Metal Stencils Letters And Numbers

Metal Stencils Letters And Numbers – Our magnetic number and letter stencils are the best way to stencil on metal. From metal cabinets, warehouse location numbers to labeling machines, this is the easiest way to organize your facility.

They can simply be placed next to each other to form words, names or numbers with proper spacing. If fully compressed, no tape or other blocking material is needed for the gap.

Metal Stencils Letters And Numbers

Metal Stencils Letters And Numbers

Made of a synthetic magnetic material that is thin  (0.030 inch) and flexible and adheres to all ferrous metals. This material has the same thickness as the material used for car magnets and is tougher and has more magnetism than thinner films. Numbers and letters can be placed side by side and stencilled. They are much easier to use than brass or other stencils where you have to use tape or other techniques to paint them properly. Our letter and number sets have additions of the most common letters so you can build words completely. They are durable and can be cleaned with a suitable paint solvent.

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Letters and numbers 45 bits contains: All letters A-Z, 0-9, 1-starter, 1-stopper, 1-period-stopper, 2-spaces, 1-comma, 1-dash, 1-period, 1-ampersand, 1-apostrophe .

Thought I had bought the stencils that had numbers on the website and only got the letters. I called them thinking they messed up and asked about the discrepancy? If the woman who answered the phone would have negotiated another order, I would have (especially at the price they were charging), but she just answered “matter of fact” and then hung up. I will never use their products or encourage anyone else either. They must not need or want to keep their customers. So I got the numbers at Walmart, for much less since I didn’t need the magnetic type I got from them. I had to modify their stencils to make a proper wider “military stencil font” anyway.

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Good company but the stencils are very thin. Must be very careful when cleaning as they break easily.

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