So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters – We Thinkers storybooks are available digitally with audio feature for accessibility – must be purchased separately as individual storybooks on Apple Books and Google Play (not print). Syllabus is not available digitally.

Download the family letter and activities at home after purchase to introduce you to Volume 1 and support your child’s learning at home.

So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

The series helps children build basic social skills and essential life skills through stories, lessons and play activities. Teaching helps children better understand themselves and others, develops self-awareness, perspective taking, social problem solving, and supports students’ social emotional learning, relationship building, classroom learning, and academic performance. The material is designed for use with neurotypically developing children and those with social emotional learning differences and/or challenges.

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Divided into Volume 1 and Volume 2, the series is used and loved by children, parents and professionals around the world. Multiple award winner

) contains five storybooks and a complete unit-by-unit syllabus. Lessons teach children five evidence-informed concepts that establish a common social vocabulary and underlie all social experiences. The second volume,

Volume 1 teaches five additional concepts that build. As the concepts become more complex, it is important to teach Volume 1 concepts and syllabus before moving on to Volume 2.

Get tips for teaching in our free webinar series How to Use Social Thinking Materials to Teach Ages 4–7!

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Join Evan, Molly, Jessie, and Ellie on their adventures to places both familiar and distant (like outer space!), where they explore important social concepts through their thoughts and interactions. Each of the five colorfully-illustrated storybooks introduces children to a different concept in an engaging way, followed by lessons and activities.

(explained below). Storybooks support the curriculum and are not stand-alone teaching tools. Additional sets are sold separately below. Volume 1 storybook titles reflect the concepts they teach:

Packed with teaching materials that link to five storybooks to promote social-emotional learning and the development of social skills in young children. Detailed instructional lessons—complete with teaching moment specifics, motivating structured activities, educational plan goals, and family letters to learn at home—give teachers, practitioners, counselors, and parents a substantial instructional package to use for years to come. We recommend teaching the curriculum and storybooks slowly. Our therapists spend a month on each concept to help children understand the concepts in depth and apply them on a daily basis.

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So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

Concepts come alive for children. Have students sing and actively participate and move with others as they integrate social thinking vocabulary into everyday life. (Curriculum includes activities to teach with songs!) Discover Music, sold separately.

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We are thinkers! Suitable for ages 4-7 and most powerful when taught with other materials. Teaching social concepts should follow a natural sequence from simple to complex to support student learning. The following teaching and learning pathway outlines the recommended teaching sequence by age group. Like our products, this approach can be used by doctors, educators, parents—anyone—to help a person develop their social skills.

. It does not include teaching materials and is not intended to be used as a stand-alone teaching tool. All teaching materials are presented

On to better support their children. This Extra Storybook Set is perfect for teachers and parents/guardians who want multiple copies of each book for their classroom to reinforce learning and generalize concepts at home. Note: In professional settings, these storybooks are accompanied

” M.S. – Autism Specialist “We Are Thinkers! Volume 1 provides the missing curriculum we’ve all been looking for to teach social thinking concepts to children in preschool and early elementary school. This curriculum is effective for all children and especially beneficial for children with high functioning autism. Our Early Childhood Special Education Program Co-author Kari Palmer With them we had the privilege of teaching Practical Lessons from Thinkers! Volume 1 in our inclusion program. We have seen amazing results! The curriculum is easy to use, has clear scope and sequence that teaches social thinking concepts essential to school success, and has practical ideas for families to use at home. I highly recommend this book. Can’t do it!”

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” K.E. – Teacher in Switzerland “We were working on Book 1: Thoughts and Feelings. When we were getting ready to go to P.E. the students were loud and not lining up to leave the classroom. Jack, a diagnosed autistic child, realized that I expected him to be quiet and line up. He Turning to his classmates, he was rude, “Hey Oliver, look at me, look at my face. What do you see?” (He frowned at his face) “You can see on my face that I’m not happy because Miss Kelly is waiting for us to be quiet so we can leave. So please shut up now!” This made my teacher’s heart sing with joy, because one of my students transferred the knowledge learned to social interaction with her peers. Thanks for all the great discoveries I’ve made so far. Your website. Your articles and purchased books have greatly improved my students’ social skills this year. .”

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” ST. – Parent “My son has been learning various social thinking vocabulary and concepts from therapists for the past 4.5 years, but these concepts are scattered and he hasn’t really ‘connected the dots’ until he learns how they come together in a ‘group’ project.” These basic yet important building blocks are taught comprehensively and methodically in this curriculum.Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning social thinking.

P.J. – Teacher “We are thinkers! The Volume 1 series has brought excitement to the process of learning social thinking among our preschool-aged children. Easy-to-use stories and engaging large and small group activities have been a wonderful learning opportunity for me. The teaching team and excited students. The stories are about each child being attacked by a shark from the depths of space. Adventures lead to caves.I recommend this series to any teacher who wants to help children grow in social thinking skills and concepts!

So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

” C.B. – Early Childhood Special Education Teacher “As an early childhood special education teacher, I found We Thinkers! Volume 1 Curriculum to provide a clear map of how to introduce various social thinking concepts in a fun and engaging way. It includes variety. Valuable tools to help plan teaching activities. Storybooks and The lessons have enabled me to provide a strong foundation for social-emotional development in all children in our class as it benefits not only children with social-emotional delays but also peers in the community. Students are using vocabulary from the curriculum and doing so in appropriate ways that demonstrate a true understanding of social thinking concepts across settings and social situations. Some of our students Quotes to follow: Teacher Courtney, have I changed your mind? (After a short discussion about a behavior problem during learning centers.) I use my eyes to choose friends. I’m going to think about it. (During show and tell; his peers waited to see him before asking his question.) Please stop. That gives me unexpected thoughts! (During conflict with peers during play.) Stop talking and put your brain back into the group. (When a peer is not present during circle time.)”They are all difficult questions — often beyond our ability to answer in a straightforward, methodical, and logical manner. Fortunately, there are simple criteria you can use as a reference point to determine the value of any goal – and they’re smart criteria.

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To help shed light on these principles, here’s your very own SMART Goal-Setting 101 guide, which will help explain everything you need to know about this popular and useful goal-setting technique.

We all have goals – to be more successful in what we do, to enroll in university, to improve our skills, to lose weight – the list goes on. But, have you ever stopped to think, saying “I want” is enough to achieve something. Well, most likely, it isn’t.

This is where the SMART goal concept comes in. The SMART goal concept helps to fully describe your goals and desires, to make an action plan, and as a result – the likelihood of achieving your goal increases greatly. SMART goals are also called SMART criteria or SMART objectives.

The acronym SMART stands for 5 characteristics of a goal that must be included in the process to successfully achieve the goal:

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The application of SMART goals is versatile – you can use these criteria to determine whether it is worth pursuing specific career goals or working on specific areas of your personal development.

To help you wrap your head around the topic, here are some examples that illustrate what SMART goals really are (and, perhaps more importantly, what they’re not).

You usually tell your extended family when you want them to stop pestering you that you’re going to get a job

So Smart Volume 3 All About Letters

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