Animal Restaurant Game Letters

Animal Restaurant Game Letters – To receive letters in the game, you will need to unlock the Garden area and purchase your first mailbox (Garden Facility). You will also need to recruit Messenger Hedwig to your staff. You can view the emails you have received by clicking on your mailbox.

Messenger Hedwig goes on adventures during a random time period. Increasing Messenger Hedwig’s salary will decrease the amount of time it takes to return Messenger Hedwig (along with increasing your rating). When messenger Hedwig returns, she will bring either wood chips or items.

Animal Restaurant Game Letters

Animal Restaurant Game Letters

Players can influence which letters Hedwig brings by adding flowers to Hedwig’s Messenger suitcase before sending it. There are three flower slots that can be added.

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The following items can be placed in the letter slots for Hedwig’s mail. The ingredient (flower/garden tool), flower level, and mailbox type can affect the letters received.

This is a list of what users have reported that they were lucky enough to receive emails. Prerequisites are either things defined by the game or letters you get before the combo works.

The type of mailbox on the display does not affect the probability of receiving letters. Read the response from the restaurant’s support team to learn more.

If you received the letter before the previous condition was met, or if you noticed something different, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section/table below!

Animal Restaurant (video Game)

This table is used to keep track of which combination of Hedwig’s flowers you put in her briefcase and what reappears. It’s not clear if briefcase slot and flower level matter. It’s also worth noting that not all combinations will work for everyone, and sometimes trying one combination twice will result in a different letter

Anyone can use this spreadsheet to track their test scores! (Just create an account and edit). Please do not directly delete someone’s comment. Combining/adding your name to the reporting area to make this table shorter is acceptable.

Below is the format for writing the flower level combination: Flower (level #) If the briefcase slot is left empty, write “Empty”. The results may be added later, they write “To be clarified”.

Animal Restaurant Game Letters

Scribble Covered Letter unlocks Phantom’s Command (Kitty4777, the second time I used this combo and I got the quest both times)

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Letter from the Department of Education (with 3 attempts after obtaining permission to increase the price – pasta with mushrooms) See the list of all letters. in the section: Letters The type of mailbox, the order of sending and the level of flowers do NOT affect the chance of receiving a letter. Use whatever flower level is available to you: Letters#Combination Rarity is scored if all requirements are met and no letters are obtained. The chance of getting the remaining letters increases with each letter received.

For a list of all letters, see: Letters The type of box, the order of items, and the level of flowers do NOT affect the probability of receiving a letter. Use whatever flower level is available to you: Letters#Combination Rarity is scored if all requirements are met and no letters are obtained. The chance of getting the remaining letters increases with each letter received. The slot with * can be any. Only the listed items in the other slots are required for the combo to work.

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Animal Restaurant Game Letters

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Animal Restaurant Game Letters

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