Ig Words 3 Letters

Ig Words 3 Letters – Shortly after learning the alphabet in Pinyin, the “Pinyin Spelling” stage for lower grade students comes. It starts with a two-letter word (At, Ot, En), then spells out a three-letter CVC word (consonant, vowel, consonant), such as bat, cat, mouse, pen, etc.

Traditionally, this process involved collecting and filtering suitable words and printing those words to create flashcards. These flashcards are then presented to a group of students in the class as a joining demonstration.

Ig Words 3 Letters

Ig Words 3 Letters

Since these cards are supposed to be presented repeatedly for reinforcement, the cumbersome handling of printed cards makes it a tiresome, classroom-only activity.

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In this “CVC Three Letter Words” app, we searched and filtered the most suitable words and compiled them into the ONE interactive learning app.

The app is primarily intended for teaching aids and can be used effectively in the classroom. It is equally beneficial for parents to reinforce this concept at home.

Not only does it save printing and automate all repetitive tasks, it also provides progress monitoring, making it more efficient than printed paper.

The app is very easy to use. It starts with one of the 14 categories provided (a collection of AT, OT, ED words, etc.) and shows a basic animation showing how A&T combine to form “At”. Below you can find possible letter combinations for dragging and matching to form CVC words.

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Once words are formed and spoken, corresponding images are displayed for better understanding and to aid teaching.

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Progress in learning individual words can be easily seen as each word completion is given a star. Give up to 5 stars, then the word is grayed out, making it temporarily disabled. This feature is provided to force out more words. However, stars can be reset to re-enable grayed-out words.

Continued practice of all words in each category gives parents/teachers confidence in introducing maximum word formation.

Ig Words 3 Letters

A clean and animated interface, beautiful relevant images, studio-quality voiceovers and a small selection of words make it the perfect choice for an ideal learning app.

Ig Word Family Activity

It’s a must-have educational app, available as a free download as a demo. There are 14 categories with all the basic words to practice for kids. Practicing with an ad-free and complete app is highly recommended to ensure a better understanding of word formation.

In addition to teaching basic spell-making skills, this app improves vocabulary and facilitates phonics learning. The app is great for practicing in the classroom, and it’s just as beneficial to practice at home.

The app takes very little disk space, so it can remain on the device as needed.

Our Holiday Educators have a team of trained and certified teachers who proofread the content of the app to ensure the best quality.

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