Et Words 3 Letters

Et Words 3 Letters – Learning how to read is difficult. There are many different aspects that kindergarten students need to learn. To help young readers along, you can introduce three-letter words for children such as CVC and vision start words.

When it comes to the common three letters your readers and writers will encounter in kindergarten, by far the most common are CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Check out some common CVC words with the vowels A, E, I, O, and U.

Et Words 3 Letters

Et Words 3 Letters

CVC words that use the vowel “a” will have a short “a” sound. The most common that early readers are introduced to is the word “cat.” But there are several other CVC words with the vowel “a.” These include:

Activities To Teach Students How To Read Cvc Words

To practice CVC words with the short “a” sound, have your students find the rhyming words in groups by trying to print this out. Not only will they practice reading words like “angry” and “bad,” but they will begin to notice rhyming patterns. For example, can they identify two rhyming words and one that sounds different in this series?

Early reading words with the vowel “e” make a nice short vowel sound “eh” as in “pen” or “man”. Some other three-letter words for kids with the vowel “e” include:

For more practice with three-letter words with the vowel “e”, students can write the word and color the picture. Just download the printable to get started.

When it comes to the vowel “i”, you can have a little fun with your three letter words. Not only will you be looking at words like “sin” and “bin,” but there are many other fun words for your readers.

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Activities are great motivators for early learners and help them understand words. Try this printable to have them read new three-letter words with the vowel “i” when they are placed in a picture. They are really working on their reading skills now!

The “o” vowel is a fun one. There are a lot of different CVC words that early readers might find in beginner books. Explore some three-letter words with “o” for kindergarteners to practice.

To practice reading the words, ask your kindergarten students to read the word and draw a picture in this printable. Not only will they really enjoy creating the picture, but they won’t realize that they are doing schoolwork!

Et Words 3 Letters

Knowing words with the vowel “u” ​​is good if you happen to “cut” your finger or if you are planning to go “running”. Learn some other fun CVC words with short “u” vowel sounds like:

English Words That End With A Silent E

Now your beginning readers have a few three letter words under their belt. So it is time to allow them to practice their reading through some fun and short fill in the blank sentences. The pictures will help them choose the right words through sentences like:

CVC words are very important when it comes to early reading. However, they are not the only words that first readers should know. There are several important keywords that you will want to introduce. You could put these on flashcards or just practice writing them on paper.

Learning word groups and sight words is great practice for early readers to get a foundation for reading. Introducing three-letter words is just one step. To really challenge them, you can try the CCVC word list next.

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