.

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Why not have your guests wear a theme? Add a dress code request at the bottom of your invitation so guests can take it to heart. Make a few extra Hawaiian shirts and buy some hula skirts for guests who need a little extra help—or add a grass skirt or lei-making station so busy guests can join the theme.

Boost your Lua theme with a menu that gets guests in the mood. Shake up some delicious tropical favorites like mai tais, mojitos, and piña coladas, and let guests create their own punchy drinks by offering tons of rum and tropical mixers like orange juice, pineapple juice, and more. Fresh cold coconut milk sipped straight from the shell is another delicious treat on a warm night. For food, you can either splurge on Hawaiian BBQ food trucks or catering, or create your own Hawaiian-inspired feast with meat and pineapple kabob skewers, Hawaiian-style hot dogs, grilled mahi-mahi, and roast kalua pig.

Light up your party with festive tiki torches and the glow of the setting sun. Next, visit a florist and order some tropical flowers. Colorful leis made of plumeria, tuberose or carnations make a perfect party favor for guests to embrace the theme. Looking to go big? Buy or DIY a flower arch or flower wall. Guests will flock to him to have their photos taken.

It wouldn’t be Lua without a few towering palm trees, but if you’re not close enough to the equator for the naturally occurring kind, don’t worry. Slightly cheesy flowering palm trees will undoubtedly delight your guests, and you can add palm-like accents elsewhere through small touches like tropical blossom garlands or palm napkins.

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Are balloons part of a traditional luau celebration? Hey, not really—but that doesn’t mean including them won’t make your party more fun. Buy large balloon letters to spell out words on the theme and phrases like “luah” and “aloha,” or add cute shaped balloons like pigs and pineapples. You can also add classic balloons in colors that match the rest of your decor.

Of course, food and decor alone don’t make a memorable party. Choosing the right party games and activities will help pull your theme together and make it memorable. Encourage guests to bring their aloha spirit and you’ll provide the rest.

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Take your Hawaiian BBQ to the next level with a cookout competition that puts those televised versions to shame. Let your guests take turns on the grill and let others vote to see who can cook the tastiest, tastiest barbecue. Throw in some party favors as prizes for the winners (plus bragging rights).

Hawaiian Feast 4 Letters

If you want your guests to dress up with real flowers instead of fake ones, you can save some money and add some fun with a lei-making station. Instead of paying for professionally made leis, buy tropical flowers and materials in bulk and let your guests DIY theirs. (You can find a simple tutorial video here.) They make a wonderful party favor to bring home, and you can even add contests for best lei, most creative lei, etc.

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If you’re a competitive bunch, keep the competition going throughout the night with contests that both adults and kids will love, such as:

Your guests will love the chance to show off their hidden talents and potentially win some sort of prize.

If you have the cash, hire live entertainment from a native Hawaiian band to ensure guests get their hula on all night. On a budget? Create a playlist of crowd favorites and enjoy some tropical hits and authentic Hawaiian music. It’s also the perfect setting for your ukulele-playing pal to enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

For an authentic and exciting activity, bring in a trained hula dancer to teach your guests how to move and groove aerial-style. It’s a guaranteed way to get everyone on the dance floor—and a fun chance to burn off some of the delicious BBQ you’ve been stuffing your face with all evening.

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With all those activities and party games, your guests will work up quite an appetite. Here are some Lua-themed party food and drink ideas for their enjoyment.

Short on time (or cash)? Have guests bring their own appetizers and desserts for an epic mix-and-match finger food party. Offer

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