Letters On A Cross Crossword Clue

Letters On A Cross Crossword Clue – Brain-enhancing device used by Professor X / THU 3-18-21 / Dance featuring jerky arm movements / Daisy Mae person in old comics / Salk and Pepper in brief

THEME: ADO / ABOUT / NOTHING (33A: With 39- and 44-Across, the dramatic work depicted in this puzzle box) – a round box (containing a word synonymous with “ADO”) surrounds an empty box (i.e. “NOTHING”) . So there is a lot of ADO ABOUT (in the sense of “around”) WITHOUT:

Letters On A Cross Crossword Clue

Letters On A Cross Crossword Clue

Word of the Day: ORGO(64A: Very popular chemistry class) — It seems to be a regional thing. On the west coast (US) and Texas I’ve only ever heard it as Ochem, but I’ve had students from the east come back and ask me why we don’t call it orgo. I could say “because it sounds funny” but no. 😉 I would guess that it is not [abbreviated] for orga because there are too many other possibilities. (Barbara Murray, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1984), answered a question about “ORGO” on Quora)

Ny Times Crossword 14 Apr 22, Thursday

I don’t have much to say about this one beyond the fact that I think it’s probably the best themed puzzle of the year so far. I don’t keep track of that stuff—no Top Tens or Best Ofs or “Rex’s Favorites” or anything—but it unfolds perfectly for me, with a “huh, interesting” when I recognize the gimmick, then the original. “wow” when I opened it (answers that take up a lot of real estate, and contribute greatly to the puzzle which is skewing easily). Conceptually it’s just… perfect? I just think, and often think (seriously, I think about this often), that there are a lot of Damn Words for ADO, all I know is because it appears as a clue for ADO, a very common crossword answer. So, in addition to being a good idea, this theme also looks like an ADO word, for the ADO vocabulary, which all constant solvers know. It’s like “hey, you know what word you see all the time in the puzzle … let’s do something fun with it,” then all the familiar Hall-of-Fame ADO old clues (Stir! Uproar! etc.) ask to do a lap a little victory in the golf cart, like an old-timer being honored before a baseball game or something. We get a lot of short content, which usually makes for interesting puzzles, but here, because so much of the short content takes place in and around the theme, I’m quite confused by the theme, which is to navigate empty boxes. , see if the word ADO appears in the round box, I do not care much that UPS and SIB and OFA are not very scintillating in themselves. Also, where the squares are rounded, it is not easy to navigate that many squares remain clean when they are not all in the same plane. That is, it is not hard to build a corner around FRACAS if it is just a simple, ordinary answer; but when you run the letters through four Acrosses and three Downs, getting the filling environment to come out acceptably, let alone entertainingly, gets much harder. And have to handle not only the round box, but open the pile in the middle… this box is just painted with theme material. And yet it is smooth as hell. So this is just well done, stem to stern. NICE ONE, really.

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This puzzle made me realize that the key to a good finish is not just a good theme, but a good theme that opens in the right way. Obviously there is no way the constructor can control the path you take through the grid, but if you take a fairly standard water path (ie start in the NW and just… go down and out of the section, as gravity. pulls your answer takes you), you go from FRACAS around an empty box (laughing! mysterious!) straight to open (huge aha!). Now, maybe it’s more fun if someone opens you up late, so that the mystery of the empty box comes together in one climax, but I have to say that I really enjoyed getting the early whomp and then riding the thrill it gave me. all the way to the finish line. There are some interesting non-theme moments along the way. For a moment stuck thinking about lard or Crisco in 37A: Shortening, for short (ABBR.) – it’s good for unremarkable content to get a little clue like that. My big mistake today was actually a small one: I thought [Cousin from the club] was BAT. Makes sense. But there is no AALEN key (42A: Key type ); so I changed BAT to BLT , and tada. Semi evil that only one letter separates two perfect answers is enough. I am very grateful AALEN looks as crazy as, or I would not have noticed my mistake.

I always find “I WIN” v. “I WON” tiresome dilemma (esp. as I rarely hear people “cry” well) (45D: Exultant cry), and I first blanked on the brain-adding device of Professor X (CEREBRO) , but “O” seems the terminal vowel more likely of “I,” and the cross finally proved me right. The only thing about the puzzle that I don’t care about is that it’s also the most original answer, which means I almost like it. almost. The answer is ORGO. I just wouldn’t join ORGO in that position. I think it’s an OK term to use, but only in a pinch, when you can’t get more regular (and widely clueable) things to work. Even leaving ÊTRE and SIB in place, you have a variety of options to fill in the southernmost part, none of which include semi-regional college slang (the only slang I ever led for Organic Chemistry when I was in college was O-CHEM, which I will also accept it as a cross-fill…but also only in a pinch). Just changing SON to SEW gives a good answer all around, but there are many, many other options for redoing parts as well. But, like I said, ORGO is weird in an almost magical way, and it’s not hard to get, so maybe it’s okay.

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Done with 60D: Salk and pepper, in short (DRS), which always makes me smile every time I think about it. Salt and pepper combined with the odd doctor is just…mwah! Good stuff. I hope you enjoy yourself at least half as much as I do. See you tomorrow. Ready for a challenge? This prime example of woplay and crosswo lingo will give your brain a workout.

Ny Times Crossword 28 Apr 22, Thursday

The answer to this tricky crosswo puzzle clue inspired a new principle for avid solvers, called the “Natick Principle,” to be christened in honor of the answer, the small suburb of Beantown. Rex Parker, of crosswo blog fame, says that clues like this, which have the appropriate word as an answer unknown to at least a quarter of the public who can solve it, should be passed with “common wos and phrases. or very common names.” That way, at least you have a chance to find out clues that you never knew before because cross-references are possible.

Master crosswo constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley explains how the answer can make the mind more “elastic”. There are easier crossword clues for this answer, such as “meat for breakfast”, but “strips in a club” takes your mind to a completely different place. You probably don’t think of clubs

Many crosswo puzzles feature this answer and are clued in different ways, from difficult to easy. It’s wo with lots of vowels and “S,” so it gives good content to the crosswo box. Sometimes it will be hinted with “Tony on

Letters On A Cross Crossword Clue

.” The clue gives you another stylistic clue to let you know you’re looking for a name, because it uses Tony’s first name in the clue.

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Crossword Puzzle From Newspaper With A Pen To Fill In Answers Stock Photo

Crosswo puzzle gets haer as the week goes, culminating with the toughest puzzle in Satuay. Monday’s and Satuay’s puzzles may contain the same answer, but Satuay’s clues will be more challenging. Editors Will Shortz and Joel Fagliano usually don’t use bleak or overly dark clues. The clue points to a less obvious meaning, a collective word for crows—nothing to do with premeditated murder. If you know, you may be ready for this difficult detective puzzle.

When you see a crossword puzzle clue with a question mark, you can plan on having fun finding the answer. Michael Sharp, a crosswo expert behind the alias Rex Parker, notes the language used in the crosswo subculture, like “woplay” (puns) and “crosswoese” (wos often in puzzles, but not in real life). Column “Italics?” the clue is definitely woplay. It has nothing to do with the Leaning Tower of

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