Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby – I’ve been wanting a brand for a while, but haven’t been inspired. So when I found these metal letters on clearance at Hobby Lobby I was so excited! So, how will they be for the sign!

I can’t wait to share with you my DIY Metal Letter Sign. I think it looks amazing and you would never know we used artificial letters.

Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

We got most of our supplies from Lowe’s, except for the letters. Here is a list of our services:

Whitewash Wood Letter Wall Decor

I bought L’s, H’s, and Y’s to make E’s. My plan is to try cutting the H’s and Y’s and use the smaller pieces with the L’s and H’s to make E’s. Yes, I hope this works!

The Dremel bit worked like a champ. Once the letters were cut we tweaked the border to get the lines we cut as straight as we could.

While we were in the store I took the opportunity to use the wood to save an extra step. To make sure the boards are stable we added back brackets. Before we screw in the brackets we have already drilled the holes. Once we have all of our holes drilled we use a clamp to keep the boards tight as we screw each part into place.

For the frame we measured and cut each piece to fit. I left the corners square, but of course you can cut them, if you want.

Galvanized Metal Letters For Crafts

Whenever I buy wood there is usually a problem with how to bend the wood, no matter how I choose. So, this is definitely the challenge that we encountered. Since we didn’t have a planner (*which I highly recommend) we tried in every possible way to make the boards flat and snug. As an extra point to keep them in place, we took the remaining 1″ x 2″ pieces and cut them a little wider than the inside vertical of the board.

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Once the base of the sign was done I sanded it with fine sandpaper to remove any dirt and blemishes. Normally, I probably wouldn’t do this, but since the wetsuit didn’t do the trick this was the next best option.

OK, so here’s the frame of the clip gone black. The stain allows some of the wood grain to show through giving it a different look than the paint, which is exactly what I was going for.

Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

So, for whatever reason it didn’t close as expected. So I ended up mixing a bit of black paint with the stain which looked amazing.

Galvanized Metal Letter Wall Decor

After the stain dried we used wood glue and glue to attach the frame to the sign. This project is almost finished!

The final touch, letters. I want to stick them with something heavy, but it needs to be dry. I used clear Gorilla glue and it worked great.

Well, what do you think? Not too bad for temporary characters and getting permission! Now we just need to find a good place to hang this beauty.

I would love to hear about your next project. Send me a text or tell me who you want to see and I’ll try.

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Thin Black Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

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