Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

Environmental Research Letters 影响因子 – Do you want to do everything you can to help the environment? You have many options, of course, from driving less and recycling more to installing solar panels on your roof. But provocative new research shows the most effective way to combat climate change is to have fewer children.

Researchers in Canada and Sweden compared 31 green lifestyle choices of people living in industrialized nations to see which are best at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. The calculations showed that having fewer children brought the biggest reduction, followed by giving up your car, avoiding plane travel, and eating a plant-based diet.

Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

“Until we’ve completely decarbonized society, adding one more person to the planet is always going to add more emissions,” said study co-author Seth Wynes, a graduate student in geography at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. “We don’t want to knock recycling, but some people are ready to step up their game and do something a little harder for the environment.”

The Climate Mitigation Gap: Education And Government Recommendations Miss The Most Effective Individual Actions

Switching from plastic to cloth shopping bags cuts about 11 pounds of carbon dioxide from your carbon footprint each year, the study showed. Go cut meat more – almost a ton. But every child you don’t have cuts your carbon footprint by 65 tons a year, say Wynes and his collaborator, Kimberly Nicholas of Lund University in Sweden.

These numbers are based on the greenhouse gases your child and their children would put into the atmosphere as a result of their daily lives. According to the study, each parent is responsible for half of a child’s lifetime greenhouse gas emissions, a quarter of their offspring’s emissions, and a smaller fraction of their more distant descendants’ emissions.

Obviously, society would eventually collapse if everyone stopped having children. And Bastien Girod, a sustainability researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is not sure that having smaller families is a realistic solution to the problem of global warming.

“People want to reduce emissions in the environment, but they will start where it hurts the least,” he said, adding that the biggest impact will come from many people taking small steps rather than a few people making changes. radical in form.

Environmental Research Letters

And he says that our children can prove to be the ones who come up with even more effective approaches to protecting our planet.

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“Children are not only part of the problem, but also part of the solution,” he said. “To say having fewer children is the best thing you can do for the climate, I wouldn’t subscribe to that.”

Another problem with the less children argument is that it would take centuries to reduce the number of people on the planet, Chris Goodall, an author who writes about sustainability and energy, told The Guardian. “In some ways [the study] will just reinforce the political right’s suspicion that the threat of climate change is simply a cover to curtail people’s freedom to live as they wish,” he added.

Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

Wynes acknowledges how many babies to have is a very personal decision. His research is not meant to guide national policy or to pressure people to have smaller families, he says. But it might give people more information to consider when deciding how many children they want.

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Non Linear Response Of Temperature Related Mortality Risk To Global Warming In England And Wales

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Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

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Canada’s Wildfires Are A Warning To India

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The Best Lifestyle Choice For Saving The Planet Just Might Surprise You

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Environmental Research Letters 影响因子

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Environmental Scientist Cover Letter Examples

Development goes hand in hand with destruction, which can interfere with people, the environment or both. It is more destructive when it affects the community and the natural resources because for sustainability, the three pillars of the environment, the social pillar and the economic pillar should be in balance. The conflict occurs when people fight for limited resources, which can lead to development, and this can be resolved through laws and policies.

I realized that change started with me, and if I wanted a better future for the next generation, and to see Africa rise from its burden of gender inequality, poverty and disease, I needed to stand up and do something. Doing this master course gave me power, and as Loreya Wangari Maathai said, you cannot be a slave to a knowing spirit.

From there, I went on to intern at Integrated Global Environment Strategies in Japan, which is a policy research institute. I had a chance to be in a research team for the UNEP green economy report for Burkina Faso where I gained research skills. I also contributed to Japan’s low-carbon navigator 2050 whose primary goal is to reduce Japan’s 1990 carbon emissions to twenty-five percent or less. While in the process, I had an interest in the green economy and the concept of green work that seeks to value human life. I also learned how communities and informal settlements are marginalized in relation to officer security when I joined Pamoja Trust. I joined the team working to create voice and space for the urban poor.

I am applying for a position of community environmental legal officer in the Coast region because I want to bridge the gap between law and policy formulation and implementation in the environmental sector regarding marginalized communities. The Constitution of Kenya talks about the protection of the environment and this is implemented in detail in the Environment, Management and Coordination act of Kenya. I would like to be part of the team that finds remedies so that communities can live in harmony with the environment so that we can eliminate future conflicts. I believe good governance and good policies, well implemented, are one of the key ingredients for sustainability. My goal is to ensure that policies are implemented.

Pdf) Trading Deforestation

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