Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos – Graffiti has been around as long as there have been people. It is a form of public art that is often done without permission on walls, billboards, trains and other public places. It can consist of words and stylish letters or it can be a whole mural. Since this art form must be completed quickly, the goal is to make the greatest impact as quickly as possible.

Over the years, graffiti was demonized as some took offense to the practice. However, most people in the cities appreciate the art form as art for everyone. Many like to see color added to gray areas. When it comes to tattoos, people often take some of the shapes and patterns found in graffiti as expressions of themselves. These designs show a love for art or are made to look like the literature you find around most cities. These tattoos look splashed on and offer big and bold design choices. If you’re a fan of watercolor tattoos, you must check out these 25 graffiti tattoos that burst with life.

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

Here’s a spray can tattoo from Barcelona Spain. If you think graffiti is big in America, you should check out more urban centers in Europe. It is everywhere. We love this inspired design.

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Here’s another gem from Europe, this truck tattoo from Poland. A graffiti covered car and other things make interesting tattoo designs that add a lot of interest.

We love this colorful name tattoo even though we can’t read it properly. It’s always fun when you discover a little mystery. The artist who shared this image wrote, “Pink and purple for his daughter.” We think the tattoo says “Trelin.” We may be wrong!

This is an amazing tattoo with lettering. This tattoo says “Hamburg” and at the end of each line you can see how it blurs like a sprinkle. Wow!

This could be considered a watercolor tattoo, but we think the intentional spray lines and splatters make it more of a graffiti contrast. Look at all that color! We love this Monkey King.

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Here is another entry from Barcelona. Above the word “Blessed” we find emoji-like praying hands. This very interesting design is right to the point that we like it.

Wow! This amazing tattoo looks like a medium that has been tagged many times and is completely full of color. No doubt a great result by a skilled artist.

Here’s a little poetic gesture from Russia, of all places. It’s inspiring and we’re blown away and really love the weather details on the sign itself.

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

Here we get a Paris metro train and spray paint type scene. Everything looks great and the little details here, like the splash of paint, really bring it to the finish line.

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As good a message as any we find is “Love Life” from England. A woman’s face is transformed into a bright color by pure street art. Bravo!

Amazing! This color block appears to be “covered in color”. Rich oranges, peaches, and purples warm up this design and serve as the perfect backdrop for the minimally expressive number thirteen.

Here’s an electrical diagram bursting with perspective. There is a hint of protest here, and a final declaration of perseverance with the phrase “indelible [sic] moments.” This color shows invincibility.

This is one of our favorite tattoos on the list. He stretches out two legs and says, “Homesick.” Look at the brake force.

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Here’s a neon, deformed Barbie doll that’s weird enough for us to include on this list. We don’t know why and we don’t care. This looks like a blast.

A cityscape with a bomber box in the foreground is filled with “P23”. Unfortunately, we can’t tell what that is on the reference, but does it matter? Light colors give this a good look.

Believe it or not, this tattoo was done using a point technique without a tattoo gun. Take a close look at all the points that make up the design to give it a splash of visuals. We admire this artist.

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

We find a little doll with pins in its heart more beautiful than anything else. We love the dripping blocks of color and the lines of movement that bring excitement and interest.

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Here’s a tattoo a parent got for their daughter in honor of Emma. You’ll see his name front and center against a background of colored dots. Below you will find Emma’s birth time and weight. Above is the birthday of a girl.

Here, we’ve found tattooing in New York, and specifically in the borough of Queens, one of the biggest graffiti meccas in the United States. No bells and whistles here, just solid tattoos.

Here’s another piece made to look like the street art you find in NYC. We could all use a little truth. We love filling these letters, which include all kinds of colors and shapes.

Here, we get Buzz Lightyear tagged with a short circuit or something. Graffiti comments on the space suit include the messages “Toys will be toys” and “Don’t copy my style”. all right!

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Here, we find a cartoon character who is supposed to be Lenny because he has “identified” his leg with a red “Lenny”. This is very strange but totally original.

“Blood makes you kin Loyalty makes you family” is the message of this beautiful lettering tattoo. We absolutely love the message here and the boldness it brings to the overall tattoo.

The last two we share with you concern themselves with the act of creating street art rather than actual poetry. Here, we find a very playful bear blowing from a spray can. It is full of color and energy. What a blast!

Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

And last, but certainly not least, we meet this anthropomorphic color with one eye. It’s made by the same artist as the last one and we love them both. These are very imaginative and still convey a love of art.

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There you go! 25 Self-Expression Graffiti Tattoos That Bring The Beauty Of Public Spaces To The Skin. We hope you feel inspired by these designs and work with an artist to create your own!

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Graffiti Letters For Tattoos

Each Tattoo Pro Stencil Sheet includes positive and negative designs for use in creating color tattoos or black and gray tattoos. Tattoo Pro Stencil Kits also include an 8.5″ x 11″ pre-printed design demonstration poster.

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