Hedwig Letters Animal Restaurant

Hedwig Letters Animal Restaurant – To receive the letters in the game, you will have to open the garden area and buy the first mailbox (garden facility). You will also need to have Messenger Hedwig as part of your staff. You can check the mail you have received by clicking on the mailbox.

Messenger Hedwig goes on adventures in random time periods. Upgrading Messenger Hedwig will decrease Messenger Hedwig’s return time (along with increasing star rating). When Messenger Hedwig returns, she will bring back a code or items.

Hedwig Letters Animal Restaurant

Hedwig Letters Animal Restaurant

Messenger returns Hedwig’s suitcase by adding flowers to it before players return the letters. There are three slots for flowers that can be added.

What Is This Letter Called? It Has No Title/name.

For Hedwig’s mail, the following items can be placed in letter slots. Ingredient (flower/garden tool), grade of flower, type of mailbox can affect the letters received.

This is a list of those who have been lucky enough to receive correspondence with users. Prerequisites are things said in the game or letters you get before the combo works for you.

The type of mailbox displayed does not affect the ability to receive letters. Read the Restaurant Support Group’s response for more information.

If you received a letter before the prerequisite was met, or noticed something else, we’d love to hear it in the comments/sheets section below!

Freaking Finally Little Fox Letter 2 After 300 Years

This table is used to keep track of what Hedwig flower combinations have placed in her portfolio and what appears again. The location of the briefcase and the level of floral material are unknown. It’s worth noting that not all combos will work for everyone, and sometimes trying the same combo twice will result in different letters.

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Anyone is welcome to use this spreadsheet to track test results! (Write and edit an account). Please do not completely delete someone’s comment. It is acceptable to merge/add your name to the Reported area to shorten this table.

The following is the flower level attachment format: Flower (Level #) If the portfolio slot is empty, please enter “Blank”. Results may be added later, please write “TBD”.

Hedwig Letters Animal Restaurant

‘Letter Covered in Doodles’ Phantom Order (Kitty4777 this is the second time I’ve used this combo and got it twice)

That’s Not Hedwig: Snowy Owl Like Harry Potter’s Postal Pal On The Mend At Collin County Raptor Center

Letter from Department of Education (try 3x after getting permission to raise price – mushroom pasta)

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