Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue

Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue – Strollers etc

SUBJECT: COMPASS (65A: Giver of directions… or a clue to the four “+” figures in this puzzle’s grid) – The points (spokes?) of the “+” figures must be filled with the cardinal letters of the direction or order. make sense of the responses that come directly to/from them; the unmarked letters in the center of the grid give you an idea of ​​how you should position the N E S and W inside the “+” shapes:

Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue

Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue

Word of the day: Cartwheel (19A: Cartwheels and the like = HATS ) – A cartwheel hat (also cartwheel hat) is a hat with a round or saucer-shaped brim. It can be made from a variety of materials, including straw or felt, and usually has a low crown. It can be similar to the picture and the shape of a hat with a halo. It is usually worn at an angle to show the brim, rather than worn at the back of the head like a halo hat. […] The trolley has become particularly closely associated with New Lookfashions. Dior in 1955. the fall Y line collection showcased stroller hats paired with pearls, princess line dresses and halters. Although the size and shape of hats can be extreme, such designs were produced not only for day wear but also for evening wear; The Victoria and Albert Museum archives include a Christian Dior cocktail dress designed to be worn with a matching tulle trolley hat. (wikipedia)

Daily Themed Crossword September 9 2021 Answers (all In One Page)

It was kind of cloying, and ultimately familiar. I’ve seen compass themes a million times over the years (give or take). It goes its own way, but in the end it’s just the same old NESW thing again (I was going to say “the same old NEWS” but that would be silly and far fetched, etc.). What I think is original is also the most annoying part of the theme, namely the hiding of the direction letters in the “+” signs. Those “+” signs don’t indicate a compass; they suggest, perhaps shockingly, a “+” (or PLUS) sign, a plus sign, perhaps representing the word “plus” or “and” or something. Naming the “+” shapes in the reveal clue only reinforced the impression that something mathematical was going on. The (obvious) multiplication (or “x”) symbol in the center of the grid made me think (briefly) that this was all going to be some kind of equation. It wasn’t until I got one of the unmarked squares towards the center of the grid (probably from SLAW) that I understood the COMPASS concept. Then there was an “aha” moment, although it sounded like a flat “oh…” And then the puzzle became much easier to solve (when you know the trick, you get free letters (direction letters) everywhere. , that is, so filling the grid becomes difficult) . It would have been cool to do this without filling the grid with obvious gibberish (like ARL, NDO, ATI ), but that would probably be too much. Answers with two leading directional letters connecting the “+” signs added a bit of architectural flare to the theme. Ultimately, this puzzle is a slightly confused expression of a familiar idea.

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The filling was good, though nothing I would really single out as outstanding. Mostly it just holds its own. I really liked the PUP TENT (3D: Accommodation on a scouting trip) and the GAS HOG (37A: Hardly a green vehicle). I don’t agree with the idea of ​​fun in this puzzle. CASH CAB means almost nothing to me, other than vague memories of me wondering what I’m looking at and trying to find the remote before I have to watch it any more (1D: Benes Game Show With A Cell Phone). Crypto still seems like a giant bro-scam to me, so I’m not excited to see BITCOIN (8A: Holding cryptocurrency in a wallet) anytime soon. I loved remembering the HUGH Jass joke because I’m 10 years old and the baseball reference to LASERS seemed pretty new. GETTING ADVICE is a scary thing. EAT A SANDWICH looks elegant. If you’re going to do “verb and noun” it should be a real phrase, like SHAKE YOUR HAND. I would even agree to EAT A PEACH if you wanted to get T.S. Eliot- (or Allman Brothers Band-) specific. GET A ROOM? Yes. GET ADVICE? No. It makes bad noises in my brain machine. I didn’t know TASHA , but… well, it’s a recognizable name, so it’s finally available (27D: ___ Smith, star of Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse). I didn’t know cartwheels were HATS, although it turns out I’ve seen a lot of them since I spend about half my life watching mid-20th century movies of one sort or another.

SUPERGS is a very awkward plural. It’s hard enough to parse the singular, let alone the plural. An event is an event. Singular. Wouldn’t you say WRESTLING? Archery? CLEANLINESS AND FLAWS? Even DOWNHILLS sounds really brutal. SLALOMO can at least be a verb, I think. Anyway, it’s not fun to get it. Also, how about TELECON “short”? I think it should be “short” for TELECONFERENCE, but a. it doesn’t seem very “short” and b. do people still say that? – I’ve had a TELEPHONE for 4 years, Jim? Wouldn’t you say Zoom, Skype, or, I don’t know, some stupid email? word? I had TELECO and to be honest I couldn’t understand the last letter. But admittedly, the world of “business” and its talk often eludes me. Apologies to Nadia Comaneci for briefly imagining she was from ARMENIA. Good day. Word Search is a puzzle that contains rows of letters in a square shape and words written forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. A list of words will be provided for the player to search for and the player’s goal is to find those words hidden in the word search puzzle and highlight them.

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Once you’ve chosen a theme, choose words of varying lengths, difficulty levels, and letters. You won’t have to worry about trying to match the words to each other because it will do it for you!

Ny Times Crossword 29 May 22, Sunday

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Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue

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For The Good Of The Puzzle, Sometimes Rules Must Be Broken

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Cardinal Letters Crossword Clue

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