Storm Letters Van Vuur

Storm Letters Van Vuur – If you like to study history books, you can quickly find out that many interesting things happened to us in the Middle Ages and in the modern era. For a long time we were part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, a country where from the foundation there were always conflicts between the north and the south. One of the contradictions can be seen in the religious world: the Northern Netherlands is Protestant, while in the South the people are completely on the side of Catholicism. But how did such contradictions arise? And what was the atmosphere like in that exciting episode? That’s what Dutch-Belgian youth film is all about

We are going back to the Middle Ages. In the heart of Antwerp in the sixteenth century, young Storm lives, a curious boy who is very happy to help his father in the printing business. But making money from printing was very risky in 1521, especially when the new and strict inquisitor Frans Van der Hulst decided to prosecute anyone who distributed prohibited goods. When Storm learns that her father needs to type a letter for a certain Martin Luther and the Inquisition’s men are banging on the door almost immediately, she decides to escape by typing the letter. But that was no danger, because soon every soldier in Antwerp was after him as well. Can Storm survive this exciting season?

Storm Letters Van Vuur

Storm Letters Van Vuur

Many historical films are not immediately produced in our regions. When a film like this appears in theaters, interest is immediately high. And rightly so, because the story that

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Incredibly immersive from the first second. Because the atmosphere of the print is very good from the beginning and you are completely wrapped in the famous world of the Middle Ages created by the director Dennis Bots, the print managed to keep you interested all the time. And yes, it may be part of a baby, but don’t let that stop you.

Is a mature print that tells a lot about the time of that time and not at all limited to the fictional story of the young typhoon. This medieval adventure film is fun and educational and that really says more than enough.

What excites you the most about this film is the beautiful characters. Stom is a brave boy who is not very good and has to help his father in the print shop. Although these scenes are not immediately intimate, the screenwriter Karin van Holst Pellekaan immediately succeeds in making the viewer empathize with the young man. Of course, it is also a big plus that the role of the brave Storm is very impressively portrayed by the inexperienced Davy Gomez, who at any time seems to be weak. We also see our Flemish Peter van den Begin as the inquisitor Van Der Hulst, Angela Schijf as Storm’s mother and Juna de Leeuw shines beautifully in the role of Marieke.

We won’t see it again anytime soon. This is a unique piece of cinema that is not only well put together for young people, but can also appeal to adults. Director Dennis Bots brings the medieval world where the story takes place very convincingly to the viewer. The special effects are very believable and the different locations are well chosen. And then you have a great story and strong characters that complete the picture.

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Watch Storm: Letters Van Vuur (2017) Full Movie Free Online

A beautiful Dutch print that will make you believe that Hollywood cinema could be made here too. You can find the Dutch FilmWorks print on DVD on store shelves since June 30, 2017. Watch the exciting trailer now.

Does this movie sound like music to your ears? Or the Tempest: Letters of Fire just doesn’t appeal to you? Do you also think that the role of Peter van den Begin is perfect? Did you see the movie in the cinema? Let us know now by posting a comment below.

Uses cookies to ensure that your experience on our website is the best. By continuing, you agree.No problem!Read more Set in 1512, Letter of Fire tells the story of Storm, the twelve-year-old son of an Antwerp printer, Klaas Voeten, who secretly publishes of forbidden texts. When Klaas decides to print a forbidden letter that will prevent corruption in the city, he is caught and arrested. Storm managed to escape with the original letter. He is outlawed and becomes the focus of a manhunt led by the new Inquisitor. Helped by orphan Marieke, Storm escapes the town’s sewers and finds himself in a race against time to save his father from being burned at the stake. But who can he trust in a world that has fallen into religious fanaticism?

Storm Letters Van Vuur

The film’s central theme is free speech, which is more relevant than ever with the rise of social media. The Inquisition, the stake and the early days of printing are complex themes for children that Dennis Bots can easily explain by using Storm as a hero with a relatable motive.

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Storm, Letters Van Vuur

Producers Nicolas Steil and Harro van Staverden, as well as director Dennis Bots will be present for the premiere of “Storm” on March 11th.

Yourick van Wageningen, Laura Verlinden, Egbert Jan Weeber, Maarten Heijmans, Peter Van den Begin, Angela Schijf, Loek Peters, Luc Feit, Tom Jansen, Tibo Vandenborre

Born in Kitwe, Zambia, in 1974, Dennis Bots grew up in the Dutch town of Gemert. He graduated from

In Amsterdam in 1996. He started working for TV series, a genre he has not abandoned (“Project Orpheus”, 2016; “Celblok H”, 2014). Since 2005 he has dedicated himself to children’s films, starting with his first feature-length film “Zoop in Africa. Over the next ten years, he directed six other films for young people -on, including “Secrets of War” which was shown at the Luxembourg City Film Festival in 2015.

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Born in Kitwe, Zambia, in 1974, Dennis Bots grew up in the Dutch town of Gemert. He graduated from…

Dutch producer Harro van Staverden began his career as a producer in 1995 with a strong focus on youth and …

Nicolas Steil began his career in the 1980s as a journalist. In 1986, he founded Iris Productions, his own production …

Storm Letters Van Vuur

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