Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen – Brits were left wondering why postmen put the letter “P” in front of their letters – many people shared their theories, but luckily the real post revealed the real reason.

People were really surprised about the letter “P” on the cover of their article (Image: Moment Editorial/Getty Images)

Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

When you get the mail through the door, most of us probably shudder at the thought of receiving an unwanted bill or bank statement to remind us of this month’s expensive expenses.

Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service (2009) Windows Box Cover Art

However, this curious Brit began to wonder why certain letters were scribbled on some Royal Mail posts.

It doesn’t seem like the postman is bored and drawing to pass the time.

Sometimes the letter ‘P’ affixed to the front of the envelope has some significance. But why is it so important?

One person was upset: “Thieves tag your house to let others know you have an expensive dog.”

Words And Expressions Class 10 Solutions Unit 1 A Letter To God

And the man laughed: “Very precise words – it takes 5 days, then you just change it. It’s never right.”

Fear not – it has nothing to do with criminality or your local officials not liking you.

In reality, the “P” is important, it allows couriers to do their job properly and efficiently, so you get all your deliveries on time.

Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

Luckily, a postman on Reddit assured the crowd that “P” helps them and their fellow postal workers when packages arrive.

Upcoming Survivor Postman’s Abilities Preview

And another echoed the idea: “It’s a way of reminding them that you have a package when they come to post your letter.

“So they knock halfway down the street so they don’t post your letter and forget to give you your package.

“Or sometimes they’ll write P10 or something on the previous letter, which lets them know there’s a next-door parcel (number 10) but no letter.”

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The “P” is just to remind the postman that he has a package or letter to deliver.

Postman Reveals Why Mystery ‘p’ Appears Written On Some Letters

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Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

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Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

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Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

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Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen

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Royal Mail Postmen Write ‘p’ On Letters, Confusing People

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