Ridiculous Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Ridiculous Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Self-help guru Ferriss / FRI 3-12-21 / 1996 book on grammar whose title corrects a melodramatic cry / Frozen food made famous by comedian Jim Gaffigan / Hip-hop’s Hussle of comedy Russell / Nom de guerre roughly translates to bringer of light / Singer who lent his name to a brand of breakfast sausages

Word of the day: SAUDI Aramco (38A: ___ Aramco, the most profitable company in the world) — Saudi Aramco (Arabic: أرامكو السعودية ‎ʾArāmkū s-Saʿūdiyyah), officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (formerly the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (formerly Amen-Arabia-Natural) based in Dhahran. As of 2020, it is one of the largest companies [sic] in the world by revenue. Saudi Aramco has both the world’s second largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 270 billion barrels (43 billion cubic meters), and the largest daily oil production of all oil producing companies. Saudi Aramco operates the largest single hydrocarbon network in the world, the Master Gas System. Total crude oil production in 2013 was 3 .4 billion barrels (540 million cubic meters), and it manages more than a hundred oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia, including 288.4 trillion standard cubic feet (scf) of natural gas reserves. Saudi Aramco operates the Ghawar field ld, the largest oil field in the world, and the Safaniya field, the largest oil field in the world. On December 11, 2019, the company’s shares began trading on the Tadawul stock exchange. The shares rose to 35.2 Saudi riyals, giving it a market capitalization of about US$1.88 trillion, surpassing the US$2 trillion mark on the second day of trading. the world. (wikipedia)

Ridiculous Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Ridiculous Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Wow, I thought seeing right-wing ghouls in the puzzle was depressing (and it is), but seeing SAUDI Aramco in the puzzle is… well, not worse, but still pretty terrible. All that $$$$ because of fossil fuels destroying the world, from a country whose crown prince killed dissident journalists while the world cries and gleefully drives its cars. There is nothing to like about that reference to SAUDI. I’m not mad at the puzzle, I’m mad at the world right now. I think I would have been with [Jamal Khashoggi, for one] if I wanted to get really creative with my SAUDI clue. I’m fixating on this clue because it’s *noticeable* – the only thing (besides that TIM guy) in the puzzle I didn’t know, and clue in such a way as to hide the oil angle. Luckily, when I first read the clue, I already had the -DI, ​​so I could do it with some training. But oof, Friday it would be nice if the indications of horror could be diverted. The rest of this puzzle was an enjoyable time. Pretty uneventful solution. Here’s how it started:

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: South African Plant Whose Leaves Are Used For A Popular Herbal Tea / Wed 4 7 21 / Native Caribbean Plant Whose Fruit Grows In Clusters /

I stopped at I’M SORE because it’s such a ridiculous improvised sentence. Not sure how to call an answer I don’t like, but that made me laugh (and that I got easily, so don’t really do it). But this is one of those. Only other real Dislike in this grid was the definite article in THE LAW (although the clever clue partially redeems the answer, as the THE is absolutely necessary to make sense of the clue) (4A: It can be fixed when it is broken). I had HOCH- at the beginning 5D: Nom de guerre roughly translates to “bringer of light” and thought two things. One: “How am I supposed to know this random German guy!?” and Two: “So…his name roughly translates to…Lucifer?…that’s interesting.” I also initially wrote in PEP SHOWS (!?), until I remembered that the actual performers are called PEP SQUADS, and noticed that that put a “Q” in a first-letter position in the cross (a very likely place to put a find “Q”). Move on:

Nothing much in the way of problems here (except that TIM guy, as I say) (39A: Self-help guru Ferriss). The “Q” easily gave me QUINCY JONES, which gave me the “J”, which was all I needed to get JIMMY DEAN (who I only know from the sausage). From here it is quite easy to get into one of the remaining sections. I decided that I would do the following small corners:

The hardest part here was the “?” clue that kept me from watching REPO MAN (21A: Someone who takes it all back?). Not much of a hindrance, though. Just enter Y’KNOW to do NOW ACT and then complete all the short Acrosses above. Long Downs in the SW were all super easy to pick up. Love the clue on NIPSEY. Entire generation inclusive (45A: Hip-hop’s Hussle or comedy’s Russell).

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After that the SE was a cinch. Couldn’t see PURGE straight away even with the PU in place (47D: Completely remove), but KNOTHOLE and INBAD took me easily enough in that section. Only problems came there (again) from a “?” clue: 51A: Be smart? (DOLL UP). Nice clue, great answer. “BRAVEHEART” is a scary movie for reasons I won’t get into because we’d be here all day. Also, I have a strange, perhaps singular perspective on this film, because I received my Ph.D. exams on the source material, and the same weekend I did (1995), I walked into a movie theater to take a little break and saw a life-size promotional clip of … the man from the obscure Scottish poem I’d just written myself bleary about. That was a strange weekend. I was in the theater to see “Before Sunrise” and was ambushed by Cardboard Mel. Anyway, the surreal moment of seeing my Ph.D. exam subject disguised as Mel Gibson (or vice versa, I think), is not the problem. The actual movie “BRAVEHEART” is the problem. But again, gonna gonna gonna it… Good day. Bygone Mach 1 breaker for short / WED 5-11-22 / Former L.A. Laker Odom / Jazz piano style played by Fats Waller and Mary Lou Williams / Island like Kiritimati / Tot’s mount / Windy City rail system in short / 1908 boxing movie for which De Niro won for best actor / Banjo spot in song

Persona 5 Royal: All Crossword Puzzle Answers

THEME: PARTY ANIMALS (57A: They’re always ready for a good time…or a description of 18-, 25-, 35- and 49-Across) – familiar names/titles/items that sound like animals that party:

Word of the day: LAMAR Odom (52A: criticize harshly) – Lamar Joseph Odom (born November 6, 1979) is an American former professional basketball player. [2]As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA), he won championships in 2009 and 2010 and was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2011. […] Odom played on the United States national team, won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 2004 and a gold medal in the FIBA ​​World Championship (later known as the World Cup) in 2010. // Odom was married to Khloé Kardashian from 2009 to 2016. During their marriage, Odom made several appearances on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He and Kardashian also had their own reality series, Khloé & Lamar. (wikipedia)

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Wow, almost the third appearance of AM-N RA in four days, but instead we get the near-miss RAMONA (44D: ___ Quimby, Beverly Cleary heroine). Close call. Too close. I really like this theme but unfortunately I didn’t see the theme until the end. The part before the end – you know, the part where you put all the letters in the little boxes – that was a lot (much) less enjoyable. The puzzle really lost me, fill-wise, just about here:

Ridiculous Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Well, not exactly there. A little earlier than that, when I wrote in ELI and earlier I was really attached to the singular WILE , which I really didn’t want. Not sure why singular WILE is so grating today. It’s not like it hasn’t appeared in puzzles before. But it now has great singular-KUDO energy for me. If you asked me to name an [illusionist skill], I could name a dozen things before I would mention WILE. In fact, I would never mention WILE, because as far as I know I’ve never used or even thought of that answer in the singular (besides the occasional crossword). GUILE sounds more correct than WILE. WILE is the first name of an animated Coyote or (for me) it’s nothing. But seriously I was done for that, with ELI , after beating through TOG (another only-ever-see-in-xwords) and IDNO and SEETO and ARI and AEONS and INCAN and even with the very promising DRUNKEN-what waiting for me to fill in the rest of it, I felt tired, early.

Crossword Fans Are Mad At The Nyt And Its Daily Puzzle App

Then came ATOLL TTOP IOS UTICA ESTEEMS and by FOGEYS (apt!) all the solving fun felt like it was bled out of me. I liked ONCE OVER, but I got almost nothing else from the top of the grid except exhaustion. And then I get down to longer answers in the SE and get… NET SOLD? That answer makes ESTEEMS spicy. Just the dullest collection of plain letters you’ll ever see in a 8. AMEN NOS ENT DAS in the SW… it all feels like

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