What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks – Are you looking for a word game that is both challenging and relaxing? Follow these easy instructions to learn how to play Word Stacks. Swipe left, right, up and down to find words, clear stacks and earn fun bonuses. If you enjoy playing other games from PeopleFun like Wordscapes and Word Chums, you will also feel right at home with Word Stacks.

There is no penalty for guessing wrong words. Bonus words that are not part of the puzzle, fill in the bonus bar in the lower left corner of the screen. Each letter is worth one point. When the bar is full, you earn coins that you can spend on the tips outlined below.

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

Like many other word games, Word Stacks offers helpful hints when you get stuck. Hints in this game are similar to Wordscapes. You can solve any puzzle without hints, but these power-ups are part of learning to play Word Stacks. The three tips are at the bottom right of the game screen.

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To use any of the tips described above, you must use the tokens. You will find your current coin balance in the upper right corner of the game screen. To earn free coins, you can:

Access these last three options by tapping on your coin balance. Then tap the “back” button near the top left corner. This will reveal a popup with three options to “get free coins”.

You also save money in your “piggy bank” as you find words in each level. You can then unlock these coins by purchasing the piggy bank as an in-app purchase. As before, tap on your coin balance to open the “shop” where you can choose to buy the piggy bank.

The shop also includes a number of packages starting at one dollar. You can only buy bundles of coins on your own. Or you can choose packages that contain both coins and hints.

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About half of the package list in the store you will see the option to remove ads from the game. While both Scrabble GO and Words With Friends require a monthly subscription for ad-free play, you can remove ads in Word Stacks for a one-time fee of $7.99.

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You earn chapter rewards and theme bonuses as you complete each level. The game rewards you with some coins when the episode reward counter is full. You unlock a new theme when the theme bonus counter is full.

Switch between themes by tapping the panda icon in the lower left corner or the rainbow paint roller in the lower right corner. When you do, you’ll also see future themes and what level you need to complete to unlock them.

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

Return to the main screen of the game to check your progress in the game. Next to the settings icon in the top left is a button with three dots. Tap to see which level and chapter you have completed so far. Word Stacks contains hundreds of chapters and thousands of levels. Word Stacks “master levels” start at level 5001.

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Now that you know how to play Word Stacks, perhaps you’d like to broaden your wordplay horizons with another title. Improve your anagram solving skills with some Wordscapes help and tips. Wordscapes challenges you to decode letters and find words in a puzzle format.

He is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he’s no stranger to wordplay and dad jokes. Wordscapes is one of the most popular word games around, and for good reason. Swiping around and forming words while enjoying these breathtaking views is relaxing, yet challenging. You’ll want to join the weekly Wordscapes tournaments to add a fun, competitive element and unlock some free rewards. Are you ready to win?

Words With Friends adds an extra layer with Words With Friends Live, while Wordscapes tournaments are much simpler in both approach and presentation. If you are wondering about Wordscapes tournament rules and how tournaments work. Keep playing the game as usual.

Team Tournaments in Wordscapes work essentially the same as individual Star Tournaments, but your team competes against other teams cumulatively as a whole.

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Rewards can vary from week to week. For example, the winner who takes first place in a Star Tournament can receive 50 silver crowns and 1,000 gold. Even if you come in 33rd place (out of 100), you can still earn silver crowns even if you don’t get gold.

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Only gold coins are awarded in Team Tournaments. The team that takes the first place can get 50,000 gold. For a team of up to 50 members, this means that each player will receive 1,000 gold.

Need help? Check out our Wordscapes tips and strategies to find every possible word (and earn every star) in each level!

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

Now that you’re excited to compete, you’re probably wondering when you can play Wordscapes tournaments. You can generally expect tournaments to arrive every weekend, though there are some minor differences.

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Just like you don’t have to play to the end, you don’t need to start playing right away when the tournament starts. Awards are based on:

In addition to the main tournaments held over the weekend, there is also a shorter Wordscapes midweek tournament every Wednesday. This consists only of the individual Star Tournament; There is no Team Tournament on Wednesday. Just like a regular Star Tournament, access the Wednesday tournament from the game’s home screen.

The Wordscapes midweek tournament starts on Wednesday morning and runs until approximately 10 PM. PT (1:00 PM ET). Note that the exact start and end times may vary. As with the main tournaments, you can earn silver crowns and gold coins by participating.

To be successful in Wordscapes tournaments you need to be good at playing Wordscapes in general. If you get stuck at any level in any pack, take a look at ‘s dedicated Wordscapes Cheats and Answers site for the complete solution. And for more options, check out our list of new multiplayer word games for iOS and Android. Start Game!

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He is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he’s no stranger to wordplay and dad jokes. Word Stacks is a powerful word game that will keep you going for hours. Brought to you by People Fun. This developer is responsible for other games such as Wordscapes and Wordscapes in Bloom.

When you start the Word Stacks, you will be able to start from the first level and the first chapter. You will find that it has a theme and all the words in each level are based on that theme. When you enter the game, you will see black circles at the top of the screen. These are grouped by the number of letters in each word. There are letters at the bottom of the screen.

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In other word games, the letters are typically grouped in a circle and you have to combine them to form a word. They stack up against each other in this word game. This is why the game is called Word Stacks. You need to distinguish words from stacks. You can find your word vertically or horizontally and it can be forward or backward. When you put the right letters together to form a word, they quickly rise above the circles and you get a compliment. Filling in all the right words will help you move to the next level with ease.

What Do Gold Letters Mean In Word Stacks

Other puns tend to have a standard view of them. There are some games where the look and feel changes as you move from level to level. With this game, you have a chance to change the look yourself. There are lots of themes to choose from. These will provide an interactive background that can change your mood every time you play. There are themes available in the game for free and other themes that you can pay with coins. As you continue to play, you can earn money with bonuses. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase coins from the in-game store.

Register Your Word

Another thing to look forward to: The more you play, the more themes and backgrounds you can unlock. This is something to always look forward to while playing.

Word games can get tricky, especially when there are gaps staring at you and you can’t decipher words. That’s where your little bonuses come into play, and Word Stacks has three different types to choose from here.

You need coins to activate all these bonuses and power-ups. And plenty of them too. There are different ways to earn coins. These include finishing an episode and choosing a reward.

There is also a daily reward where you can get coins. The more words you find in Word

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