Phooey Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Phooey Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Physicist Nathan with an early theory of wormholes / SAT 7-24-21 / The wrinkle in “A Wrinkle in Time” and the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for both / Auto pioneer Soichiro / Popular brand of alcoholic seltzer / Starting point of annual Spartathlon / Garment that cannot be worn at home

Word of the Day: TESSERACTS(4D: The wrinkle in “A Wrinkle in Time” and the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for both) — Ingeometry, thetesseractis the four-dimensional analogue of thecube; the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Just as the surface of the cube consists of six squarefaces, the hypersurface of the tesseract consists of eight cubical cells. A tesseract is one of the six convex regular 4-polytopes. The tesseract is also called aneight-cell, C8, (regular) octachoron, octahedroid, cubic prism, and tetracube. It is a four-dimensional hypercube, or 4-cube that is part of the dimensional family of hypercubesormeasure polytopes. Coxeter called this a polytope. The dimension reference is often treated as a synonym for this specific form. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word tesseract was first used in 1888 by Charles Howard Hinton in his book A New Era of Thought, from the Greektéssara(τέσσαρα ‘four’) andaktís(ἀκτίς ‘ray’), which refers to the four blades from at each vertex. In this publication, as well as some of Hinton’s later work, the word is sometimes spelled tessaract.

Phooey Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Phooey Crossword Clue 4 Letters

It seems a little trivia-testish at times (a physicist here, a supermodel there, an ethnic minority here, a Roman goddess there, etc.), and only COINKYDINK and OVER/UNDER feel like they’re really here to play , but it’s a solid enough effort overall. WHITE CLAW got me out of the puzzle right away, just from a personal taste perspective. It was a gimme, first of all, so… I mean, normally, I’d probably be happy to nail 1-On a Saturday like that, but anything just knowing what WHITE CLAW is doesn’t seem like a win. It is everywhere. Very popular, apparently. If I want seltzer I drink seltzer and if I want alcohol I drink a cocktail, or maybe wine, sometimes beer. The whole “let’s spike this non-alcoholic stuff and see what happens” trend… never caught on. But millions of people. What upsets me isn’t so much that I don’t drink the stuff (who cares?) but that it feels product-placement-y to put a brand like this on 1-Across. I’ll be a little surprised if their social media team doesn’t do a jokey tweet or Insta post about the crossword puzzle before the day is over. Brands have been on the grid for a long time, so there is nothing “wrong” with this one. Giving your highest profile response to a brand—that’s a little sad for me right now. I’m also obsessed with a couple of repeated letter patterns, namely TESS / TESSERACTS and TATTOO INK / TIME SINKS / COINKYDINK ). Perhaps the latter repetition is a *good* thing, viewed from a certain angle—think of it as deliberate rhyme, or echoing, or singing. But I might find a way to replace TESS if I can. Repeated four-letter strings don’t usually bother me but then again they usually aren’t in front of two words (higher profile). ANIMA / BEANS / BESS, something like that … although I don’t want to deprive the world of the “Sailor Moon” clue, so maybe there are other options) (32D: “Sailor Moon” genre => ANIME )

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Shift From One Dialect To Another, Depending On The Social Context / Tv Host With The Autobiography

Only once felt old in this puzzle (“WIPS , you say!? Bah! Listen, sonny, in my day … I forget what we called them, but it wasn’t WHIPS!”) (1D: Fancy cars, in modern slang), but the puzzle went and actually made me feel young by choosing the complete spelling BRASSIERE , which … is not a word I’ve heard used unironically in my entire life. They are bras. Of course BRASSIERE is a perfectly fine, actual word, but really feel that signs for BRASSIERE should use qualifiers like “quaintly” or “formal” or something when referring to BRASSIERE. I like the clue, though (31D: Garment that cannot be worn at home). Many female solvers no doubt nodded “true” there. Is the NAILER what we usually call a “nail gun”? I’ll admit I’m not a tool person, but a NAILER sounds like someone who actually hammers nails. Maybe NAILER is the preferred term now because it doesn’t have the word “gun”. That sounds good. Are we still going to Palm for our PDA cluing needs? (18A: Palm products, for short). Is Palm still a thing? It seems to have died but came back in 2018 as some kind of Android phone. But not PDA. That term remains obsolete. Like the original Palm products. PDA = kissing in public. If you want to go with “personal digital assistant,” you should use “bygone” or “quaintly” in your clue (see BRASSIERE’s discussion above… btw, did you know that those women hide their Palm PDAS in their BRASSIERE? It’s true! [citation needed]). As for THEESPYS, I usually find the gratuitous sure article a bit annoying, but now it doesn’t bother me, maybe because my brain has repackaged it a bit and applied it to the name of a dear child of bright nature, that is to say. I amuse myself by imagining a character called “Harriet THEE Spy,” à la:

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No real difficulty today (beyond the usual Saturday difficulty). I thought the auto pioneer was Soichiro ACURA at first, so it’s a bit funny (2D: Auto pioneer Soichiro => HONDA ). It’s rare that I really enjoy my mistakes, but I do. There are TIMESUCKS before TIMESINKS (happy wrong less) (38A: Long, unproductive activities). Didn’t know the ROSEN guy (23A: Physicist Nathan with an early theory of wormholes), forgot TESS (even though he’d been in the puzzle before), but remembered TESSERACTS even though he had no idea how to explain it; it’s just one of those obscure scifi words you see around and accept and then somehow “know” without knowing (that is, if you’re me). This puzzle did a good job on Saturday being a Saturday puzzle that I solved on a Saturday. Better than MEH, despite my various minor gripes.

Need to know more about Sue Bird’s mom’s boyfriend, Harry Dank.— Josh Rowntree (@JRown32) July 24, 2021 [Follow Rex Parker on Twitter and Facebook] Lots of long Downs to review. STEWED OVER is SOSO, but the rest are great: GOES WILD (I had GOES NUTS first), ROSE BOWL, SEA DRAGON, and the political lines “I’M WITH HER” and “READ MY LIPS.” If we ask well, maybe we can get a pannonica to share info and pictures of the SEA DRAGON. Beautiful please?

SCRAG [Skinny fellow], on the other hand, threw me for a loop. I went with SCRAP because I’ve never heard the other word, but since the G starts with GARDEN at the crossing, there’s no denying it. Also, REUNED. I’ve never seen it except in crosswords.

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Kashyyyk Denizen, In Sci Fi / Sat 7 5 19 / #2 Image Among Smartphone Users? /

Favorite clues are [Appropriate numbers] for SIZES (I thought songs until I got some crosses) and [Senate coverage?] for TOGA (which I knew right away).

Fun theme today. The revealer is 64a. [How many fast-food offerings … or what 17-, 27- and 47-Across definitely do not add up?], HAPPY MEAL, and other themes are negative phrases that include foods ( but used not literally):

This puzzle is off to a disappointing start, with four of the first six Across entries being about sports. OREL also appeared later. Some of the non-sports fill didn’t get me either: ISR., -PLASM, TACET, CIE, SRO.

Phooey Crossword Clue 4 Letters

This is a great grid! The placement of the squares is very artistic, creating large, open corners and a kind of Escher staircase in the middle. To this. Also in: the brand Agard style to promote a particular woman of color whose name is a perfect 15. In this case, we have MICKALENE THOMAS, an artist I do not know but whose work, including painting referred to in his sign, is impressive. beautiful and powerful. “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe: Les trois femmes noires” was commissioned by MOMA, and features three black women positioned like the three subjects of Manet’s ““Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” in the MOMA sculpture garden ( image at the bottom of this post). It’s very cool.

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Relative Of A Cor Anglais / Wed 2 17 21 / Turnblad Role For Divine In Hairspray / 2013 Title Role For Scarlett Johansson / Never Ending Offerings At Olive Garden

Other long entries in this grid, all down, include: LIVE ALONE / VACANT LOTS / STARING AT / GREEN ROOF / PROGRAMMED / CHAI LATTE / LATE GREAT. I especially like this last one; “Late, good XXX” is a common construction, and yet I don’t think I’ve thought of it before. Excellent find. Stacks in the corners are fine, but I won’t go into them because I need to list every word in this grid.

Each theme answer has a language inside the circled squares – HEALTH AIDE has THAI, CYBERSEX (called “Remote congress session?”) has ERSE, and ANGER MANAGEMENT, BIG BOARD, and FLEUR DU MAL has GERMAN, IGBO, and URDU , respectively. With a title like “Forked Tongues”,

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