Movie Titles With 5 Letters

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“Champions” is a movie about a hotshot lawyer who has to do community service as a coach after being arrested for drunk driving. If you think this plot sounds suspiciously like “The Mighty Ducks,” you’re right.

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

And it’s not just a low-budget Hallmark Channel remake — it’s actually the Australian title of the same movie.

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Movie titles can vary from country to country for many reasons, such as specific cultural references that go over people’s heads or marketing strategies to attract the attention of a wider audience.

This 2004 romantic comedy was released in the US as “13 Going on 30”, but the title was changed to “Suddenly 30” in Australia.

The expression that the original title uses is heard more in American culture than Australians, and according to IMDb, it was changed to “Suddenly 30” because the distributors thought audiences would misunderstand the original title.

Distributors in both Australia and New Zealand have retitled this classic comedy “Airplane!” changed from to “Flying High” because they thought it would be too similar to another American movie released around the same time.

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“The Concorde… Airport ’79” was a movie unrelated to “Airplanes”. However, due to US film release delays at the time, it was released in Australia in 1980 and renamed “Airport ’80”. “Airplane” and “Airport ’80” released at the same time would cause a lot of confusion for moviegoers, so the distributors changed the title.

“Fever Pitch” is actually an American adaptation of a 1997 British film of the same name starring Colin Firth. The British movie was about soccer, and the American version adapted it to baseball.

UK distributors changed the movie’s title to “The Perfect Catch” to distinguish it from the original 1997 movie. Australia and New Zealand used the UK title.

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

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“Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004) is “Harold + Kumar Get the Munchies” outside the US.

The reason behind this movie’s title change is quite simple: White Castle is an American franchise and foreign distributors thought that international audiences would not understand it. They used “Get the Munchies” instead of “Go to White Castle”.

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The substitution of “Harry” for “Bigfoot” by UK distributors was a marketing ploy to let audiences know the movie was about Bigfoot.

Subsequent TV shows and DVD releases in the UK used the original US title. This is probably because the name “Harry” was already known by the audience and “Bigfoot” was no longer needed.

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The difference in titles for this movie is a carryover from JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book. The change to using “wizard” instead of “philosopher” was made to make it seem more magical and less academic to American children.

Although some people in America don’t know what a “Hoosier” is, they probably have a vague idea that it is related to the US state of Indiana and basketball.

The UK and Australian distributors changed the title to “Best Shot” because no one outside the US would understand the reference (unless they followed college basketball).

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

Again, the title change in various English-speaking markets is due to an American reference that many people outside the US may not understand. The US title is based on the New Hampshire state motto which is “Live Free or Die.”

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Because it is the fourth installment in the “Die Hard” series, distributors in many countries have changed the title to “Die Hard 4” or “Die Hard 4.0”.

Apart from the obvious extra ‘u’ in “Neighbours”, distributors in Australia and the UK did not want viewers to be confused with an Australian TV show, “Neighbours”, the longest-running Australian soap opera.

Fun fact: Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth and Natalie Imbruglia are some of the famous faces who got their start in this iconic soap opera on Ramsay Street.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (2017) is “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge” overseas.

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There is no clear reason behind the title change of this movie across the pond. But one theory is that using “Dead Men Tell No Tales” may be too controversial due to the recent terrorist attacks in the UK.

“The Avengers” is the name of a popular British TV show from 1961-1969. UK distributors decided to change the movie title to “Avengers Assemble” to separate the TV show and the movie.

Australian distributors changed the title from “The Mighty Ducks” to “Champions”. Although this Australian title appears to be a spoiler alert, it was apparently a marketing decision. Distributors were concerned that potential ticket buyers would think the movie was about the Ducks and not the hockey team and would not want to see it in theaters.

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Movie Titles With 5 Letters

United Kingdom distributors decided to add “Snoopy and Charlie Brown” to the US movie title of “The Peanuts Movie” as a marketing ploy to associate another name with the characters.

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There does not seem to be much logic behind this name change. Australian and UK distributors may have added “kids” to the end of the title to let audiences know it’s aimed at children.

When asked about the movie’s title change from across the pond, a Disney spokesperson said, “In the UK, we decided to change the US title to ‘Zootropolis’ to give the film a unique title that works for UK audiences.”

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Movie Titles With 5 Letters

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We curate a list of great movies and videos with characters who exhibit a growth mindset and qualities like tenacity, perseverance, courage, and determination.

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The film’s signature song “Try Everything” is more than just a catchy tune. It relays the message that even if you fall, you have to get up and try again!

Encanto tells the story of an extraordinary family who hide in the mountains of Colombia. Encanto’s magic blessed each child in the family with a unique gift, except one. But when she discovers that the magic that surrounds Encanto is in danger, she may be her exceptional family’s last hope.

This family-friendly feel-good comedy shares the power of music and the message to never give up on your dreams.

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

This film teaches that nothing can hold you back. You can always uplift yourself and be stronger than ever.

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It’s a heartwarming adventure about the power of facing and overcoming your fears and discovering who you’re meant to be.

The main purpose of the film is to “move on.” It teaches children that failure is an inevitable part of life, you learn from it and keep going!

This movie is an important ‘teaching tool’ for parents and teachers who can help their children learn the role of emotions.

This movie teaches you to dream big and chase your dreams. It teaches you to never give up because others say your dreams are too big.

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In this movie, you are bound to find many examples of courage and bravery. It is an empowering film for mothers and daughters.

It is a great movie about a family that teaches you to always give your fullness in your work.

This movie teaches that life is an adventure and it’s never too late to find meaning and purpose.

Movie Titles With 5 Letters

Everyone can learn something from Dory’s famous motto “Just Keep Swimming”. No matter how hard it is

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