Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword – A simpler thing this week, although there was one clue that made me chew on its solution for a while (LIFE) and another that took me years to figure it out (RECTITUDE). Below you will find my filled grid along with explanations of my solutions, where I have them. I hope you find them useful. (With any luck, I’ll get a grid image this week!)

As always, a little cleaning up before we start our proceedings. If you have the last Times Jumbo Cryptic game to beat you, my Just For Fun page might be a useful destination for you. If you like book reviews, I have a few on my Reviews page to make your time. Lastly, if you want to spend a few more minutes, I have a short story to keep you entertained.

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: AMSTERDAM (ie “city”). The solution is RD (recognized abbreviation for “road”) placed or “surrounded” by STEAM (ie “fog”), and the whole following or placed “after” AM (ie “morning”), eg: AM-STE (RD ) AM.

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Answer: MODICUM (meaning “a little”). The solution is MO (ie “doctor”, specifically doctor) followed by DICTUM (ie “saw”, both words stand for a motto or saying) after removing the letter T (marked as “endless torment”, ie remove the last letter “Torment”), for example: MODICUM.

Answer: SALVO (ie “attack”). The solution is to place the V (recognized abbreviation “verse”) in the LIVING ROOM (ie “art assembly”, which is art exhibitions organized by French art academies) after removing N (indicated by “issuing new”, N is the recognized abbreviation “new”), e.g. SAL (V) O.

Answer: DEAD-PAN (ie, “impassive”). The solution is DAD and PA (ie, “fathers”) wrapped or “suppressing” E (acclaimed acronym “energy”), followed by N (as above “attention”), such as: D (E) AD-PA-N .

Answer: RINSING (ie “preparing the hair”). “Used by” means that the solution is hidden in the clue, for example: HAIRDRESSE (R IN SE) CRET.

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Answer: INITIAL (ie “don’t know”). The solution is TENT (ie “temporary accommodation”) followed by NATIVE (ie “local”) after removing the initial letter (marked as “header”), for example: TENT-ATIVE.

Answer: SHIPS THAT PASS AT NIGHT. The solution meets “late look at main activity” – main is another word for sea – and “short connection”.

Answer: SEESAW (ie, “up and down affair”). The solution is to SEE (ie “match”, as in “I see your foo and raise blah-blah”) and then it WAS reversed (denoted by “recalled”), for example: SEE-SAW.

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Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: HAND FREE. The solution satisfies the “idle worker” and “no mahlstick” – mahlstick or maulstick is something the painter uses to stabilize the brush hand. Doing without would give them a free hand. You have an idea.

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Answer: RUN AMOK (ie “frenzy”). The solution is OK (ie “happy”) placed “behind” the RAM (ie “strike”) after it was “brought” by the UN (ie “Parisian”, meaning “a” in French), for example: R (UN) AM-OK.

Answer: OVER-THOP. The solution satisfies the “outrageous” and “circus banner placement”, playing on how circus venues are often called great peaks.

Answer: GOSLING (ie “little bird”, as in a young goose). The solution is GO (ie “try”) followed by SLING (ie “get rid of”).

Answer: DOMICIL (ie “home” – ignore misspelled spelling). The solution is DO (i.e. “party”), followed by I (i.e. “newspaper”, recently whipped to The Daily Mail) and L (recognized short for “line”) when placed or “transferred by” MICE (i.e. “Shy folk”), such as: DO-MIC (I-L) E.

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Answer: GIANT (ie “big”). The solution is GIG (ie “concert”) followed by ANTICS (ie “capers”) after removing the last letter (denoted by “mainly”), eg GIG-ANTIC.

Answer: INACCURATE (ie “with some uncertainty”). The solution is I (i.e. “head of information”, i.e. the first letter of “information”) followed by NEXT (i.e. “successor”) after it has been wrapped or “intercepting” AC (credited abbreviation “account”) , yes: I-NEX (AC) T.

Answer: LOCUS (ie “position”). The solution is LOST (meaning “in the dark”) with the last letter removed (denoted by “mostly”) and the rest wrapped with “about” CU (chemical symbol “copper”), eg LO (CU) S.

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: ALICE SPRINGS (ie “Australian City”). The solution is a SPRING (ie “start suddenly”) placed “behind” the ALL (ie “vermin”) and the whole then placed or “appearing in” A and S (an accepted abbreviation for “noon”), such as: – (lice-spring) -S.

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Answer: DRAWBRIDGE (ie “ready to attack”). The solution is DRAW (ie “evenly fitted situation”) followed or “before” BRIDGE (ie “game”).

Answer: DAYS OUT (ie “trips”). The solution is an OUT (ie “unconscious”) placed “behind” the homophone (indicated by “hear”) DAZE (ie “daze state”).

Answer: OPERATIVE (ie “extravagant”). The solution is ERA (ie “time”) “squeezed into” OPTIC (ie “alcohol source”), eg OP (ERA) TIC.

Answer: SCHOOL (ie “coach”). The solution is S (i.e. “place initially”, i.e. the first letter of “place”) followed by COOL (i.e. “reserved [in nature]”) when wrapped or “occupied by” H (an acknowledged abbreviation for “husband ”), Such as: S-C (H) OOL.

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Answer: TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE (ie “getting similar treatment”). “Disturbed” means an anagram. The solution is an anagram of the CITY ACADEMIES OF FREQUENCY and NOISE. He also appeared at the beginning of the year.

Answer: HOI POLLOI (ie, “people”). The solution is POLL (ie “voting”) placed in or “harassed by” H (recognized acronym “hard” used in grading pencils) and OI OI (ie “request for attention”), e.g .: H-OI- (Poll ) -OI.

Answer: SIDLE (ie “to the edge”). Solution L (recognized abbreviation “line”) placed in or “occupying” SIDE (or “edge”), eg: SID (L) E.

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: DRAINING (ie “very wet”). The solution is a POSITION (ie “take position”) with the ST removed (indicated by “street abandonment” – ST is an accepted abbreviation for “street”).

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Answer: SHEET (ie, “sail”). The solution is a HE (ie “ambassador”, specifically His Excellency) placed or “boarding”) SET (ie “permanent”), such as S (HE) ET.

Answer: RETURN (ie surroundings or “train”). The solution is an inverted UNITER (ie “one joining”) (denoted by “decommissioned”) followed by an E (recognized abbreviation for “European”), eg: RETINU-E.

Answer: TOP SECRET. The solution is the anagram (marked “controversially”) PROTECTS and E (ie “newest for the mole”, meaning the last letter of the “mole”). In the context of the clue, the document of a spy or “mole” may be stamped “top secret”.

Answer: ANDES (ie “South America area”). The solution is DANES (ie “some Europeans”) with D (the accepted abbreviation “day”) set back a few notches (indicated by “have … later”).

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Answer: STATIC ELECTRICITY. Tips on how STATIC can mean “take it easy”. Electricity can “shock”. You have an idea.

Answer: EN PASSANT (ie “by the way” in French. This is a chess move where a pawn is captured after making an initial move two squares, if the opponent’s pawn can immediately take the place over which he jumped. Something like that, in anyway.). The solution is an anagram (denoted by an “arrow”) NASA SENT, which is placed “round” P (ie, “Pluto in the beginning”, ie the first letter of “Pluto”), such as EN (P) ASSANT.

Answer: DINGHY (ie “boat”). The solution is DINGY (ie, “obscure”) placed around H (an accepted abbreviation for “heroin”, also known as “horse”), eg: DING (H) Y.

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: DESERVED (ie, “deserving”). The solution is an anagram (labeled “free”) SUITOR MORE wrapped around or “encompassing” I (ie “[Roman] one”), for example: MER (I) TORIOUS.

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Answer: MAN-EATER (ie “always looking for a guy”). The solution is MA (ie “old woman”), followed by NEATER (ie “less disheveled”).

Answer: DEEP-SEA (ie “occupying some ditches”). The solution is to invert SPEED (ie “pace”) (indicated by “up”, which is a downward hint), followed by EA (the recognized abbreviation “each”).

Answer: MANCHURIA (ie “part of China”). The solution is MANIA (ie “wild behavior”) wrapped around or “engaging” CHURN (ie “arousal”) after removing the last letter (denoted by “much”), such as: MAN (CHUR) IA. Honestly, I got one from a wordplay and a quick Wikipedia verification.

Answer: SHANNON, the longest “river” in Ireland. The solution is SH (ie “silent”) followed by ANON (ie “nameless”) after wrapping or “accept” N (recognized abbreviation for “name”), for example: SH-AN (N) ON.

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Answer: A LIE (ie, “telling a story”). The solution is FLYING (ie “very short”, as in the case of an air visit) with the initial letter removed (marked “no introduction”).

Answer: AHEAD (ie, “breaking through”). The solution is EXPRESS (ie “gross”) and FAKING (ie “counterfeit”) after removing F (denoted by “issuing a fine”, F is the accepted acronym “okay”), for example: OVERRUN.

Answer: SCOOP (ie “message history”). The solution is an S (recognized abbreviation “small”) followed by CO-OP (ie “employee organization”).

Chemical Peel Letters In Skincare Daily Themed Crossword

Answer: MISPLACED MODIFIER (ie “grammatical solecism” or error). The solution is an anagram (indicated by “confusion”) of the words COMPILED and MISFIRED after they have been wrapped “about” A, for example: MISPL (A) CEDMODIFIER.

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Answer: HEIGHT (ie “one of the [cube] dimensions”). The solution is H (recognized abbreviation “hard”) followed by EIGHT (ie “cube” or 2x2x2).

Answer: EAGLE (ie “bird (small)”, specifically young eagle). The solution is TELE (ie “box”, both informal words for TV) inverted (denoted by “raised” – this is a pointing downward) and wrapped around or “containing” an AG (chemical symbol for “silver”), such as: E (AG) LET.

Answer: EXCEL (ie “do very well”). The solution is X (i.e. “times”, as in the multiplication symbol) and C (i.e. “initially correspondent”, i.e. the first letter of the “correspondent”) both placed or “adopted by” the EEL (i.e. “evasive type”), such as: E (X-C) EL.

Answer: WIKING (ie, “Martian

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