Letters And Sounds Phase 5

Letters And Sounds Phase 5 – Phonemic Awareness is designed to teach nonfiction students to understand sounds and words. Each phonemic awareness reader presents 8 different letter sounds (phonemes).

In Stage 2 (Letter Sounds), students learn the first 19 letter sounds. Students will also learn to read and write CVC words. They read decodable phrases and sentences.

Letters And Sounds Phase 5

Letters And Sounds Phase 5

In Stage 3 (phonics), students learn the next 25 letter sounds. Students read and write with simple digraphs (eg oa in boat). They continue to read the phrases and sentences to be decoded.

Year 1 Phonics Master Class

In stage 4 (review), students consolidate their knowledge of letter sounds in words that contain adjacent consonants. Students practice blending and segmenting for spelling.

In Stage 5 (phonics), students expand their knowledge of letter sounds for use in reading and spelling. They learn new alternative ways of pronouncing certain vowel sounds.

In Stage 5.5 (Sound Families), we developed our unique and comprehensive Sound Family Decodable Readers to introduce alternative vowel sounds so that children can learn about the phonemes represented by different graphemes.

In stage 6 (spelling), students learn about the past tense, adding adverbs and writing long words. They read longer and less familiar texts independently and with high fluency.

Letters And Sounds Phase 3 Phonics Planning

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