Letters To Santa Mailbox Outdoor

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Letters To Santa Mailbox Outdoor

Letters To Santa Mailbox Outdoor

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Please note that all tree heights shown on our website include tree locations. If you want to buy the tallest Christmas tree your home will allow, we recommend buying a tree six inches shorter than your ceiling height. For example, if you have a standard 8- to 9-foot ceiling, we recommend a 7½-foot beam. Here are a few more tips:

7 – 7 ½ foot trees are our most popular size and fit the average 8 – 9 foot home.

The 9-foot tree is our second most popular size, designed for 10- to 11-foot-tall homes and looks stunning.

10-12 foot trees These trees are a beautiful focal point for two-story hotels, high-ceilinged homes, and some commercial establishments.

Santa Decorations For A Festive Christmas

15- to 30-foot trees These large trees are popular in churches, malls, and large office spaces to create a grand holiday display.

We offer a wide variety of artificial trees, from traditional full-width trees to space-saving slim trees and flat trees. When choosing your tree, we recommend measuring the diameter of the Christmas tree (in the illustration, describe this as a full 40″) to help you choose the right tree for your space. This measurement is the point of the tree taken at its widest point. If you plan on having multiple branches touch walls or furniture, the tree The actual space occupied is about six inches in diameter.

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Balsam Mountain’s designers carefully craft the trees and guide them through site visits and cuttings from live trees. We offer three leaf options made of PE or PVC material. Some trees use one type of leaf exclusively, while others may use a mix of leaf types to achieve a certain look. Each product is listed on the detail page in a section that describes the leaves of a specific hybrid tree.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Outdoor

True Needle™ Technology Balsam Mountain’s True True Needle &tade; Evergreen foliage is used to create our most realistic and luxurious artificial Christmas trees. It is made of UV spray-type PE plastic and different color pigments to mimic the structure, texture and color of natural green needles. A unique feature of True Needle™ leaves is the color change of the branches. For example, the branches may be brown/green, and the needles start dark green and gradually fade to light green.

The Holiday Aisle® Letters To Santa Decorative Accent

Classic Needle Balsam Mountain’s Classic Needle leaves have soft, flat and flexible needles for a more classic artificial look. These needles are made from thin sheets of PVC that are cut into fine fibers to resemble evergreen needles. We use durable, flexible needles as the primary foliage for many of our very affordable traditional trees. It is used as filler for many of our realistic and most realistic Christmas trees because of its superior ability to block light and create a “full” look to the tree.

Pine Needles The PVC pine needles used by Balsam Hill® are specially designed to mimic the size and texture of the long, thin needles of a pine tree. These needles even have the hard texture of real pine needles. Roll them between your thumb and forefinger and you will feel the ridges.

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If you’re longing for beautiful lights on your tree but afraid to untangle the wires, Mount Balsam’s Pre-Lighted Christmas Tree is the answer. All of our lights are UL® approved and professionally hand tied to the tree to minimize the appearance of wires. Each of our pre-lit trees for indoor use is equipped with a commercial-grade bulb so that if one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest will stay lit. We have a variety of pre-lighting fixtures to suit any decorating need.

Color + Clear™ Lights Our exclusive Color + Clear™ remote control lighting system is available in bright and energy-efficient LEDs. You can choose from handy remote clear lights, multi-colored lights, or both. With over 50% extra lights, even if only one light type is selected, your tree will still have lots of beautiful lights. If you choose both clear and colored lights, your tree will display more lights than any other artificial tree you can find.

Christmas At The Resort

Clear Light Enjoy the timeless look of Clear Light. Our most popular style is the pre-lit tree, and the clear lights add a touch of vibrancy to your decor, changing your look year after year.

Multicolored Lights Warm up your home with pre-lit trees topped with traditional, festive multicolored lights. Our multi-colored pre-lit trees feature mostly red, green, blue, and yellow lights.

Candle Light™ Pioneering Lights Enjoy our premium energy-efficient LED lighting that never goes out. Unlike the cold light emitted from traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient candle lights provide a warm glow reminiscent of a candle flame.

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Letters To Santa Mailbox Outdoor

Multi-Color LED Lights Our multi-color Classic Color™ LED lights add a festive glow to your Christmas tree without the intense glare of standard LED bulbs. These red, blue, orange, green and yellow LED lights are energy efficient and never turn off.

Letters For Santa Christmas Mailbox Decoration 16

Unopened Trees Use your special light on these unopened trees. For bare trees that define a simple line, we’ve already wired the trunk with an extension cord so that your choice of lights can be connected to an extension cord in the center of the tree.

Make gift giving more fun with this outdoor mailbox. Enjoy precious moments with your kids while writing wishes on the Happy Way to the North Pole.

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products and stand behind their quality. All untreated trees are covered by our 3-year warranty, which:

We take great pride in our products and craftsmanship. Please inspect your purchase upon receipt and notify us within 30 days of any damage or defects. Our team is happy to help with a quick resolution.

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Balsam Hill™ offers exceptional customer service. Call 888-55-BALSAM or contact us through our Contact Us page.

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