Crowder Red Letters Piano Sheet Music

Crowder Red Letters Piano Sheet Music – Download Tenor Sax sheet music for Red Letters by Crowder, from the album I Know A Ghost. Grant Wall / Daniel Galbraith arranged this song in the key of B, Bb.

Verse 1 There I am in death, guilty in the first place The Son of God hanged on a mountain, Hell is my destiny Verse 2 The crowd that screams at the cross, can and these lips of mine come out What dirty shame kills me. it will be a miracle to wash me clean Chorus 1 I read the scarlet letter and the ground began to shake The prison walls began to fall and I became a free man that day Verse 3 I felt like lightning struck my nerves, a dead heart began. breath of God filled my lungs and the Holy Spirit woke me up Yes, the Holy Spirit woke me up Chorus 2 When I read the scarlet letter and the ground began to shake The prison walls began to fall and I became a free man that day Bridge For God . loved by the whole world He sent his only Son to die for me his arms spread all over the world His arms spread where I should be Jesus changed my destiny Chorus 3 God bless me colorful letter red when the ground started shaking. The grace of God began to fall and I became a fr yes man that day Tag The prison walls began to fall and I am a free man today…

Crowder Red Letters Piano Sheet Music

Crowder Red Letters Piano Sheet Music

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Crowder Red Letters Piano Sheet Music

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