Forever And More Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Forever And More Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Thrill-seeker’s acronymic motto / WED 4-27-22 / One who likes to get in and out / County north of the Firth of Forth / May lead to impunity / Big seller in camping gear / Tuft & Needle competitor / Hairstyle that sounds edible

THEME: PINBALL — theme answers with pinball-related words, rounded squares with letters that spell pinball and (I guess) pinball theory research:

Forever And More Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Forever And More Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Word of the Day: BEBE Rexha (57A: Singer Rexha) – Bleta Rexha (Albanian pronunciation: [ˈblɛta ˈɾɛdʒa]; born August 30, 1989), known professionally as Bebe Rexha (/ ˈb iːb iˈrɛk s ə / BEE – beereK -sə), singer American singer and songwriter. After signing with Warner Records in 2013, Rexha received songwriting credits on Eminem’s single “The Monster” (which later received a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Performance) and also contributed lyrics to songs recorded by Shinee. , Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas. Rexha released her debut extended play in 2015, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, which saw moderate commercial success for the songs “I can’t Stop Drinking About You” and “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy.”. […] Rexha has also seen success with several collaborations including “Hey Mama” with David Guetta, Nicki MinajandAfrojack, “Me, Myself & Me” with G-Eazy, “In the Name of Love” with Martin Garrix, and “What It Means to Be” with Florida Georgia Line, which the latter had major success as a country crossover, peaking at number two on the BillboardHot 100 chart in the United States. Rexha’s debut studio album, Expected (2018), reached number 13 on the Billboard200chart in the United States and saw the success of the lead single, “I’m a Mess”, and brought Rexha two nominations for Best New Artist and Best Country Duo/Group Performance at 61st. Grammy Awards. Rexha released her second studio album, Better Mistakes, in 2021. (wikipedia)

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Monodon Monoceros More Familiarly / Sat 7 23 22 / First Person To Fly Solo Around The World 1933 / Gesture Signifying Perfection / Animal Whose Name Literally Means Nose

Does the newspaper have “Notes?” My screenshot showed a message when I opened it, telling me that the circled characters would reveal the clue, but why? That’s some nonsense editing. It’s obvious, when you’re done, that these letters spell “PINBALL,” and once you see that, you can understand what the answers to the topic are. Shoving explanations in my face is the worst kind of squatting. Let People Think The Sh*t Out. It’s part of how people get good at words, part of how they learn to decipher patterns, find mistakes, etc. Avoid spoon-feeding, especially if (as is the case today) it is not possible at all. Condescending. The problem with the puzzle, however, is not the text – the text is a choice of text. But, the problem with the puzzle is that the idea makes very little sense. Rounded squares do not work at all. They don’t read like a pinball, they read like a rectangle. If you had two FLIPPERS, maybe, and you had them on the diagonal, you might be going somewhere. A piece of Sunday can be a good place to make a sensible pinball machine. Here, it doesn’t even look like “PINBALL” is planned. It seems like an afterthought. You can find a completely different, equally understandable “PINBALL” letter method in this grid if you really want. Try on! You will see. I don’t know what a “COMBO” is (pinball), but that’s my problem. Weak implementation of the theme? That’s the problem with the puzzle.

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I’ve been let down a few times by tricky signs, and by my editing skills. We couldn’t make any sense of 1A: One favorite entry and exit (RAMP) until I had all the crosses. The freeway on/off ramp clue is, literally, very misleading. I also loved the individual LACING cross (5D: Pretty trim). I had LA-ING and didn’t know it. Furthermore, it could not implement the concept of 23A: It could lead to “no touch” control (INSTANT REPLAY) because there was no condition. I guess “holding” was a condition, or maybe “control,” but I was INSTANT and still lost. I thought maybe “no catch” had something to do with… fishing? But again, laboring on the cross bore fruit. Things were settled after that, although our two-car garage growing up had no BAYS, except that it is simply the word “an empty space where a car will fit.” There was no border, no boundaries, nothing separating one car park from another car park. The only logical answer to this clue was CARS, but it failed to be the answer, for obvious reasons (56A: Two in a two-car garage). Again, with BAYS, like the answers mentioned earlier in this paragraph, I had all but one of the letters and still didn’t know. And again, the crosses put me off. Nothing else in the puzzle showed much difficulty.

Cringed at BURGER FLIPPER , which has such a cynical, classist ring to it, especially as described (44A: One with the quintessential McJob). Not here for the mostly white upper-middle-class “cultural” NYTXW audience looking down on “McJobs” (they never, ever liked that word in my puzzle, in any form). No one uses the term BURGER FLIPPER who is not trying to denigrate the position of a fast food worker. Tone matters, and the tone here is repulsive. The lowest fill point was ASAMI x/w SUER. The first one is always bad (as is its friend ASDOI, and its counterparts, SODOI and SOAMI, ugh, the most likely to jump into the sea). SUER … he just looks dumb. Fortunately, there was not much poverty in the rest of the grid. Besides CXX, whose idea is that? (55D: Roman numeral equal to 12% of M). That’s the kind of crap you pull when you *need* those “X”s for some theme gimmick. But here… there is no reason. If your “X” sequence program includes an RRN (random Roman numeral), delete that program. Please. Just fill the grid properly. Pardon me for the Roman math. Thanks.Hit TV show created by Donald Glover / SUN 9-5-21 / Supporter of better treatment of elves in Harry Potter / Brand decorates its name with lowercase second letters / Gangsta Lovin rapper 2002 / Set of rules liked by Madii Meet Your Mother / Plant the family that jasmine and lilac section of / Encrypted URL section

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Theme: “Go Smoking” — theme answers ARISE FROM / FROM THE ASHES (50A: With 97-Across, come out born again … that is, at one point, they only go north (i.e. they “rise” “up”), while the answer for Across itself continuing with the letters “ASH” (leaving you with a completely disconnected answer, huzzah):

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Aphid That Produces Honeydew / Sun 4 24 22 / Brother In The Lemony Snicket Books / Jokey Remark After Missing A Modern Reference / Male Voter

Word of the Day: ARSÈNE Lupin (54D: Detective Lupin) – Arsène Lupin (French pronunciation: [aʁsɛn lypɛ̃]) is a male criminal thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French author Maurice Leblanc. He was first called Arsène Lopin, until a politician with the same name objected. The character was first introduced in a series of short stories serialized in the magazine Je sais tout. The first story, “The Arrest of Arsène Lupin”, was published on 15 July 1905. Lupine appeared in 16 novels and 39novellasby Leblanc, with novels or short stories collected into a collection of 24 books. The number is twenty-five. or the 1923 novelThe Secret Tombis read: Lupine does not appear in it, but the main character Dorothée solves one of the four mysteries of Arsène Lupin. The character has also appeared in several books from other authors as well as numerous film, television, comic, and comic book cartoons. Five authoritative letters were written in the 1970s by the famous Boileau-Narcejac mystery writing group. (wikipedia)

It’s really disappointing. Conceptually weak, and confused in execution. How in the world can you make your first “ride in the smoke” a little be an ARSON (!?) and then…then somehow it’s just *unsightly*!?! ARSON , which involves heat, which involves smoke… is not related to the theme. Not at all. When I realized that, this puzzle was over for me. Also, *in the same thread reply* your unedited reply (the one with ASH) is somehow *also* a “TV-night” host, just like JOHNNY C(ARSON) !?!?!?! OK, maybe JOHNNY CASH’s show didn’t air “in the middle of the night,” but he certainly hosted a late-night show for two seasons. It’s just… all confusing and dumb. Again, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when the “Up in Smoke” episode of UNLE(ADED) spelled *no*! After the first answer gave me an ARSON rising, I thought “interesting.” Then the next answer gave me … ADED ???? It’s not even a word. It’s just gibberish. Gibberish up, gibberish down, gibberish. So much gibberish that the editing went slow. Once you have the information you need. Also, all the unmarked ASH-limited Acrosses… just sitting there… the mess. The title “Go Fuming” – I expect the “rising” part has to do with “smoke.” Departure from ASHs is not enough. It is not difficult. You know everything

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