Cardboard Letters Hobby Lobby

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But it’s where all the “lady-bloggers” are going. Rows and rows of plastic Christmas balls (remember July), a ceramic behemoth next to the pipe cleaners, and almost everything printed on it. What could be more useful?

Cardboard Letters Hobby Lobby

Cardboard Letters Hobby Lobby

They are $3 each. Which isn’t bad….but I knew I’d get 50 discounts if I saved enough.

The Art Of Learning: Decorative Letters Diy

The other morning I checked the site. After a short road trip, we are back with 3 full words.

No, I’m not going to spray paint them silver and write E.A.T. Hanging in the kitchen…….shoot me if I do.

I didn’t like the choice of I, it looked too much like Roman numerals, so I chose H and mine.


Diy Marquee Numbers And Letters

I started with cedar planks from the home depot. About 1/2 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick. OOOOhhh, 10 feet long.

He nailed it all together and added a few small pieces in the middle.

To roughen up and “age” the shaft, I sanded as much as I could with 60 grit sandpaper.

Cardboard Letters Hobby Lobby

Ok, now to show off my sign hanging on the side of the road for years…..

My Top 5 Favorite Diy Items From Hobby Lobby

The color of the craft paint, Trail Tan, is in a spray bottle with a cup of hot water. Standing right on my mark, I splashed all over myself to simulate rain or dust or something like that.

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