Custom Car Emblem Letters

Custom Car Emblem Letters – Are you ready to give personalized displays to your friends and family or maybe a sticker that you can also put on your car, bike… or wherever you feel like?

Every Emblem has its own design. Our designer will choose the most suitable design according to your name. If you have your design already done, you can send it by e-mail as a vector design and we will make sure you receive it as a token! Either way, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Custom Car Emblem Letters

Custom Car Emblem Letters

Custom made Emblems are made of 100% 316 stainless steel or painted or gold plated depending on your request. 316 stainless steel is a durable material that offers no rust, tarnishing & durability. All emblems will be polished with the latest equipment to have the best finish.

Personalized Bling Letter Decal Diy Sticker

All orders will be shipped within three weeks of receiving cleared payment. All shipments will include a tracking number. Every Emblem includes double-sided tape for easy installation. If you put your emblems on the outside of the car / boat / bike, it is recommended to stick it with glue. The Emblem can be easily removed if applied using double sided tape.

“Remember that a person’s name, to that person, is the sweetest and most important thing in any language.”

Whether you choose your Emblem to be in stainless steel, gold plated or painted in any color, our designer will try to glue all the colors together. If there is a number or the designer finds that sticking to all the colors is not suitable for the design, he leaves a space.

The length of the Text will be between 14cm (5.5 in) & 20 cm (7.9 in) (As the measurements depend on the number of characters).

Custom Chrome Car Emblems

If you need a specific design or a design related to the type of car please contact us before ordering.

If you have your design already done, you can e-mail it as a vector design and we will make sure you receive it as an Emblem!offers the highest quality CNC machined billet aluminum quality signs and badges on the market today. We offer anything from designs to full production runs with no minimum quantity requirements. With a wide variety of options, we can find that unique look for you to make your car stand out from the crowd. Start with one of our standard sizes or we can create custom shapes that are any size and shape you need. We can add color to your car, powder coat, polish or chrome any badge we make. All the badges we make and you see are made to order. These badges are not kept in stock, but designs are available for reuse. There is a one-time processing fee for each new order placed. If you want a badge that has already been designed/made, no fee arrangement will apply. Prices will vary based on color combinations, sizes, designs and finishes. Please note that these are not plastic billets, but CNC billet aluminum. We specialize in high quality badges that may no longer be available on the market. Additionally, we can customize these badges to suit your needs. (ie, actual engine size, power steering, stroke/charge/charge)

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Please note that our ABS plastic is the top quality of the line. We create a mold for your design and then run your entire process through production. These are for 300+ quantity orders and prices will range from $4.50 each to $9.00 each depending on design and color. Features include: Triple chrome plated appearance and durability. The paint of the car is visible through open colors or pictures. Meets or exceeds all OEM vehicle standards. The finish will last for the life of the car. A good polished look. Available with background colors. Two parts in size. Other sizes by quotation only. The back is completely covered with automotive type die cut adhesive tape. Satin finish available – add 20% to price. Weight: Approx 30lb per 1000 Additional colors and coated colors – by quotation. Depositing gold – with a quote. Please let us know the finish you would like when inquiring about custom orders. With a choice of Chrome or Matte Black, the options are endless when you use it

Custom Car Emblem Letters

Custom token orders range in price from $299 to $599. Prices vary depending on the design, cut, and quantity of your custom order. Please note that emblems are custom made for each order. We do not carry ‘custom’ signs in stock. We value every order and customer and for this reason we offer to give approval to our customers before they go to the next level. Your imagination will include from step 1 of creation to having it in your hand (paint, hand polish, curing, baking, ship, etc.). Art design and installation is extra and runs $49-$149 depending on the work required. If you need a large number of beads, you will need ABS plastic material. There is a TIME mold fee for them that ranges from $599-$1299 depending on size, finish, design, etc.

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Jalisco Decal Troka Silhouette Letters Decal Car Window Laptop

We can make you a custom piece, no problem! You have two options for traditional badge items:

ABS Mold for large quantities (300 MINIMUM) or CNC Machined Billet Aluminum. With another option, you will be notified of each step of the artwork approval process before proceeding with production. ABS Plastic molded badges are what all the OEM badges on the market are made of. The Honda Logo, Running Pony symbol, etc. are all ABS Chromed Plastic from the mold. This is why there is a limited number of orders as they are made from a mold.

We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover direct payments and payments through PayPal. Simply add the items you would like to purchase to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. During checkout you will be asked to provide credit card information or your PayPal account information. You can also pay for your order over the phone using a credit card by calling (785) 4-BADGES.

We can create any logo you can imagine as long as it doesn’t conflict with our trademark policies. We cannot and will NOT do anything with a copyrighted image. This includes ford running pony, any logos of the company, Disney, superman etc. unless we have written permission from the copyright owners.

D Metal Diy Letter Stickers Chrome Digital Alphabet Emblem Decal Car Stickers Custom Logo Automobile

Custom orders take between 8 to 10 weeks to complete. During the car show season starting in March, they take 10-18 weeks on average. Please wait for the allotted time DO to send us an email to receive ‘updates’ as it will only delay the project. Emblems designed by Emblem Art are made from Automotive grade plastics. The custom signs are weather resistant, proof finished and guaranteed to make your ride classy!! And don’t worry, we don’t need potholes in our cars anymore!!! Custom Chrome Emblems are backed with 3M automotive grade weatherproof adhesive. These signs stick to you car through any weather. We promise!!!

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Chrome Emblems that you get on cars from the factory are made by a process called INJECTION MOLDING. While we offer this service, there is a minimum order requirement of 300 units. HOWEVER we have developed a way to create CHROME EMBLEMS with NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. The only downside is that there are limitations. Below is the list of Chrome Emblems we offer:

All of our chrome signs are backed with 3M automotive grade foam adhesive. This sticker is 1/32″ thick. This allows the emblems to be attached not only to flat, but also slightly curved or irregular surfaces such as usually found on car fender panels.

Custom Car Emblem Letters

For that matter, we do not offer chrome signs with mounting studs or screws. All emblems will require mounting to be installed.

Custom Name 3d Car Emblem Logo

Our signs are 1/8″ thick. Unfortunately due to production limitations we cannot make signs thicker than this.

Also when installing this thing we can only go about .25mm deep. This is to ensure that the integrity of the brand remains intact. We don’t want to make you a symbol that won’t last for years!!

Because of the design, our chrome emblems are flat. We cannot provide any beveling or rounded edges either. To get this service we would have to charge our customers more money than we feel comfortable with ($1000+).

Because the signs are flat, they have a slight brushy appearance. If they were straight, they would shine like glass. Because of this also some viewing angles will not have as much contrast, (or in other words the black is not as deep) as others. Be sure to check out our Custom Emblem Gallery under “Chrome Emblem” to familiarize yourself with this article.

Custom 3d Chrome Logo Sticker Self Adhesive Chrome Letters For Cars Custom Car Badges Chrome/emblems

The material has a black core, this core is then nickel plated. Because the core is black, and we cut through the top nickle plating to make your custom logo design, the edges, and etching will be black. However, those things take a lot of paint. You can of course paint the symbols when you find them. However, it is not a job

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