Chris Chan Jail Letters

Chris Chan Jail Letters – Orange, Virginia – YouTube transgender Kristen Chandler or “Chris Chan” accused of raping his 79-year-old, potentially elderly mother, reaches out from his cell at Central Virginia Regional Prison.

Chandler requested that this letter be sent to court-appointed attorney David Helberg and to Kiwi Farms’ founder and forum management, Joshua Moon or better known as “Null”.

Chris Chan Jail Letters

Chris Chan Jail Letters

It is uncertain how the letter was sent to Null due to the fact that according to him he lives anonymously in Eastern Europe.

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Dated September 19, letter to Noll and Heilberg, Chandler compares events in his past and present to the trials that Jesus Christ endured during his lifetime.

Saying, “…the events of my life in the present and even now may be directly compared and matched with those dated from other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any scripture.”

“Beard and mustache and brown sideburns that grow naturally. Now put that picture next to any picture of Jesus on the cross; compare, look deep into my eyes and my pictures; see for yourself, meditate and connect, directly and honestly with the universe, both of our cosmos half, and throughout timelines, and mutiverse The entirety,” Chris Chan wrote.

In the letter Chris talks about video game visual perspectives adding, “This is what has been said, my whole life, my mind, my eyes, and literally realizing my being the #000 central camera, among all the other cameras, infinitely, in the first person perspective of all the others.”

Pdf) The Prison Letters: Letters Written To Arthur H. Carman While He Was Imprisoned For Subversion In Mt Crawford Prison, Wellington, 1941

“Gibi,” a YouTube creator who also follows Chris Chan, read the message and broke down much of what Chandler was saying.

“He points himself to the camera…Imagine if you could control someone like you controlling a non-playable character (NPC) in a video game and now see things from their perspective. Chris thinks his camera is his body number one and his consciousness is number zero because he is omnipotent.” …his mind’s eye is literally ahead of anyone else,” Ghebbi explained.

Chris Chan wandered further into the message linking himself to Jesus Christ saying, “I am literally the first real player; the one avatar; and this body, eyes, mind and all is the one body of God, and I am also literally Jesus Christ, Himself, fully incarnate and fully awakened.”

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Chris Chan Jail Letters

Gibby said in his video that Chandler considers himself equal to God but never says he is the incarnation of Christ.

Ailly Ts Of, Tho Be Of Of Ty Go Evidence, The Facts, An Chris Chan Sends

“He thinks there’s a universe in which all fictional things happen, but our view of that universe is a little skewed,” Gibby said, trying to explain what Chris said.

Chandler described his financial problems before his arrest, saying, “Friday the 30th: I was forced out of my house and temple; I had nowhere else to go. I had less than $50 between pocket money, and only a few dollars or so in my bank account, No money in my PayPal Patreon wasn’t due for payout until Sunday and SSI wasn’t reaching my bank until Tuesday Harriet and Tom Ashby (Chris’s aunt and uncle) did my plate before I arrived in Midlothian…Josh (Null) I send a thousand to my bank on Friday, but it won’t arrive until after or on Monday. Little food and options, and you’re trying to get into any parking lot without feeling insecure and paranoid. I needed to be safe and comfortable as quickly as possible, and that’s why I transfer this money.

“He even got $150 from Patreon on Sunday on the first day it went straight to Barbie-chan’s bank account. I was going to pay the ramen 600 on Monday or Tuesday, but NULL had to fail his predetermined test and he betrayed me, as if I had been betrayed and imprisoned before over From 2000 years. Now, as of the last arrest, I have absolutely no way of fulfilling that repentance, or anything else digital,” Chandler wrote accusing Null of failing to meet the financial obligations in full.

At the end of the letter Chandler explains the sexual acts he took with his mother and compares himself again to sharing a god, “Emmanuel (God above all other gods and goddesses, and one of my mentors), she herself, considered me to heal, cleanse, and cleanse Barbara of all her past sins and remorse, and improve Her abilities are directly and personally, as her deity.We are essentially loved, loved in spirit, and spoken.

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The beleaguered YouTuber spoke out for his divine forgiveness of LGBT people by saying, “Adultry; why else, do you all have Pro-Gay, Pro-Lesbian, Pro-Trans, and everything that exists nowadays and decades past? We were all honest, happily ever after.” Deep, content, and spiritually content with themselves and with each other.As long as everyone is above the age of majority, and the activity is with the consent of all concerned, sincerely, and spiritually happy, that is fine.

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Chris Chan held an ongoing hearing in mid-September, but he or his legal representative was required to attend.

If you’d like to read Chandler’s handwritten letter, it can be found on the Kiwi Farms website.

Chris Chan Jail Letters

If you’re interested in a Gibi YouTube video regarding Chandler’s letter, you can see it by clicking here, two lines crossed forming an ‘X’. Indicates a method for closing an interaction or dismissing a notification.

Eastern Reflector, 2 August 1907

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Online content creator Chris Chan has been arrested for incest after leaking an audio clip alleging she had sex with her mother.

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Kristen Weston Chandler, better known online as Kris Chan, has been arrested and charged with incest after a leaked phone conversation went viral online.

Chandler, 39, is being held at Henrico County Jail in Virginia after police brought her in on Sunday afternoon. A prison representative said that no court date or bond had been set. Sheriff told NEWSWEEK that her indictment will be in Greene County.

On Friday morning, an eight-minute recording was posted on Kiwi Farms, a forum dedicated to discussing Internet numbers that began as a way to document Chandler’s online presence in 2013. In the recording, a person purporting to be Chandler discussed sexual interactions with her 79. —An adult mother of Age, Barbara.

Chris Chan Jail Letters

Chandler has been known for decades in online niche spaces as the creator of Sonichu, an animated character who is a cross between Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Online discussion about Chandler and the character began around 2000, and her character became widely known around 2007.

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For years, Chandler has been the target of online scrutiny and phishing. Several online residents have made profiles pretending to be Chandler’s boyfriends or girlfriends and leaked personal details about them.

In the recording, the person identified as Chandler can be heard saying that since June “we’ve been doing this every third night” and describing the sexual acts in detail.

A transcript of a text said to be from Chandler was posted alongside the recording, “We had Barb and another fun in the hay.”

The recording and texts spread like wildfire. Later on Friday, “Chris Chan” was a trending topic on Twitter.

Chris Chan Marked Male In Jail After Arrest Despite Being Trans Woman

“There is drama in the air today,” Chandler wrote on Twitter on Friday. “All of you are encouraged to opt out of any and all dramas, gossip, gossip, and anything else, and are already coming your way today.”

On Sunday, a live broadcast from Ethan Ralph, a podcast maker known for his support of the right-wing Gamergate movement, appeared to show Chandler’s arrest outside a hotel in Charlottesville. While Chandler appeared to be restrained, she told Ralph, “Everything will work out.”

In October 2011, Chandler and her mother were arrested after her mother hit a toy store manager with her car; They paid a fine and were subject to community service and a year’s probation.

Chris Chan Jail Letters

In 2014, Chandler was arrested and banned from GameStop after she placed an employee who asked her to leave. Chris Chan claims to be Christ from prison Imfao Transented letter @ 19 September 2021 I have finally received new papers and envelopes and I feel it is advisable to inform you of the following, all of which, as you wish or as you wish, you have my consent to transmit all contents of this letter to Joshua “NULL ‘Moon, as well as sending the physical document to my attorney David Heilberg. Everyone should hear and appreciate a genuine, authentic, spiritual and profound aura.’ As I swear the direct truth with my left hand

Chris’ Letter To Null From Prison

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