How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

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Balloon Mosaics Some of my most popular suggestions for balloon mosaics include: balloon numbers, balloon letters, and custom balloon shapes.

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

They are available in 3 sizes: 30” tabletop, 40” and freestanding 5ft. During our consultation, I will recommend the best size options based on what you will be using them for. Please see below to see how versatile these birthday number balloons and custom shapes can be!

Mosaic Number Sculptures

Celebrate any milestone in style with a birthday number balloon in any color. Balloon delivery available in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville or contactless pickup.

Balloon letters can be made up to 5 feet for a stunning and elegant display. Pictured is a 5-foot balloon letter in red, pink, gold and white.

Mosaic Letter Balloons add the wow factor to any special occasion, such as a birthday, baby shower, wedding, wedding, anniversary or graduation.

Custom shapes can be hand drawn and designed to match any event theme, like this Valentine’s Day Latte Cup.

Balloon Mosaic — Paper And Luxe

If you need a unique uniform or logo for your event, I’d be happy to help! Making balloon mosaics is an art and I love a challenge! Geometric balloon letters and numbers are the latest balloon decorating idea to join the growing balloon decorating trend. Although they look similar to the Mosaics Letters and Numbers balloons, they have a unique look that is a decorative element to any balloon.

Balloon geometric numbers and letters are elements used in balloon decorations that form a three-dimensional outline of the alphanumeric symbols they represent. The circuit is usually made of metal or PVC pipes and fittings. They are used to spell words like BABY, LOVE, ONE, etc., or numbers to represent birthdays or anniversaries.

Geometric balloon characters are usually the centerpiece of decor that includes them. Therefore, they tend to reach 5 or 6 feet in height. Smaller sizes can also be used for less effect. Regardless of the size, the geometric letters and numbers of the balloon give a unique look to any composition.

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

If you want to do it yourself (DIY) you will need to make sure you have the tools and materials needed to cut and weld the metal, or you can recreate any letter or number using PVC pipe and fittings.

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Diy Geometric Balloon Numbers And Letters [with Pictures]

We took the time to build each letter out of PVC pipe and fittings, and you can get the dimensions to make your own 5ft geometric letter/number balloon.

You can find our Etsy shop for a complete list of all the letters and numbers we have.

Mosaic for Balloons Free Mosaic Letters & Numbers Balloons Creator Create a free mosaic for any balloon with letters or numbers Balloon Mosaic Tutorial Video If you like this, you’ll love our PVC Geometric Balloon Mosaic. Check out the manual

No helium. NO Floating Balloon Ceiling Decoration [Video] In this article, we will show you the simple steps used to create this spectacular balloon decoration without helium for the ceiling. What you need, who else likes these beautiful structured frames? Although not exactly new, Balloon Mosaics ™️ and Mosaic Frames for Balloons are another balloon trend that is set to grow!

Fancy Mosaic Letter F Mosaic From Balloons F Mosaic Template

Lilly Jimenez, founder of The Creative Heart Studio, a self-confessed lover of pink and all things party, has used her artistic skills and design experience to create a fresh approach that is the balloon mosaic.

Let’s go back to February 2017 when Lily shared one of her first projects, Unicorn Kisses and Rainbow Wishes. In this initial experience, she showcased her inspiration and design ideas to create a beautiful Unicorn themed party, and her first balloon mosaic was born. To read the full article, simply click on the link above or visit

If you’d like to learn how to make this Pineapple Balloon Mosaic, Lilly provides full instructions in the video below.

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

Lilly has a great selection of balloon mosaic patterns available for purchase. To view the entire range, click HERE

Letter D Mosaic Digital Template 2 Ft 3 Ft 4 Ft 5 Ft

As with all great new trends, an idea or concept doesn’t take off in popularity. Last year at the Qualatex Event Mexico, Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA of Jaz Trading, Queensland, Australia used mosaic frames as part of her event entrance! The frames were beautifully handcrafted by Harlis Bolivar, CBA, of La Globeria in Mexico City, Mexico. Zoe wanted to do something a little different from the norm, and created a “non-standard” look with her letters!

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Luc Bertrand, CBA , of WAW Balloons, Vichte, Belgium, also teaches students in his What’s Hot Air-Filled Fun class to create foam structures as well as other frame building techniques. For more information on Luke’s course, click HERE

Now you can buy mosaic balloon frames that just need to be assembled and filled. These sets are made of rigid polystyrene foam, which forms the basis of the decorative frame. They are first created as jigsaw puzzles that fit together and are then securely glued together with a glue gun at low temperature/refrigeration. The edges are made from a roll of corrugated cardboard that is glued in place. These frames are available through a number of distributors worldwide. Click HERE to learn more. Balloons are not included in the kits.

I have yet to make a mosaic frame, but I think when I do, I’ll start with a ready-made frame that requires a little assembly for my first attempt. Maybe in the future I’ll try to make my own. I’m excited to start researching this technique and learning about the pros and cons of recycled and homemade mosaics. Happy ballooning! Sue Follow me on Instagram -@suebowler

Roller Skate From Balloons Roller Skate Mosaic From Balloons

Tags: Lilly Jimenez , mosaic frames , mosaic balloon frames , The Creative Heart Studio , Whats Hot Air-Filled Fun , Zoe Adam-JonesHi I’m Jenna I’m Jenna David’s wife and Peyton’s mom London and Adaline. Our life is sometimes stormy, but always fun. I share our adventures, favorite things, and everything in between in a light and easy way. So happy you’re here!

For Peyton’s 10th birthday, I wanted to do something more. How fun are these balloon numbers?! What if I told you that I made them myself in less than 3 days and for less than $20!?

I usually make a balloon garland ( tutorial here ) for birthdays, but I felt the double digits just needed something

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

I’ve seen a few summer weddings with giant balloon filled last name letters for photo shoots and I LOVED the idea. I decided to make my own and although it was time consuming, this DIY was pretty easy. Dubedat Diy Balloons Number 2 Mosaic Balloon Filling Box Mosaic Number Alphabet Frames Balloon Decoration Baby Party Anniversary Decor

These homemade balloon numbers made a HUGE impression, and Peyton has already stuffed them in her bedroom and claimed them as “hers” forever. Here is my tutorial on how to make balloon numbers!

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Look and type your digit(s) freehand, but I didn’t believe I could make a round 0 or 1 that didn’t look like a 7 without help! I printed out the number and glued pieces of paper together to form the number. Then I cut out each number. Leaving me with paper 1 and paper 0.

Then I laid out the paper stencils with the numbers on top of the Styrofoam. Make sure the area of ​​the foam was larger than the area of ​​the paper stencil. Draw a border and then but with an x-acto knife. Scissors will work, but a box cutter or x-acto knife is much easier and more accurate (and leaves less “fringed” bits all over the floor!)

I didn’t number my parts and got confused trying to rearrange them. I would definitely recommend numbering them or at least paper stenciling all the foam pieces before you start gluing things together. If you’re working with double digits, this ensures they’re both the same size!

Mosaic Letter X Block Font Mosaic From Balloons Mosaic

For the next parts, you’ll want to work on a safe surface like a leather mat or cover your work area with parchment paper. Carefully hot glue the foam pieces together to form a number. I find it’s easiest to do one piece at a time and hold that for a few minutes until the glue sets and then move on to the next seam.

You can see in the photo above, I also used chip clips to reinforce the drying glue. They were just making sure I didn’t accidentally stretch the seam holding the new one. I leave each number for a few hours to let the glue dry completely. I added a piece of packing tape along each seam to really reinforce it.

Now to make the sides or edges! Decide how “deep” you want to make your numbers. I wouldn’t suggest anything smaller than 5 inches because most balloons blow up bigger! For my figures I chose 5 inches.

How To Make Balloon Mosaic Letters

First I measured and marked the foam pieces and then cut my 5 inch strips. Again, when it came time to hot glue the sides along the foam numbers, this worked the best

Giant Balloon Mosaic

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