12 Letters Crossword Clue

12 Letters Crossword Clue – I enjoy Aimee and Ella’s puzzles, so I was delighted to see their names in this one. And it’s baseball themed! Even better! I don’t mind circles either. Let’s see the answers to the topic:

And the discoverer: 62a [a sports metaphor used to describe esoteric knowledge…indicated by circled letters] is IN PAINLESSNESS. ASTRO,  ANGEL,  GEMINI – all baseball players. A nice, consistent, enjoyable theme, with my one gripe listed above.

12 Letters Crossword Clue

12 Letters Crossword Clue

What I didn’t know before solving this puzzle: that LISA Simpson is Buddhist and vegetarian. Everything I know about The Simpsons, I learned from crossword puzzles.

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I feel like I’ve been saying “this puzzle would be better without the revealer” a lot lately, which won’t stop me from doing it again this time. Said revealer is at 65A [Rising, and hint at 17- and 40-Across and 11- and 27-Down]: IN THE FORMATION.

Man, is that a mouthful of clues, not helped by the web with the wheel, which requires clumsy mention of both Over and Down entries in the clue. Although I suppose a simple solution to this would be to star the topic entries and refer to “starred entries” instead. In any case, ARISING refers to any topic entry that has some sort of “rising” as the second word in a two-word phrase.

Merriam-Webster defines RISE in the noun sense as “a place higher than the surrounding ground: the top of a hill,” but I think the second definition listed, “uphill,” is more familiar. A STAIRCASE can be a stack with vertical sides (and in fact, a SHORT STAIRCASE of pancakes has more or less vertical sides); I would say that PILE also belongs to that category. I’d rather leave this as a group of four piled up things without trying to lump them under a one-size-fits-all revealer.

Topic: RAILROAD CUTTING (38a, [Activity performed by young Abe Lincoln and key to starred answers]). Each of the other answers to the topic has some combination of the letters RAIL beginning and ending the entry.

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So we have two R-AILs, two RAI-Ls and no RA-ILs. I appreciate the symmetry in entry selection and placement.

I didn’t remember that Lincoln had the nickname “Railsplitter”, but that’s my credit. Apparently when he ran for election in 1860, the Republican Party was tired of the epithet “Honest Abe” and wanted something more lively. They touched on the fact that Lincoln was a commoner in his youth and that he was handy with an axe. You can read more about it here.

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By the way, the rails in question have nothing to do with the railway, but are pieces of wood from which the rail fence is built.

12 Letters Crossword Clue

I was going to do the puzzle for a really generic title, but it made more sense after reading about Lincoln. However, I think it would be even stronger if it signaled that it had something to do with chopping wood. How about “Chopped Up”?

Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1362

Looking at the fill, having a nasty AWS at 1a is not a strong start, and there are a number of words I only see in crosswords: AMIE, ANION, ERG, and MSEC (but not MRE; I see MRE occasionally when he visits the base commissioner). But there are bright spots like SCHOOL FRIENDS and STANDS ALONE, as well as HIPPO and MYLAR Balloons (those shiny balloons that seem to last forever).

Happy Monday everyone! I enjoyed parts of this solution, but overall I think the overall experience was marred by some less than stellar fulfillment. Plus, the 12s long entries limit the grid so there can’t be that many other long entries, so it felt like a lot of mid-length stuff without much payoff (although in retrospect, there are 7 other entries of 8 letters or more).

Long entries today are HARDSCRABBLE and E. ANNIE PROULX. HARDSCABBLE is a fun word –  I remember when I was a kid thinking HARDSCRABBLE was derived from the HARD game SCRABBLE because in my experience SCRABBLE was HARD, which is hilarious in retrospect. E. ANNIE PROULX was unknown to me, and although the clue pointed to initials at the beginning, I still ended up with EONNIE PROULX, assuming that EONNIE might be some sort of Celtic name, after typing OH DA for [“But of course!”] instead AH YES without really thinking about it. It took me about a minute to find her. Other longer stuff today: LACES / NUTUP / PARACHUTE / EGO TRIPS / AARON BURR / EYE SHADE. Not bad!

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P.S. “These Puzzles Fund Abortion” are out now! You can still order your copy here by donating to the Baltimore Abortion Fund. Thank you for supporting equal access to needed health services!!!

Solved Activity #12.2 Organic Chemistry Crossword Puzzle (20

Three long answers share the same clue – [Where to find the pit boss?] – and that’s the whole thread. Modest, but solid for Monday.

Nice topic, but I, for one, feel a noticeable lack, that of an additional locale: the casino. That 13-letter central entry wouldn’t work with all the cross characters, and also four in a wheel-type arrangement. So I wonder if the CONCERT HALL — the weakest of the series — was originally meant to be the CASINO FLOOR.

So with only three moderately long answers to the theme, there’s plenty of room and flexibility in the grid for long entries elsewhere and we’re indeed treated to quite a few such drops: two 11s, two 10s, pairs of stacked 9s. ALOHA SHIRTS, EMERALD CITY, SORE LOSERS, ROCKY START, PHOTO LABS | CATAMARAN, SINGLE-HANDED | STEAM PIPE. Oh, plus a few eights: DEMO KAPE and JOE SCHMO. All this is nice and juicy.

12 Letters Crossword Clue

Almost Nacked in SZ at the transition of 1d [Portmanteau for a corporate takeover aimed at acquiring employees of the acquired company (that would get you 21 points in Scrabble)] and 17a [ADHD drug made by Supernus]. The answers are ACQHIRE and QELBREE, respectively, and Q was the conclusion from 1d. When I finished the puzzle and didn’t get Mr Happy Pencil, I realized it was my fault. Not. My actual Natick was a cross between 14d [an Italian fried dough treat covered in powdered sugar: var.] and 31a [a 2021 Best Picture contender whose name means “water celery”]: ZEPPOLI and MINARI. This also represents “what I didn’t know before I did this puzzle”, and now I want fried dough.

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THEME: ATOMIC NUMBERS (34-Across – What do the two-letter answers of this puzzle correspond to, given their locations in the lattice): The two-letter entries that stand for different elements are found on the key number that corresponds to their atomic numbers

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Sonja Henie (8 April 1912 – 12 October 1969) was a Norwegian figure skater and film star. She was a three-time Olympic champion (1928, 1932, 1936) in the women’s singles competition, a ten-time world champion (1927–1936) and a six-time European champion (1931–1936). Henie has won more Olympic and world titles than any other female figure skater. At the height of her acting career, she was one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood and starred in a string of box office hits, including Thin Ice (1937), My Lucky Star (1938), Second Fiddle (1939) and Sun Valley Serenade (1941). . [1]

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