Snou Words 5 Letters

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Description: 4th grade public school. Textbook, part 1 / G. Gasparyan, N. Hovhannisyan, H. Jasiri. Fig. S. Nersisyan. Yerevan, Arevik 2019 Pages 108 Keywords: 4th grade of public school. Textbook, part 1 / G. Gasparyan, N. Hovhannisyan, H. Jasiri. Fig. S. Nersisyan. Yerevan, Arevik 2019 108 pages

Snou Words 5 Letters

Snou Words 5 Letters

Have cheese have jam cup of tea cup of milk have sandwich for lunch have apple for lunch have oranges for lunch have soup for dinner have meat for dinner have potatoes for dinner have macaroni for dinner have fish for dinner have a cup of milk for dinner have a cup of tea and cake for dinner 9. Answer the questions. Use “Yes” answers. Work in pairs. Do you get up at eight o’clock? Do you do your morning workout? Do you have breakfast in the kitchen? Do you go to school after breakfast? Do you come home after school? Do you study after dinner? 10. Answer the questions. Use “No” answers. Work in pairs. Do you have lunch at school? Does dad have lunch at home? Do you exercise in the morning and in the evening? Do you watch TV in the morning? Do you play computer games after dinner? 50 UNIT 4C Practice your reading Practice the sounds. o = [‹] come love some son Learn the words. call bring sit down start fork potatoes plate spoon knife MEAL It’s five o’clock. It’s dinner time. Mother sets the table and calls us into the dining room. There are plates, spoons, knives and forks on the table. We sit down. We are hungry. Mother gives us soup. It is very tasty. Then Mother brings potatoes and meat. When dinner is over we go to the living room. There we have tea. 51 British people like to drink tea. They drink tea during breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. They like tea and milk. Mind the knives of a knife 11. True or false? It’s five o’clock. It’s dinner time. Mother calls us into the living room. There are no forks and knives on the table. We are hungry. Mother brings potatoes and meat. The soup is delicious. Mother gives us tea. We have tea in the bedroom. The British don’t drink tea. They like to drink tea and milk. 12. Complete the sentences. It’s five o’clock. It’s time… Mother sets the table and … We are… Then mother brings … When dinner is finished we… There we… The British like… 52 13. Make sentences with compound words. the table, Mother, sets. we are hungry, we he gives, soup, Mother, us. meat, Mom, potatoes, brings, and. to, to, us, living room. tea, like, people, English, drink. like, they, milk, tea, drink, together. 14. Answer the questions. When do we eat dinner? Where are we having dinner? Who sets the table? What’s on the table? What does mom give us? What does mom bring then? Where do we get tea? What do the British like to drink? 15. Choose the correct word. It’s time for … (breakfast, dinner). Mother calls us to … (dining room, bedroom). They are plates and … on the table (fork, books). After dinner we go to … (kitchen, living room). There we … (watch TV, drink tea). The British like to drink … (tea, water). 53 UNIT 5A Practice your grammar ARTICLES Infinitive Clause a, = one a [ˆ] and [ˆn] book apple Definite Clause the [‡i:] apple the = this [‡ ˆ] book We use. a, and when we don’t know anything. We use a, an instead of one. We do not use a, in the plural. We use it when we know something. We use instead of this. We use it in singular and plural. 1. Read and practice. There is a book on the table. There is a man in the car. I see a girl in the field. I see a boy in the park. I have a sister and a brother. 54 2. Read and practice. The dining room in our house is big. We have a garden. The garden is very beautiful. We have flowers in our garden. The flowers are beautiful. I see the boys in the field. The boys are playing cards. There are girls in the bus. Girls are my friends. 3. Fill out the article. I have … a window in my room. … the window in my room is big. I see … a car on the street. … the car is new and white. We have … a living room in our house. … the living room is large and comfortable. I see … a plate and … a cup on the table. Mike has … a sister and … a brother. … the garden in front of our house is very beautiful. There is … a pencil in the box. There is a … clock and … picture on the wall. … the armchair in our living room is very soft. My mother has … a hat. There is a … bed and … wardrobe in my room. Bob has … a big dog. … the boy in the yard is my brother. 55 4. Read what Ann says. Then change the underlined words according to the example. I am Ann. She is Ann. I am Ann. I live in London. I am a school girl. I go to school every day. I have a mother and a father. My parents are teachers. At the end of the week my parents often take me to the country. 5. Correct the sentences according to the example. He doesn’t live in London. He doesn’t live in London. She makes delicious cakes. Why do you like your job? They don’t like to read books. She has two cats. Where do you go on the weekend? I don’t have lunch at home. We have breakfast in the dining room. At 4 o’clock he went home. When does he do his studies? What does he do in the evening? 56 UNIT 5B Practice talking MORE ABOUT BOB’S FAMILY 6. Read and practice. Mr. Brown is Bob’s father. Mrs. Brown is Bob’s mother. Bob’s father is his mother’s husband. Bob’s mother is his father’s wife. Mr. and Ms. Brown are Bob’s parents. Bob is their son. Bob’s sister Ann is their daughter. Mr. Brown’s brother is Bob’s uncle. His wife is Bob’s aunt. Their son is Bob’s cousin. Bob’s grandparents are his grandparents. Just a song This is my uncle, This is my aunt, This is my father, This is my cousin, This is my mother, And this is me. This is my sister, This is my brother, 57 Remember the new words husband wife son daughter aunt uncle cousin parents grandparents 7. Divide them into groups and make a family for each group. Choose who is in the family. Complete the list of questions and tell the rest of the group about all the family members. List of questions Who is he? What is his name? How old is he? What is he? Whose father/mother is it? According to the list, talk about grandparents, sons and daughters, uncles, aunts and cousins. 8. Use the list above and tell your friends about your family. Talk about your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins. Don’t forget to say they are daughters, sons and ….. 58 TOPIC 5C Practice your reading · Practice the sounds. ie = [ai] tie pie lie diet Read the words. work secretary start finish stay to be happy visit early late attract MY UNCLE SAM My uncle Sam lives in London. He has a wife, son and daughter. He is a teacher. He wakes up early and has breakfast at 7:00. He starts his work at 8 o’clock and finishes it at 4 o’clock. He 59 loves his job. But he doesn’t go to work every day. On Wednesday he stays at home. His wife, my aunt Ann is a secretary. His work starts at 10. He does not get up early and does not have breakfast. He has a sandwich for lunch at 12:00. He finishes his work at 7 o’clock and returns home late. He loves his work, because it is very interesting. In the evening after work she likes to sit in her garden with her husband. My uncle grows many beautiful flowers there. At the end of the week they usually visit their parents. My cousins ​​love grandma and grandpa very much and are happy to see them. 9. True or false? My uncle Sam has a wife, a son and a daughter. He does not get up early and does not have breakfast. He loves his job. Wednesday he goes to work. His wife is a doctor. he doesn’t like it

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