Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon – Now all you Southern girls know that a Southern home isn’t complete without some sort of home decor display featuring a monogram…it’s just a rule. There is no use arguing with him. If you have a monogrammed wooden letter on your bookshelf or a monogrammed wreath or monogrammed towel hanging on your front door, you can rest easy tonight. But if you don’t, then you definitely need to keep reading, because I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to spice up your home with the unparalleled presence of the infamous monogram.

This DIY tutorial is for one of my favorite monogram projects I’ve done yet – a monogram letter wreath. More and more people are using wreath options to hang on their front door, and monogram letter wreaths are one of those options. A monogram letter wreath isn’t really a wreath… it’s basically just 1 letter (your last initial) or 3 letters (the full monogram) that hangs with a ribbon over your door or inside your home. Monogram letter beads can come in many different forms. Some are made of metal, some are made of wood, and some are made of other materials. The one I’m going to show you how to make is made using a wooden letter wrapped in twine. I really love this look because it’s so classy, ​​but has a more edgy look to it….and the twine gives it a very natural feel.

Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

I made this special monogram letter wreath for my good friend, Angela, as one of my gifts for her monogram bridal shower. It’s a great gift for a friend, but I love it so much that I can’t wait to make one for my own home too!

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I bought my wooden letter, twine and ribbon at Hobby Lobby for about $12. So here’s how to assemble your monogram letter garland….

First, take your twine, and hot glue the end of the twine to the back of the top of your letter. Make sure the hot glue isn’t too thick because you have to wrap it around. Start the twine at the very top and just wrap the twine around the letter. Wrap the twine very, very tightly and keep pulling!

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As I’m sure you can gather, the method you use to wrap the twine will differ depending on the letter you’re working with. The letter “H” works especially well, as it is one of the letters of the alphabet that is perfectly symmetrical. As you can see in the figure below, it took 3 different pieces of twine to make the letter H. I started on the back side of one of the left sides of the letter, continuing to wrap the twine until I reached the middle. The twine goes all the way around the width of the letter, and then back to the left and ends at the bottom. Then I had to use two other separate pieces of twine to finish the right top side and the right bottom side of the letter H (indicated by the purple and green). You want to use as few different pieces of twine as possible, so wrap it as long as possible before you cut it and start a new piece.

As you can see on the left, after you’re done with a piece of twine, you can loop another piece around the back of the letter to secure it (so you don’t see the knot). This should be done very strictly.

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What you’ll notice is that on the top and bottom edges of the letter, it doesn’t take much pressure for the twine to slip past the edges of the letter. To prevent this, I put a small dab of hot glue under the beginning and end pieces of twine (mostly at the edges of the letter), so that it’s more than just a knot to hold the twine to the letter.

When you have finished wrapping the twine around the entire letter and securing the ends of the twine, turn the letter upside down. Cut two long pieces of your wired ribbon and hot glue the ends of the two pieces of ribbon to each side of the top of the letter.

Hold both pieces of ribbon and tie your bow. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time… the ribbon is elastic! It took me like 4 times to build a good one. I’m a perfectionist, what can I say??

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Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

My friend Angela’s wedding colors are deep purple and charcoal gray, so I decided to do two different ribbon colors. I’m glad I did, though, because I think it gives it more depth – and the purple pops against the gray!

Diy Letter Ideas & Tutorials

To get a two-tone bow effect I tied a bow using purple ribbon and then attached the already made purple bow to the gray bow with another small piece of purple ribbon. I simply placed the bows on top of each other and wrapped a small piece of purple ribbon around the two bows and hot glued them to the back as you see below.

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t know, hot glue is very hot, so don’t let it drip on you… 🙁 You’d think that as a teacher I would have learned this lesson by now…. but apparently not .

This little project was a lot of fun, and the end result was worth the time and effort, especially since it was for a dear friend. Happy DIYing!Make these beautiful DIY Floral Wooden Monogram Letters for your next special occasion! Makes a wonderful baby shower or bridal shower decoration or gift idea!

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As we head into spring, I find myself with a growing list of baby shower and bridal shower invitations, and people are always asking me for advice on DIY shower decorations. One of my favorite baby or bridal shower decorations is a beautiful floral monogram letter that uses the first initial of the baby’s name or the new last name of the bride-to-be. It makes great shower decor, and the guest of honor can take it with them to display in their home afterward, so it also doubles as a great gift idea!

I whipped up this adorable DIY monogram letter using my Cricut Maker, and it’s perfect for your baby and bridal shower decor and gift needs! Let me show you how easy it is to make your own!

One of my favorite things to cut with my Cricut Maker is felt, especially thick wool felt, because the rotary blade cuts through butter like a hot knife! It is very simple and accurate! The Maker is built with Cricut’s revolutionary Adaptive Tool System, which allows you to swap out many different tools, including a standard fine-point blade, a fabric rotary blade, and a knife blade for cutting a wide variety of surfaces.

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Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

To start making my monogram letters, I started by using my maker to cut out different shades of felt flowers and leaves using this Floral Monogram Letter Design Space project. Libwys Distressed White Alphabet Standing Monogram Letter,23 Diy Rustic Vintage White Wood Wall Decor Letters For Home Decoration,letter &

When working with thick materials like knife blades and basswood, there are a few things you need to do:

It’s great fun to sit back and watch the machine do all the hard work for you! I wanted to increase the width of my monogram letter, so I cut four K’s out of my basswood.

I used hot glue to assemble my peony flowers – each flower is made with six different pieces which are then layered to create one elegant flower.

I glued four layers of basswood together and used clothespins to hold the edges in place while the glue was drying.

Diy Baby Name Letter Decor

I laid out some components and tried to figure out how I wanted to arrange everything. I also played around with a few different patterned iron-ons until I decided which one I liked best.

Cricut EasyPress 2 isn’t just for making shirts! I love using iron-on on unconventional surfaces like this wooden monogram letter! The Interactive Quick Reference Guide suggests that I use 305 degrees for 30 seconds to iron-on patterns on wood, but since basswood is thinner and more fragile than a thick slab of wood, I would recommend using 285 degrees for 25 seconds.

I gave the edges of the monogram letter a coat of white paint to match the background color of the vinyl.

Diy Wooden Letters With Ribbon

I wanted to use that big pink flower, but in the end it was too big to look proportional on my monogram, so I’m saving it for another project, and I chose to use the other four flowers.

Diy Wood Letters

I ended up cutting some corrugations

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