Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters – 15″ backlit LED sign letters will get your business noticed day and night, 24 hours a day every day. Plastic sign letters are made with transparent material customized for LED lighting. Gemlite letterforms are in stock, ready to produce your LED channel sign in just a few days. The LED lights are bright, reliable and durable over time. You’ll also benefit from lower operating costs since LEDs are energy efficient. We offer several LED bulbs in different colors, interior colors and fonts to choose from. We also make custom letters and signs with your logo and custom letter styles.

Led Gemlite UL Certified sign letters are manufactured in two-piece construction, face and cans. Both components are formed with UV stable CAB plastic, which is UL approved for illuminated letters. A typical back is made in white to better reflect the LEDs. LED lights are attached to the back with a special grip. Average letter depth is 2″ to 2-1/2″ deep with a minimum stroke of about 1-1/4″. Acrylic contains 40-45% recycled materials. 100% of internally generated scrap is recycled.

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

Looking for something a little different? We can customize lettering and logos to suit your specific specifications. Sorry, we only support English letters, numbers and punctuation / & – , . : ; .

Building Product: Formed Plastic Letters [101d342]

Acrylic letters and numbers production times 4-7 business days Aluminum letters and numbers 7-9 business days Brass letters and numbers 8-10 business days Bronze letters and numbers 9-10 business days

Channel letters and numbers were created with colored LEDs. Plastic lettering comes in a variety of interior colors. Low cost and energy saving, L.E.D’s can light up any business. GemLite shaped channel letters have a lower profile for better illumination, the rounded faces provide a nice embossed look. We recommend that the cans be opaque white for best lighting. Formatted channel letters are available in uppercase only. Sign letters will be shipped within 8-10 business days, 9-12 business days with LEDs. Custom fonts are available for approximately 25% – 35% more than regular font pricing.

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Authorized Supplier of Gemini Letters Since 2001 Gemini Channel Letters are created with a lifetime warranty and made in the USA.

Can be made in a variety of colors. They are well lit and come with a round face. This

Illuminated Sign Letters

At Buy Sign Letters, we let our customers choose any size they want for the channel letters created

We also offer a wide variety of color options for your custom letters and numbers. you can collect

Comes with an installation template. You just need to follow the patterns, drill holes in the wall and install

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

Want a different installation method? Contact us and discuss all the options we offer.

Sign Media Canada

They will not wear out and their color will not fade. Our letters and numbers come with a lifetime warranty.

Hence, you can rest assured that you are buying nothing but the best quality at the best prices.

Our customers trust us with the quality of letter and number signs we offer. We only use the best

Quality materials for creating letters and numbers for our signs. Our sign letters and numbers do not fade and you don’t have to worry about anything when you buy the channel letters and numbers created from Buy Sign Letters.

Gemini Inc. Bim

At Buy Sign Letters, we offer the highest quality channel letters and numbers at the best rates.

Numbers. We source our materials from the best in the industry and our design team works hard

Hence, if you want to buy high quality designed channel letters and numbers at cheapest rates,

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

You have a specific font, style or logo in mind that you want to create, contact our design team.

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Formed Plastic Letters & Injection Molded Signs In Massachusetts

Free patterns for professional installations. Computerized installation patterns for all assembly methods. Adhere the installation template to the mounting surface, all stud mounting hole locations are marked. After that, mounting places are drilled and filled with glue. Install studs on the back of the letters and install.

Free spacing guides. This is an easy installation method for smaller outdoor letters and indoor signs, providing a visual guide to installing copy. Spacing guides are computer generated that accurately display character spacing on 2 inch long pieces of paper. Simply align a level spacer on the mounting surface to help align the copy.

A stud bracket with spacers will give your letter post either 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, or 3/4 inch from the wall. The spacers are sleeves that surround the cut and do not allow the signal to go deeper into the wall. This is a uniform and easy to use method of removing your letters from the wall. Use a stud bracket with nuts for corrugated mounting surfaces. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered.

Inline post mounting is a great method if you plan to build a back rail mounting system. This will place all the studs in even rows so you can mount them on rails or bars.

Downloads For Gemini Inc., Bim Files (ref: Q:interior Signage, 0)

Installation Method: Stud for Brick Stud for brick is a great option to choose for brick applications. Studs are placed behind the letters to line up with the mortar joints of the brick wall. Installation patterns are available and highly recommended for this installation method. This method is only available for standard bricks with mortar joints 2 5/8 inches on center. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered.

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Available for: Plastic letters Acrylic letters Aluminum letters Brass letters Bronze letters Cast letters Copper letters Minnesota letters Stainless steel letters

Great installation method easy to apply. One of the most common ways to install letters. Simply line up letters on the spacer tape, apply 100% pure silicone to the letters and apply to the wall.

Gemini Formed Plastic Letters

Great for corrugated structures or walls. This installation method combines studs and pads to leave the signal on uneven surfaces. Installation patterns are available and highly recommended for this installation method. All you have to do is apply the pattern to cardboard and straighten it on the wall. Then drill where the approaches are marked, adjust the pads and studs to fit the wall appropriately, fill holes with 100% pure silicone and place the letters. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered

Univers 67 Plastic Sign Letters

Installation Method: Stud Bracket with Nuts A stud bracket with nuts can be used in many ways. If you can access the wall behind the letters you can use the nuts behind the wall to secure the letters. Also, if you have wavy baldness you can use nuts on the studs to stand the letters off the wall at the low points. Use a bracket with spacers for flat, non-corrugated walls. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered available for:

Installation method: letter track for easy installation change. Simply drill elongated holes approx. 8 inches apart and use stainless steel screws or rivets to attach the track to the sign. Do not over tighten the screws leave about 1/4 to 1/2 turn loose so the remote has room to expand and contract with temperature changes. Available for: alternating letters

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