Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Scroll Saw Letters Templates – Making a book letter is easy. You can use a scroll saw. The fastest method is using a bandsaw and this is illustrated. You are more limited to cutting thin books using a scroll saw and my experience is that this is much slower than a bandsaw.

However if you are cutting the inside of a letter like an “A” it is necessary to drill a hole at the top of the inside “A” and insert the blade to cut it. A coping saw will be more boring than a scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Use Google Images for letter templates and search for “book letters” or go to my Pintrest site at for alphabet and book letter sites.

How To Make Wooden Letters: A Diy Woodworking Project

You will need a book, a book-sized sample letter. I used Word to change the font size and then printed the “S”. You can use any white glue. I have about a 30% water mix for the glue.

The easiest method is to tape the letter with masking tape because when you cut the letter you are cutting the tape. There will be tape on the litter and the letter will be white paper. I’ve shown it in red to make it easier to see through the masking tape.

Use a bandsaw to cut out the letter. You can search for tutorials using the scroll saw. It’s easier to use if you have a bandsaw.

Once the inside of the “S” is cut, stop the bandsaw and remove the debris and then make your second cut.

Unfinished Wooden Circle Framed Monogram, Wholesale Wooden

Now that the letter is cut out, apply a glue mixture (30% water) to the cut areas using a small paint brush.

Place a piece of plastic or wax paper on top of the book and add weight. Plastic or wax paper under the book would also be a good idea. This prevents the book from sticking to other surfaces. Leave the weights on for about an hour or so until the glue dries. When I was first learning to use my scroll saw, one thing that I always struggled with was how to get my template (or pattern) onto the wood. Start cutting with a scroll saw. Sometimes when it’s a big piece, I’ll use an overhead projector, but I really want something quick and easy. So today I’m going to show you what I learned and how to apply the Scroll Saw template!

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Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Start by printing out your template and holding the board you want to cut the pattern from.

Diy Marquee Numbers

Next we are going to spray on adhesive to attach the template to the painters tape on your board!

The reason we use painters tape is because it can be easily peeled off and removed when you are done cutting the project with your scroll saw.

We use a new spray adhesive from DAP called Rapid Fuse All-Purpose Spray Adhesive. It combines with virtually everything, and it’s so easy that it’s in spray form!

My favorite thing about this product is the perfect mist that comes out when you spray it. It is very easy to handle, and dries.

Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Wait a few minutes for the spray adhesive to ‘stick’, and then press the template onto the wood and smooth it out!

Now you’re ready to scroll through this template pattern with your scroll saw as usual! Don’t forget to drill those openings first!

One you have everything cut out, all you have to do is remove your template. It comes off very easily!

Scroll Saw Letters Templates

I cut out the names of each of my 3 girls, painted them white and glued them to a cedar board with hooks to hang jackets or backpacks. How much do you like this?!

Fancy Flowers Valentines Coloring Pages

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We love that scroll saw patterns can be intricate or really simple. It can be 2D or you can even create a 3D project.

A simple scroll saw project is also a wonderful introduction for kids who are comfortable using a drill and a few other hand tools and are ready to learn how to use a safety and powered saw.

Dragons & Dinosaurs

Especially in this digital age when we are trying to get our kids (ourselves!!) to look away from the screen for a few minutes and learn useful and practical skills.

The internet is a big place and we’ve compiled the best list of free printable scroll saw patterns for beginners, intermediate and advanced scroll saw artists.

Some of these we have created ourselves, and some of them are from various creative people who have their own websites

Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Here’s a quick list of the types of free, printable scroll saw patterns we cover in this post.

Letter E Black Flower Letters Alphabet Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1530951362

If you click on any one of them, it will go to that section of the page; These are all printable and downloadable scroll saw patterns. Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning we may earn a small commission if readers purchase products through these links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

There’s always an interesting project going on in Grandpa’s woodshop! Right now, we are working on making wooden letters from simple pieces of wood. Here’s how we made our own alphabet of wooden cutouts.

These large wooden letters are made from high quality plywood and cut out with a scroll saw. Once the letter shape is cut, each one is sanded by hand to create the finished wooden toy letter.

This was a fun little family project, and such a fun DIY to play with the kids.

Choosing The Right Blade

We used these wooden letters to learn the alphabet. They work perfectly with the letter mat shown above! Children love to match the wooden letter with the written letter.

This can also be a great project for learning to spell words! Be sure to make additional wooden letters for common letters (vowels, t, n, s, etc.) so you can spell common words. You can also choose to make lowercase letters (we just stuck with capitals).

We also made some extras to put on the kids room door. You can spell out their full name, or even their initial would be a cute idea.

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Scroll Saw Letters Templates

The first step is to choose the wood for the letters. Plain plywood from a regular hardware store felt too chippy and was difficult to sand to a smooth surface. Since we wanted this to last a while, we decided against it!

I’ve Gotta Cut Letters Out For A Client, Would You Use Jigsaw Or Router?

We found this high-quality “Baltic Birch” plywood at a specialty plywood store. It resembles the plywood used in some European wooden children’s toys. When you’re looking to build something that you hope will last for years to come, quality like this makes a big difference!

Again, if you want to save some money on the cost of wood (it’s expensive, I get it!), you could probably use pallet wood to make wooden letters, but my guess is that it would be the same as plain plywood.

Because Baltic birch plywood is so expensive, it makes sense to practice cutting letters on scrap plywood. Pictured above is one of the first practice letters cut from scrap wood.

The next step is to make paper (or cardboard) templates for each letter. You can print letters using a computer or base your templates on already printed letters. This allows you to perfect the shape or font you want without using wood!

Creating Wooden Name Signs

We used the font on this alphabet letter mat as inspiration (my mom saw a mat with some matching letters on Instagram!).

Once the paper stencil templates are made, mark the perimeter of the paper letter template on the plywood using a pencil. You’ll be sanding the letters later, so it’s okay if a little pencil gets inside the letter lines.

Now it’s time to cut out the wooden letters using the scroll saw. This is the hardest part of learning how to make wooden letters – especially if you’re new to using a scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Letters Templates

Once the shapes are cut, they will need to be sanded to keep smooth edges. We used plain sandpaper for most of the letters and edges. You may be able to save time using a sander, but we’ve found this to be the best way.

Letter Alphabet Hand Lettered Curly Whimsical Font Door

The edge

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