Eo Words 5 Letters

Eo Words 5 Letters – Long e words are quite difficult to learn because there are many different ways to spell the long e sound and there are no rules or generalizations. With a long e spelling, students need to practice the words and be exposed to them until they master them. I’ll break down each of the eight ways to spell the long e sound to help you understand long e and teach it to your students.

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Eo Words 5 Letters

Eo Words 5 Letters

Most of these are vowels, so students should already know the open, silent e, and team syllable vowels. Students should also be able to find the base word because some of these rules apply to the base word even if it has a suffix.

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Makes a long e sound (says its name) and this is the most common way to spell the long e sound. Some examples include

), so it is not a rule that a long e at the end of a syllable is always written just

The e silent e spelling pattern is actually not that common. This is usually in the middle of the base word. Examples include

EE and EA sometimes spell a long e sound at the beginning, middle, or end of a base word. Neither of these are more common, so you’ll simply have to memorize them.

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One trick is to use guide words with each spelling as you introduce them. So you would introduce

. Then when your students ask what spelling to use for the long e word, you can say “/ee/ I like that

Y is usually spelled with a long e sound at the end of a word when it follows a consonant and the word has more than one syllable. This long e spelling is actually the most common. Examples include

Eo Words 5 Letters

. It also produces a long e when it comes before another vowel, as in the word

Letter Words Containing Eo (wordle Clue)

Often preceded and followed by consonants. It is usually in the middle of a word, but can also be at the end. Examples include

When you start learning long e, you really need to focus on repeated exposure, lots of practice, and homophones. Learn one spelling pattern at a time, and once you’ve mastered one, you can add more. It is much easier to learn to read them than to learn to spell them. Because they all sound the same and can appear in the same place, choosing the correct spelling pattern can be tricky.

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This will still require you to prompt them, but at least you’re not providing an answer without them thinking about it.

Decide on a guide word for each spelling pattern. This will be the word to alert your students to when they are unsure of how to spell a word with a long e.

Letter Words With O As 2nd Letter And E As 4th Letter, List Of 5 Letter Words With O As 2nd Letter And E As 4th Letter

Long e spelled y. When students ask what spelling to use, you say “long e as in child” or whichever word has the correct spelling.

Still, students should first break the word into syllables and try to eliminate some of the spelling options. For example, if they are trying to spell a word

Because they appear at the end of the base word. If they keep asking, you can prompt them with something like ‘it’s the end of a syllable, so what do you think might be there?’ Guide them to choose the correct spelling pattern.

Eo Words 5 Letters

Also, because there are multiple choices, expect students to get it wrong sometimes, and tell them so! It’s okay if they make mistakes as long as it’s another valid spelling option and not something that doesn’t follow any rules. With repeated exposure and practice, they will eventually learn the correct spelling pattern for the words.

Wordle Game Help: 5 Letter Words With ‘e’ And ‘o’

Lots of practice and repeated exposure is the name of the game with the long e sound. Do different activities and repeat the words as many times as you can.

Phoneme Grapheme Mapping – This is a great activity that really isolates phonograms for students to practice. You can get the Phonics & Spelling Through Grapheme Mapping book and follow the long e lesson, or use my long list of e words to do the same activity with the sound boxes. See below for an example.

Create short stories to help you anchor spelling patterns. – Group similar words and use them to create a short story to help students remember them. This is similar to

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, you could say ‘John was drinking tea on the beach while an eagle flew by’ or something like that. Draw a picture or make your own word picture poster with this spelling pattern and hang it in your room.

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SOS – If you don’t already know what Simultaneous Oral Spelling is, then check out this post here. I love this multi-sensory spelling method for practicing spelling. And you can do it whole class or one-on-one, so it’s really easy to use in any setting.

Dictation – This is another fantastic activity but I would do it after you have spent some time on the long e as it is harder for some students. When dictating words, also give students an idea of ​​the spelling, such as telling them it is a vowel or an open syllable. I often dictate words that all have the same spelling to avoid these problems.

Sorting – Sorting is always a good idea when you have multiple spelling options. You can play matching games like pexe, simply arrange them in piles/columns or make any game that requires sorting by spelling pattern. This builds phonemic awareness, so it’s always a good activity for all students.

Eo Words 5 Letters

The worksheet below is part of my Long E Word Work worksheets and activities along with a few other sorting activities.

Wordle Game Help: 5 Letter Words With ‘e’ And ‘r’

You can also sort by color coding vowel groups or spelling patterns in words. I took the list from the SOS activity, then had my student highlight each vowel team with a specific color to make the groups more visually represented.

In my set of Long E worksheets and activities, I include 3 different activities for sorting the long e sound.

Picture Flashcards – Create visual graphics of complex words, homophones, and homographs. These picture cues really help students remember which pattern to use. I suggest you make these using index cards and store them in a bag or box for reference. See the example below (it’s for a long sound, but you get the idea).

Games – Of course I always include games because it’s so easy to add a stack of flashcards to any game and make it educational! Use an easy-to-play board game where students have to pick up a card on their turn and add a task such as reading a word aloud and sorting it, or asking another player to spell it, or even something as simple as having them write in air. word after reading aloud. Or print out a teacher-created game from my Long E Activities set.

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Spelling Rules And 44 Phonemes, Mrs. Judy Araujo, M.ed., Cags

Constant Repetition – Remember to keep reviewing these spelling patterns after you learn them so you don’t forget them. Using audio or audio exercises are great ways to do this without taking up a lot of time.

Check out my long E Word worksheets and activities resource in my TPT store for ready to use long E Word activities, reference sheets and posters, and printable worksheets.

Delilah Orpi is the owner and founder of Thrive Literacy Corner. She has a BA in Special Education, a MA in TESOL and is a member of the International Dyslexia Association. She is an experienced educator and literacy specialist trained at Orton Gillingham and Lindamood Bell. Delilah creates literacy resources for educators and parents and writes to create awareness of dyslexia and effective literacy instruction based on the science of reading.

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