Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown – I need to buy a new set of tires for my Cuda 70. I currently have BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s in my car. I recently read here about the announcement that the New BF Goodrich Radials had some issues with the white letters turning brown, so I’m looking into a Cooper Cobra Radial GT set.

From an aesthetic point of view both tires look the same. From a perspective Coopers are about $50 cheaper per tire so that’s tempting as well as I haven’t heard of any issues with Coopers having problems with white lettering turning brown.

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

Has anyone on experience with these tires? If so, can you share them, good or bad?

Bf Goodrich T/a

Although not very recently, I have used and shipped a lot of cobras to Oz and have always had good luck with them. They are better in wet conditions than the T/A many customers will say. (it never really rains here so I don’t notice

I personally haven’t used the 15″ in a while so can’t comment on them recently. I’m currently delivering a lot of T/A’s to a client, but he’s a tire shop down there. and sell them because it’s a name everyone knows and also a common ‘look’.

It’s been a while for me too, but I’ve been using them all the time. Very lucky with them, no problem!

The interesting thing about science is that if you change one small parameter, you change the whole result the way you want it to.

Bfgoodrich® All Terrain T/a Ko2 With White Lettering Tires

After 3 sets of brown Radial TAs on my 71 Vette, I gave up on the fight and flipped the overhanging brown lettering tires towards the inside of the car.

This after happily using the TA for about 46 years on a variety of vehicles, to date, Michelin has purchased BF Goodrich and twisted the white-to-brown letters of this classic and iconic tyre.

Look at the TA black wall or that matter on any of the Michelin tires,,, the black walls have a solid brown to them too. I fix this with a heavy application 303 Protectant, which, however, does nothing for the typographical error.

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

I have started using Cooper tires instead of Bf Goodrich T/A’s tires. I’ve had great luck with both but as you said, for the money, The Coopers is the tire to get. I’ve got them on my 70 RR, 71 Cuda, and 72 Barracuda. I have a Mastercraft (made by Cooper) on Formula S. Those work fine too.

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Bfgoodrich Radial T/a Performance All Season Tire P235/60r15 98s

I just bought a Cooper GT set last June for my 64 wagon. Save a lot of money via T/A’s. I’m happy with them so far, but I’ve moved the white letters in.

I bought a Magnum recently that has them on it, I have had no problems and they seem to track well and are not noisy

10.01 @ 133mph with one shot of 250 nitrogen, one jet of racing gas. 1.36 60 feet. 3,700 lbs.

I think I’ve heard that Coker Tire (non-Michelin) is currently making some popular muscle cars in the BFGoodrich Radial T/As size? Bfgoodrich Radial T/a All Season Car Tire For Passenger Cars, P205/70r14 93s

I have a pair of 275/60/15 here from ’08, dirty but not “brown” DOT APR7 NX71 3108 – “AP” = Uniroyal Goodrich in Ardmore, OK

It seems from what I observed that TA has browning problems of larger sizes, 275/60 ​​and 255… No knowledge of 295.

I saw 235/60 brand new and the text is Snow White. I suspect but not sure that 245/60 is ok.

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

I had a friend recently at Goodguys West Coast Nationals who on his Charger 70 just installed a 275 charger in the back, they are brown after 10 days. Had 235 in front and perfect. This appears common to all of these tire sizes. Check the tire size of the first 2 photos. Older T/As are almost always the case.

Bfgoodrich Radial T/a All Season P295/50r15 105s Tire

The last photo is of the 1 month old T/A on our 71 Vette before I rotated the tires inside out.

If anyone has had other luck with a recently purchased T/A, perhaps you could post your opinion. The problems seem to have started more than two years ago, partly after Michelin acquired Goodrich.

I wonder if Discount Tires warrant them since they probably traveled less than 2,000 miles in a summer and a half

What happened to the formula in Westleys Blech White that doesn’t seem to work anymore, I don’t know what other cleanser to try

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Brown Tires? How To Remove The Brown Staining Color On Tires Also Called Blooming

They probably don’t have sodium metasilicate in them anymore. Even so, it’s still in many commercial tire cleaners available to detail stores. It’s the chemical that makes it hard to breathe when you spray cleaner on your tires. Probably also outlawed in many jurisdictions.

The Westleys formula changed a few years ago. I bought the old bottle of it at the auto shop so it still has a good formula…

Bet it’s not the Westleys that are letting you down. It is likely that tire manufacturers are changing tire composition to reduce ozone and other environments in order to better preserve tires from damage caused by the air we breathe.

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

Notice what happens to an apple or a pear when you cut them in half and leave them for half an hour or so. The same phenomenon occurs with these tires when the air hits these changing compounds in the tire.

Rwl Browning ?

You’ll notice when a brand new T/A is installed, a blue protective coating is on the RWL’s. When first removed, all is well, the letters are white as usual.

However, within a week of removing the protective blue coating, the letters will turn brown and no cleaning will restore them to their proper white color.

Inspect the inside wall of a recently obtained T/A after a few weeks of use at the black wall. It will also have an ugly brown color on it. You probably won’t make a note on the outer black wall of your tires because you’ve reviewed them in detail with many different products. If you do not clean and detail the tire, the black wall parts along with the tire lettering will turn brown. Also, take note of the sidewalls of any relatively new Michelin tires that have not been cleaned and detailed. They will also have this brown stain.

I remember years ago when I first noticed a really rough metallic brown or bronze finish on tires or vinyl from using Armor All.

Bfg All Terrain Ko2

I quit using it 30 years ago in favor of the 303. On further research, I discovered that Armor All is a Silicone-based substance, the 303 is water, so no such discoloration should be caused.

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The only good use I’ve found for the original Armor All product is to kill stubborn crabgrass in my lawn that Round Up won’t handle. Laugh out loud.

I believe Michelin and possibly others are adding or increasing the amount of silicone to their rubber compounds for any obscure purpose that only they are currently aware of. My best guess is potentially speeding up the manufacturing process or extending the life of the rubber.

Bf Goodrich Radial Ta Raised White Letters Turning Brown

This is the cause of discoloration not your cleaning products, they still work fine on older T/A grades and most other white and RWL tyres.

Bfgoodrich Mustang Tire Radial T/a Rwl

Here is a photo of a tire that was previously posted on our Vette after having used all the products in the photo without success.. I have used other types including sanding tools. , dremel. All products are useless. I’m installing a 255x60x15 size set on my Monday 1980. Is the browning of the white letters still a problem?

But i like i have some white letters floating up… Unfortunately there are so few options in RWL tyres.

I have them on my 79′, and yes they turn brown. In fact, even after scrubbing with the Bleachwhite and SOS pad they still don’t look as white as they used to be. If I have to do it again, I just want to remove the black side. Tires are only 2 years old.

Instead, I bought Cooper Cobras. No browning of the letters, and cheaper. It’s not like BFGs are a better performing tire, so why are they so far ahead of me.

Raised White Letter Radial Tires

I have BFG tires on my 73 and also my FIERO, and yes, they turn brown. I used Walmart’s Bleach White spray and it made the black sidewalls look brighter. Buying these tires should be on Hugh’s list of mistakes I make. Spend more time reading all the articles about making them white. In the defense of Michelin, Goodrich owners, There may be a dangerous chemical that they cannot use for the white letters. I have to admit that when I changed the clutch, the Service Center washed the car and the tires looked great. When I talked to the guy in detail about what products he uses, he just laughed, maybe I should tell him

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