Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters – San Francisco-based candy brand / FRI 8-27-21 / Chef Lewis who wrote The Taste of Country Cooking / Product whose name comes from the French for caffeine-free / Bread whose name comes from the Sanskrit for bread / Unit of measure in a tongue twister / Greek goddess who can turn water into wine / Choreographer who posthumously received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014

Word of the Day: EDNA Lewis(19A: Chef Lewis who wrote “The Taste of Country Cooking”) — Edna Lewis (April 13, 1916 – February 13, 2006) was a noted American chef, teacher, and author who helped refine the American view of Southerncooking. He championed the use of fresh, in-season ingredients and defined Southern food as fried chicken (pan-, not fried), pork, and fresh vegetables–especially greens. He wrote and authored four books covering Southern cooking and life in a small community of freed slaves and their descendants.

Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters

The longer answers here (excellent as always from Ms. Weintraub) end up overwhelming what seems like a tidal wave of short fill flooding the grid. There are only six 3s, but there are about [starts counting, gives up, takes a guess] six thousand 4s, and a small wheelbarrowful of 5s, so with so much of this solution I feel like I’m hacking in the undergrowth. It has a kind of boring shape, more like a generic early week themed grid, and the result is a lot of short answers. Now it definitely has a themeless answer count (this one is 70—typically, themes need to have 72 or fewer entries), which means we’re still getting a large number of longer ones. answer-the fancy thing that usually makes Friday (and if we’re lucky, the Saturday) worth doing. But for some reason this particular 70-answer grid looks and (usually) feels like an early week grid, which in this case means it’s full of short stuff. Now, the short stuff isn’t particularly bad. As always with this constructor, the grid is very well polished. I just felt like I was slogging through a FEN of 4’s and 5’s to get to the good stuff. And yet I still say: worth it. Because the good stuff is really lively, and the colloquial phrases in particular are original and refreshing (“OH SO…?”; “BEFORE I FORGET…”; “ANSWER ME!”). You also have CAKE TOPPERS and SEX TAPES and RED HERRING flying around the grid (driven by TELEKINESIS , no doubt; everyone knows that SEE’S candy gives you TELEKINESIS ).

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Persona 5 Royal: Crossword Answers

I never thought I’d say this, but Horsefeathers McGee was right (1A: What takes a licking and keeps on sticking)

I’m slower than I should have been today because of two perfect but somehow wrong long answers. First, I wrote on CLEAR NIGHT before CLEAR SKIES (17A: Stargazer’s need). I was saddened to see my answer go, because it sounded more evocative and poetic to me. Also, more directly related to looking at the stars (you do that at night, generally, right?). Then I wrote ROSE GARDEN instead of ROSE BUSHES (27D: View from the Oval Office), and that time I definitely think my answer was better. You’re literally looking at a ROSE GARDEN from the Oval Office, aren’t you? I’ve never been … but … I thought that was what it was called. Yep, here it is… looks like google thinks right:

Now I can’t argue, those roses come in the form of a bush, but especially if you indicate it as a “view” (which implies a kind of aesthetic totality), I think the answer should be ROSE GARDEN. “Bushes” is a hard landing, a very rough return to earth.

My only other struggle was the NE corner, where the TOAD clue made no sense to me and OENO , both (I know OENO as a very crosswordesey prefix, not a goddess… I’ve read a ton of Greek mythology and yet seems to have missed him entirely). Then I don’t know EDNA either and calling GRIT the [Sandpaper specification] seems strange to me … is there a non-GRIT sandpaper? Does it come in Low-GRIT form? Sandpaper Lite? If you said “property” instead of “specification,” well then we’re in business. I’ll follow you. But the “specification” just threw me. And so I spent most of my stuck time stuck on a patch of 4. It’s pretty unsatisfying. But all in all, it was fun. The round letters on the grid slant up and down and spell out synonyms for “gradient”. Thematic answers each start on the left side of a gradient, travel up or down that gradient, and end on its right side:

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Agar (also “agar-agar”) is a jelly extracted from seaweed that has many uses. Agar is found in Japanese desserts, and can also be used as a food thickener or even as a laxative. In the world of science, this is the most common medium used for growing bacteria in Petri dishes.

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Domestic cats with white coats and patches of brown and black are called calico cats in this country. Back in Ireland, and the rest of the world I think, such cats are called tortoiseshell-and-white. “Calico” is not a breed of cat, but a coloring.

Yale Lary is a former NFL player from Fort Worth, Texas. He played college football at Texas A&M and spent his entire professional career with the Detroit Lions.

Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters

“Rucksack” is a word used for a backpack, mainly in the UK but also in the US Army, I believe. It comes from the German “Rücken” meaning “back”, and “Sako” meaning “bag”.

The Necklace Crossword Puzzle

Basketball is definitely a North American sport. It was created in 1891 by Canadian James Naismith at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. His goal was to create something active and interesting for his students in the gym. The first “hoops” were actually peach baskets, with the bottoms of the baskets intact. When a player gets the ball into the “net”, someone has to step up and get the ball out again to continue the game!

The REO Motor Company was founded by Ransom Eli Olds (hence the name REO). The company made cars, trucks and buses, and was in business from 1905 to 1975 in Lansing, Michigan. Among the company’s most popular models are the REO Royale 8 and the REO Flying Cloud.

Artie Shaw is a composer, bandleader and jazz clarinetist. Shaw’s real name was Arthur Jacob Arshawsky, born in New York City in 1910. One of his many claims to fame was that he (a white bandleader) hired Billie Holiday (a black vocalist) and toured the segregated South in the late thirties. Holiday chose to leave the band, due to the hostility of the Southerners at the time. Artie Shaw was married eight times in total. His list of wives includes actresses Lana Turner and Ava Gardner, as well as Betty Kern, daughter of songwriter Jerome Kern.

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The Seneca Native-American nation is a member of the Six Nations or Iroquois League, along with the Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Tuscarora peoples. Historically, the Seneca lived south of Lake Ontario. The name “Seneca” translates as “Great Hill People”.

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Edmund Hillary was a mountaineer and explorer from New Zealand. Famously, Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to climb to the top of Mount Everest, doing so in 1953. Edmund’s son Peter Hillary became a climber, and he reached the top of Everest in 1990. Peter repeated the 2002 victory, climbing alongside Tenzing Norgay’s son Jamling.

“Galoot” is an insulting term describing an awkward or boorish person, a monkey. “Galoot” comes from the nautical world, where it was originally what a sailor might call a soldier or marine.

Alice Walker is an author and poet. Walker’s best-known work is the novel “The Color Purple”, which earned him the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. “The Color Purple” was adapted into a very successful film of the same name, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Askew Crossword Clue 4 Letters

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the organization that oversees the registration of purebred dogs. The AKC also promotes dog shows around the country, including the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Word Stacks March 31 2022 Daily Puzzle Answer

“Yellowjacket” is a name commonly used in North America for what are often referred to as “wasps” in other parts of the English-speaking world. Both terms describe several different species.

Karo is a brand of corn syrup, an industrial sweetener derived from corn. The brand was introduced in 1902 by the Corn Products Refining Company.

The Jolly Roger was a flag flown by pirates to identify their vessels, usually to strike fear into the hearts of the crew they were attacking. We usually think of the Jolly Roger design as a white skull and crossbones on a black background. There is a theory that pirates originally flew a red flag, and it was known as “pretty red”, or “joli rouge” in French. “Joli Rouge” then became “Jolly Roger”.

Jolly Ranchers is a brand of hard candy that has been produced since 1949.

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