Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor – Our standing wooden letters are great for creating decorations in your home. They come unfinished but are easy to paint and come in several fonts. These wooden letters are personalized and make a stylish statement when displayed as monograms.

Each stick is precision cut from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which is an engineered wood made from tiny wood fibers pressed together to make a solid composite. This material is great for indoor signs and craft letters.

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

Our standing letters will have a flat bottom to allow them to stand. This may reduce your character height by 1/4 inch depending on the font selected. Some letters, such as J, P and F, may need additional support to stand. This can be done by placing double-sided tape on the bottom of the letter, leaning it on an adjacent post or against the wall.

Jeff Mcwilliams Designs 15 In. Oversized Unfinished Wood Letter (h) 300311

The letter height you order is based on the capital “A” in the font you specify. Depending on the font, some upper and lower case letters may be shorter or taller than the height you specify on the order form so they look in proportion to each other. Therefore, you may receive some of your fonts in different sizes than the letter height you order. If all fonts are ordered in lowercase, we still scale the lettering to an uppercase “A” which will make most letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like to enlarge your inscription differently than our standards. Please see examples below Home / Craft ideas / Craft projects for adults / Wooden letter crafts for gifts or decorations

If you want to try some wooden letter crafts, you’ll love these ideas! Get 35+ projects that are great for beginners.

I have a funny story about my aunt, Sora. And before I tell you, yes, my brother and his wife named their baby Sora. It actually means “heaven” and is based on the Japanimation character “Yosuga no Sora.” If you meet him – it makes perfect sense!

Anyway, when Sora was about three years old, she was obsessed with her name. So much so that she loved anything with her name on it, including playing cards. In fact, she stopped playing with toys as much and started carrying cards her mom sent her with her name on the front all around her house.

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She took the cards out of the envelopes, “read” them, and then put them back. I guess she was training for a career as a mail carrier? I’m not sure, but the obsession continues to this day (although she doesn’t play the cards anymore).

This year for Christmas I’m making a lot of handmade gifts, so I decided to make something for Sora with her name on it. I did a lot of research on wooden letter crafts and I wanted to share my findings with you. If you may have a niece/nephew or child who carries mail addressed to them too!

I have to be honest though. . . Sora probably got it from me. I love this wooden stick craft, and not only am I going to make something for Sora. . . I’m going to make something for myself. Not sure what yet, but I definitely need some “Amy action” around my home.

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

If you’re interested in making things with wooden letters, whether for yourself or as a gift, check out this list. There are some great ideas here and wooden sticks are available at the craft store. If you try any of these, please leave a comment below! I’d love to know if you have any other ideas as well.

Free Standing Pine Wooden Letters/numbers/name. Large Wooden Letters,numbers

Learn how to make this comic with Mod Podge! Perfect for a kid themed superhero room or man cave.

Learn how to make decorative letters with confetti and Mod Podge! This project is perfect for a child’s room or craft room.

Add a unique, personal touch to your home decor with this monochrome canvas! It’s easy to do with a few simple supplies, including a wooden letter.

Simple letters make great party decorations that look great either on a name dessert table or even hanging on a bedroom wall!

X Rustic Home Love Letter Sign Free Standing Cutout Letters Centerpieces Home Décor Tr9915892

Use your adult coloring pages to create this personalized wooden letter craft! Relax and enjoy coloring, then turn the pages into wall art.

Recycle and re-love items from your home to create a stylish and fun wreath from clothespins. Add wooden letters and some pom poms for extra flair!

Of all the wooden letter crafts you can make, this is probably the most popular! Combine photos with a wooden stick to create a monogram that is very personal.

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Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

Create these colorful and unique READ letters for a nursery, book nook, library, or anywhere else people will hang out and read!

Pc 10cm Wooden Letters Alphabet Name Design Art Crafts White Letter Party Wedding Home Decor Standing Diy Word 3.94 Inches

There are so many ways to decorate wooden letters – paint, Mod Podge, stencils. . . Jennifer decorated the letters A to Z using a variety of techniques and you’ll be hard pressed to decide which one is your favorite!

Since the front porch is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home, freshen up the space for spring with a custom family initial wreath.

Create personalized original wall art with old frames, fabric and Mod Podge. I added Pearlized Sealer for a special touch.

Transform an inexpensive wooden letter from the craft store into a faux antique brass letter with just a few coats of paint, some rubbing alcohol, and an afternoon.

Home Wood Sign Free Standing Wooden Letters Rustic Home

Personalize your space with a beautiful marbled monogram! If you’ve never poured paint before, it’s that easy. . . and you can do it on wooden sticks, paper mache and more.

If you’ve never used washi tape, now’s your chance. Cover a wooden stick with washi and then add a canvas. You have so many options for patterns to choose from!

This beautiful stained sign has such a traditional, rustic feel! You can use any word you want (like something inspirational), your family name, and more.

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

This lap tray was made using two wooden “W” letters, some blocks and a frame! It’s so creative and can be made with budget supplies. 4 Inch Wood Letters Wooden Letters For Wall Decor Crafts Easter ,unfinished Blank Pine Wooden Designable Paintable Standing Letters Wooden Sign Board For Decoration Home Party Diy Art Painting ( K )

Cover a layer of wood with color for a truly unique interior! This would make a great teacher gift, a fun front door monogram.

Combine gift bags, wrapping paper and Mod Podge to decorate a wooden stick and hang inside a frame. This creates such a unique, personal interior.

If you can’t get enough glitter, these copies are perfect for you! Make them for parties, weddings, holiday decorations or just everyday. You can use wooden sticks, paper mache, and almost any surface.

It’s so easy to decorate wooden letters with stencils and stain or paint! Choose any pattern that is easy to repeat for results similar to Alyssa’s.

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Wooden Love Sign Home Decor Table Top Sign Freestanding Decorative Wood Cutout Letter

Decorate both wooden letters and magazine holders with Mod Podge – combine them both! This is the perfect personalized gift idea.

It’s always been a trend to use the first letter of your family name in home decor – and here you can see this application with fabric and Mod Podge. It’s super easy if you need some quick wall decorations!

These Mod Podge letters are made with anaglypta – also known as textured wallpaper. These are easy to make and make beautiful home decor!

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

This burlap canvas makes such a cute idea for Valentine’s Day! You could adapt it with other four-letter words (be kind now!) for your own decor.

Galvanized Metal Letter Wall Decor

An old lid makes a great surface for crafting with wooden letters! Adapt this Valentine’s Day design idea to your own style.

You can use standing wooden characters for any type of event or home decoration. Just add flowers and think bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, nursery decorations and more.

Make this fun DIY spring sign using dollar items! Choose your favorite colors, scrapbook and wooden letters to personalize.

If there’s one thing we all probably have plenty of in our garden, it’s twigs! You can cut them down to match a wooden stick and create some very unique, nature-inspired decorations.

Crafts White Wood Letters

What’s better than one sign for the holidays? How about two! Make a sign with a Halloween message on one side and Christmas on the other, using wooden letters.

I decorated this wooden Halloween ornament in no time! These BOO letters are easy and great for a mantel or table display.

Use Mod Podge and a cool Christmas scrapbook to decorate NOEL letters! Use wooden sticks from the craft store – this is SO easy and cute.

Standing Wooden Letters Home Decor

Create this simple happy banner with wooden letters and a scrapbook! This is a perfectly easy Christmas decoration – great for the mantelpiece or doorway. 6 Inches Wood Letters

OK Learn how to make this Christmas door decoration using Buffalo Plaid Duck Tape! This rustic NOEL door hanger is super cute.

Learn how to make a beaded monogram ornament with this tutorial. Pearl letter

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