How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin – I know it’s not Thursday. But we’ll throw it back. If you want to add a statement look to your favorite fall accessory, Check out last year’s tutorial on creating a calligraphy pumpkin. As a bonus, I’ve also included this piece I did on Arizona Midday so you can see the whole process. Terrible screenwriting

It’s no surprise to write on pumpkins. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love carving pumpkins too (hello roasted pumpkin seeds!) but with calligraphy; So much fun, without pulling pumpkin guts from under your fingernails! You can create something cool or cool. It’s not cute.

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

Before we do anything, you need to decide what you’re going to wear with your beautiful pumpkin. If you go to Pinterest; You will be bombarded with ideas; So let me share some of my favorite phrases for pumpkins, from the practical to the very pony.

Tricks And Treats Pumpkin

If you are using real pumpkin, You want to give that bad boy a good scrub before writing the script. I grew up in the dirt. Once everything is clean, let it dry thoroughly – if it’s wet, There may be some bleeding issues when you start writing the script.

When you’re ready to start adding your design, It’s time to find a comfortable spot on the floor — seriously. Here are the round pumpkins. They rolled over. I can hold them still while writing the script, or sit cross-legged on the floor. You can carve pumpkins on your lap and keep them steady on the table so you can get to work. I went with the last option; I recommend doing it if you can physically do it. If not, don’t worry — you can roll the pumpkin and prop it up with a dishtowel to prevent it from shifting.

Whether it’s your first calligraphy pumpkin (awww, what a milestone!) or if you’re aiming for a super polished finish! We recommend creating a template first. I created it in Procreate on my iPad and printed it out. But all you need to create your template is a sheet of printer paper and a brush pen.

Measure the area of ​​the pumpkin you want to print and mark on a piece of paper. Sketch your word or phrase with a pencil and lay it over the ink with your brush pen. We want the design to be large, so we recommend using a Tombow Dual Tip Brush or similar sized brush.

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Once you have finalized your template design, cut it out. Since we put it on the surrounding surface, we wanted the template to be as moldable as possible, and the excess paper made it a little messy.

Another, You want to cover the back of your mold with graphite. Grab your pencil and go to town! If you are using a black craft pumpkin. Cover the back of the mold with anti-dust chalk.

The back is covered with graphite or chalk; Place the mold exactly where you want it and gently mold it around the pumpkin. Areas of the mold are folded; will wrinkle, It’s convenient. If it’s hard to make it flat, cut some holes around the design – this will help shape the curve of the pumpkin a little easier. Once you get to your desired location, Secure the mold to the pumpkin with a bit of tape.

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

Now it’s time to track. Use a ballpoint pen to trace the outline of your design. Apply pretty heavy pressure, but not so much that the page tears. Flip the edge of the template over to make sure it’s transferred before you go too far. If not, Add graphite/chalk to the back of your pattern.

Diy Decorated Halloween Pumpkins

Mold the mold over the pumpkin – you’ll have creases and bark – totally fine.

The pressure from tracing the template with the pen will transfer the design to your pumpkin — et voila!

Don’t want to use a template? no problem! You can write your design directly on the pumpkin using a pencil or chalk pencil (if you’re writing on a black craft pumpkin). Start by scripting the word or phrase as if you were writing normally.

We’re going to add some thickness to some of our strokes to give our words a calligraphic look. If you’ve ever taken one of my calligraphy classes; You know that pull-downs are always thick lines – those are the strokes where you add a little weight. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Re-mark the lines you just wrote — every time the pencil comes down to you. It’s a line you want thicker. Make sure the thick underlines you mock up with the pencil are about the same width – otherwise they’ll be slightly off.

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Halloween Pumpkin. Carve Letters In A Pumpkin. Vector. Stock Vector

Using chalk pencils on this craft pumpkin — you can find them in the notions aisle (seriously) at sewing stores.

In the second pass, I add weight to the lower lanes – these are the areas I’ll fill in later.

Time to break out the paint pens! Trace the lines you draw/move with the pen and fill in the artificial depressions. Does that sound too easy? ok Maybe a little. 🙂 Here are some tips to help you along the way.

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

Tip #1: Adding a shadow. By adding a drop shadow to your script, you can really create your design. If you don’t want your shadow to touch the words directly, I recommend putting it in paint first. Here, I made a drop shadow on the bottom right of my design. To get this look, I simply trace along the right edge and trace underneath every stroke in my shadow color. You can see what it looks like here.

Free Pumpkin Printables

Then, when writing the script in black, slightly overlap the shadow, leaving no space between the letter and the shadow.

But that’s not the only way to create a shadow. You can also draw lines slightly apart from the letters. This method gives the appearance that the letters are floating…and it’s great if you decide to add a drop shadow after you’ve written the letter, like I wrote here.

Tip #2: Slow down. This is not the time to try to break the speed record. Follow this process to trace your sketch very slowly with a paint pen. Lowering your speed allows you to adapt to bumps and the curve of the pumpkin.

Tip #3: Turn with a curve. And speaking of pumpkin curves, you might want to follow the script. When we are writing on paper, The movement for our lovely circular letters comes from our elbows and shoulders, guiding our pen towards a flat surface. But when our writing surface is round, we move our pen from left to right. Not only do we have to move up and down, but we also have to go forward in space as the surface of the pumpkin curves away from us. that ahem Not ideal.

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Diy Hand Lettered Halloween Pumpkin Decorating With Free Tracers

Flip the pumpkin a bit as you script, and it will look more like writing on a flat surface. The best way to do this is to pause between letters and flip the pumpkin as you go. But if you don’t have time to rest between letters (say you’re scripting a long swash that curves around the pumpkin), you can flip the pumpkin as you type. To do this, Slowly and slowly flip your pen in the direction OPPOSITE to the direction you are moving it. While you’re doing this, you should try to keep contact with the pen and the pumpkin to avoid a break in your line. Once rotated, you can continue. Confused? You can watch me in action in the video below. How to flip a pumpkin while writing a script?

Stand back and look at your terrifying creations — well, You. If you always use a paint pen, Display your new artwork around your room. As long as Billy Corgan** doesn’t live in your neighborhood. This should easily be done on Halloween.

Once you’re done planning it, take a picture and post it on the gram with #hooplahalloween (you’ll need to tag me if your account is private). I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How To Carve Letters In A Pumpkin

If you want to get a little creative with your pumpkins, you can download the free Hocus Pocus template – for realsies! Click the button below to download. It doesn’t matter if your pumpkin is bigger or smaller than the mold. When you print, you should be given an option to customize the print scale.

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