Vinyl Letters Joann Fabrics

Vinyl Letters Joann Fabrics – Before my oldest was born I found Pinterest and started searching it for random things. I haven’t logged in yet. It was back in the day when you had to be invited and then you had to have Facebook to log in. So I looked for a picture but I couldn’t pin it. One pin that always caught my attention was the alphabet wall made of different letters. They used the wood paper/cardboard from the craft store and painted it in different colors and displayed it on the wall. We didn’t have an open wall in K’s room to try this, so I put the idea down. Then when M was born, same problem…no wall space. I thought I would have to give up on the idea until they were older and we redecorated their room. And then, we turned the formal living room into a playroom. There was a free wall and I knew it was the perfect place. Since it took a lot of convincing to get my husband to agree to the playroom idea and since he had just moved a photo collage and put up a gallery wall, I thought he wouldn’t like the idea of ​​hanging individual letters on the wall. the screen. wall. So I thought – why not make the letters on vinyl? We won’t get the 3-D feel of the original idea but it will be cheap, easy, something I can do with my Silhouette Cameo and something that can be easily removed if we don’t like it or we change the room. again.

To start, I bought a sheet of vinyl from Joann Fabrics. Generally, I buy the Silhouette brand of vinyl that comes in long rolls. I knew I wanted a variety of colors so I didn’t need the amount of vinyl that came on the roll. These sheets are 12″ x 24″ and are perfect for this project. I chose several colors and included a few that are glittery because … well … glittery. I don’t know exactly how much vinyl I’ll need but that’s how the project rolls. I figured if I really needed to I could run back to Joann’s.

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Vinyl Letters Joann Fabrics

Vinyl Letters Joann Fabrics

The nice part about this vinyl is that I didn’t have to use the cutting mat which is great because I don’t have one that is very long. Normally, you don’t need to use mats on vinyl but I haven’t had any luck with that. I think it’s because it’s all rotating so it doesn’t go in and out of the machine directly. I have had no problems with these vinyl sheets. Completely cut off. The only thing I had a problem with was the glitter sheet. I must have cut it twice because I took it off and found it wasn’t completely cut and I used scissors to cut the letters to save the vinyl. The only other problem I ran into was that I cut the wrong letters in one color and it all shrunk so I couldn’t reuse the excess. Instead of going back to Joann’s, I used vinyl from my house, which ended up with silver paper that I hadn’t originally intended. 220 Pieces Iron On Letters 1.5 Inch Tall Pu Vinyl Iron On Letters Glitter Heat Transfer Alphabet Applique For T Shirt Clothes Bags Diy Craft Decor (silver)

Once I got all the vinyl I opened up the Silhouette Studio and laid out my paper. I wasn’t worried about size so I used the standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages. I used this to get an idea of ​​what the wall would like. I want to make sure that the font fits well and that there is a good mix of upper and lower case. All fonts are part of the KG font collection (free for personal use, commercial use requires a license).

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I replaced each letter with the same color as my chosen vinyl color. This was done to ensure that the colors were separated.

Then I created a blank page that was the same size as the vinyl. I did one color at a time so I could cut each color one at a time. I made the letters bigger. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Some are bigger, some are smaller. The smallest letters are about 10 inches and the tallest letters are about 12 inches.

I also noticed that when I made some of the letters bigger, they were not smooth and wouldn’t cut. I have seen this in some fonts. Some are fine on normal screens but sometimes when you blow them up they crop up and aren’t smooth at all. I find that the Silhouette can sometimes struggle to cut this and when I do, I don’t like the end result. So I sold a few fonts.

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I kept going back to the original to make sure the fonts and colors would still spread. Then I’ll move on to the next color. Copy and paste in large format. Increase the font size. Move the letters closer together to save vinyl. Transfer to Silhouette to cut using the vinyl settings.

After I cut out all the letters, I started to stick them on the wall. A little note on my DIY skills…with a project like this, I like to take it easy. I don’t always like to measure and do things right. I feel like with a project like this, it doesn’t matter if the letters are spaced the same because they are different sizes and fonts. I started with m because it would be in the center of the wall based on my original mockup.

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I had a few papers when the girls woke up from their nap. So I tried to finish while holding the items out of reach. It’s not easy. But I love the end result. It adds color to the room and I think the girls will love it and use it when studying their letters.

Vinyl Letters Joann Fabrics

The wall has been up for a few months now and I still love it. My only issue is the magenta glitter vinyl. I don’t know what’s wrong with that tablet but these letters are popping up. It doesn’t look like regular vinyl…it’s almost like laminated cardboard. The N needs to be put back on the wall every time I walk into the room. The v and f also started to appear. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m sure the girls will figure it out and start removing them soon. It’s on my agenda to get another color of vinyl and replace them.

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