The Owl House Luz Letters

The Owl House Luz Letters – So we all told ourselves that at the end of the captivating Grom phobia, when Camilia said she couldn’t wait to receive more letters from Luz & Luz, it was a fun way to say the message. She told Camilia that she had a great time with her daughters at her summer camp . We know for sure that there is no way Luz can do that. So who asked the question?

I have several theories about who is more terrifying than you might think.

The Owl House Luz Letters

The Owl House Luz Letters

The most obvious is our owl lady Eda. We know she’s the only one so far able to move between human and demon realms. It would make sense to divert Camilla’s attention so she can’t really tell where Luz is so she can write her fake letters.  We see her sometimes go into the human world to catch her trash. The question is, how would you know where Luz lives, who her mom is, or what her summer camp is if Luz doesn’t tell her? She may have mentioned summer camp once or twice, but I don’t think she talks too much about her mom or her life in the human world to give a lot of clues. Another thing is that if Eda stays with Luz for about a month without telling Luz, she will never know how to write a letter that she never sounds like Luz. I think by now she’s done well enough to impersonate her in her letter. Even if the letter doesn’t sound like a human, as we’ll see later in theory. I don’t think Edda would do something like that from behind Ruth.

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The next option is Amity. In the most recent episode we see that she begins to develop her feelings for Luz and knows that Luz is from the human world. From what I’ve heard, Amity may have crafted a fake letter to keep Camilia from doubting her daughter’s whereabouts, but just like in Eda’s case, how does she know where Luz lives and how to get to the human world? she couldn’t have Dimensional Leap seems to be a very advanced spell that only powerful witches and wizards can achieve. We know Amity is powerful, but she isn’t powerful enough to go to another world like Eda or someone in the Emperor’s Oath. One final point to note is that the handwriting in her Grom letter and the letter to Camilia do not share the same handwriting. As you can see here.

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So I don’t think it’s Amity either. We know she likes Luz, but can she keep her Luz away from her family in order to keep Luz alone? Now that I say it out loud it sounds like a great fanfiction idea💡. Jokes aside, it can’t be Amity. She wouldn’t hurt Luz that way.

Now let’s talk about who definitely wants to harm Luz. Emperor. “But why did he do that?” you are thinking Think about it. Who else besides Edda is strong enough to send this fake letter? Emperor. You’re probably thinking, “Why is he interested in a man he’s never met?” Think about it. Luz is a human and she is in another _world where no one has seen a human before and where humans are not welcome in their society. Even Lilith was surprised to see Luz for the first time, and Eda asked how she “could find” Luz as if she was an exotic person. Do you think Lilith didn’t tell the Emperor about Luz? She doesn’t know herself and doesn’t care about her, so why doesn’t she tell the emperor that her sister found a human and brought him into her world? naught.

So she knew that when humans eventually returned to her world, she would start telling people about this magical place where demons and witches live, so she had to tell the emperor and him. Because she knows too much and she could endanger the world. You wouldn’t want the Emperor to leave the humans and let people know, the most likely thing I think is that he must also be strong enough to travel between dimensions , that he sent this fake letter I’m sure my mom won’t be suspicious. Because if she becomes suspicious, a search party for Luz will begin and potentially their world may be uncovered. It would be a greater risk to let her go than to lock her up on her boiling island of hers.

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Because as you can see in the picture no human will write that way and will not be able to notice how they misspelled her name in the first place. It would make sense considering that Belos could not expose his empire to humans, he was trying to capture Edda, and Rouge was her apprentice. Behind this & possibly creating a fake illusion of Luz and giving it to her mom, erasing her memories or doing horrible things like keeping her captive. I don’t think he’ll take her risk and he’ll probably decide to put her all together.  It’s a bit long, but you know I’m foretelling something. And he puts that scene at the end, so he asks us a lot of questions.

You might be wondering how Rouge will know where she lives. Considering how many generations have been around the boiling island, it wouldn’t be surprising to think that humans weren’t the first to come to that world, given that humans knew what humans looked like and knew their potential. On Boiling Isle, Emperor Velos had previously had to dispose of them. I found something else to support my theory! While creating the image above, the artist said, “Think of the thought inside the box in the camp brochure!

At the end of the latest episode “Enchanting Grom Fright,” we see someone sending a letter to Luz’s mother. I’ve seen some theories about who it is, but I’ve never seen anyone turn it this way.

The Owl House Luz Letters

Some people believe it’s an emperor’s pact that makes no sense at all, and they go out of their way to send a letter to someone they don’t know, not caring enough about the human realm or one random human. Also, the only member of the Emperor Gathering who knows who Luz is is Lilith, and she didn’t see Luz until the Covention episode. Lilith quietly sent a letter with the number of letters someone had sent, including before she met Luz.

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I’ve also been told that people can be close to Luz on a boiling island like Eda, King, Willow, Guss or Amity. Let’s check out the list of possible suspects. Eda has access to the human world, but like all other characters, she doesn’t know who Luz’s mother is or what she looks like. When Eda collects items for sale, the King does not go to the human realm. Willow Guss and Amity have no access to the human world. If Gus has access, he’ll know more about it and he’ll have more than a few collectibles. . Amity and Luz haven’t been friends for a long time, so they didn’t try to write a letter to the family they didn’t like.

So who could it be? I think it’s camp. Episodes of Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark (I forgot which one it was) had episodes about camps that were made for the purpose of following kids and getting them to act. Send clones to real kids and families from camp. What do you think is happening? no. But I think the camp is doing something. Luz has never been there, so do you remember why they pretended to be Luz and sent her a letter to her mother without calling her to say she didn’t arrive? It seems like the camp is doing something to the kids, and sending fake letters to all her parents, not just Ruth.

In the top letter we see they mention that they are learning about mortgages, which they seem to be teaching at camp, but how would someone on the boiling island know that she should be a confirmation camp? Eda didn’t know

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