Rearrange Letters Of Postman

Rearrange Letters Of Postman – A postman can deliver a letter to a specific person through his post dog, the recipient will automatically receive a buff once the letter is opened.

Increases receiver movement speed to 20% for 3 seconds after vaulting the window/pallet. The effect can only be used 1 time and you must vault within 30 seconds of receiving the mail for this broken window effect to work.

Rearrange Letters Of Postman

Rearrange Letters Of Postman

Increases the receiver’s save speed by 30%, as well as their movement speed by 10% once they enter the chair area for 180 seconds (3 minutes).

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Increase the receiver’s door opening speed by 30%, they can also see where the hatch is.

Press the item button to see a letter interface, you can choose any player and letter types inside.

There are 3 types of mail that will appear in your item button every time you send mail. Once the opening period is entered, all mail will be reset.

Postdog will be the one to deliver the mail. Once the postman places an order, the dog will automatically track the recipient.

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The postman will receive the same buff as the recipient once the mail is successfully delivered. (That’s the biggest motivation for mailboy here :3)

The postman is forever longing for someone to send mail to him one day, so he can’t concentrate, his decoding speed drops to 8%. Each failed delivery will add 150% more time for him to use his skill again.

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Conclusion: Postman is an Ultimate Supporter that by delivering characters to everyone and himself, cancels the debuffs of some characters using characters (eg cancel decoding debuffs and slow movement speed for a certain amount of time).

Rearrange Letters Of Postman

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What Happens When You I Don’t Rearrange Know The Letters Of Postmen They Get Very H Angry

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