Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics – At La Canada Preschool, we teach our students the alphabet through Zoo Phonics, a nationally recognized program that provides children with the opportunity to learn their letters through creativity, song, and fun. Within the Zoo’s phonics program, early childhood learning development comes alive when children have the unique opportunity to learn letters phonetically, with movement, and with all their senses.

The alphabet, when taught very clearly, can prove a somewhat abstract concept for very young, preschool-age children. Zoo Phonics, a multi-sensory language arts program, was created to counteract this difficulty. Studies have shown that preschool-aged children actually respond much better (and more quickly) to the alphabet when it is communicated to them in a way that is more literal than abstract. For a child who has little prior interaction with the alphabet, a letter is abstract in itself. It’s just a strange new shape in their personal development of early childhood education. In Zoo Phonics, the preschool teacher uses an understandable example to make the letter concrete. However, it’s not just a matter of flashcards and worksheets that can be boring and uninteresting to anyone, let alone preschoolers.

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

Preschoolers respond to zoo sounds because they find them fun, attractive, and interesting, such as the animal kingdom—or their friends at the local zoo. For example, the letter b can be represented as a bear sitting upright with a big belly, the straight trunk of b is its back, and the curve of b is its belly.

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Zoo Phonics uses every part of the brain to turn those gears. This is the essence of “multisensory”—children use hearing, speaking, movement, and tactile learning to understand letters. It is well suited to an early childhood education environment because children are naturally designed to learn in this way; That’s why they have so many abilities and senses in the first place! In fact, it is a much more natural way for a young child to learn than a desk-bound method that allows him to learn only with his eyes, or only by repeating the sounds of the alphabet. There is no need to shy away from kinesthetic training. In our decades of teaching preschool, we have often experienced that children respond best to this.

This method is used in many preschools in the United States, Southern California and throughout the world. It goes without saying, La Cañada Preschool teaches zoo phonics in the greater La Cañada Flintridge area! Independent research widely supports the claim that zoo phonics is effective in teaching children the alphabet. Its multi-sensory approach is specifically designed for early childhood, making it a perfect fit for preschool.

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Any preschool parent knows that forcing a child to do an activity they don’t find interesting is the surest way to make them dislike it even more—or even avoid it. The best way to encourage a child’s development is to encourage them to really like the activity and encourage them to try it themselves. Once this is accomplished, any child can thrive. In fact, the first hurdle, the act of getting started, is the highest. Zoo phonics is a great way to get your child over that hurdle and shorten the race. By incorporating fun, zoo animal examples, movement, kinesthetic learning, and sound into the alphabet, marking the beginning of their educational journey, we start them off right instead of scaring them. We know how their brains work, and zoo acoustics are just the trick to turn the gears.

If our preschool, which uses zoo acoustics, sounds like a learning environment you believe your child will thrive in why not call or email us at 818-790-2764 and arrange a tour. do it River Oaks is celebrating its 100th day of school. Thursday, February 6. To celebrate, elementary students (and teachers) will come to school as if they were 100 years old. PreK wasn’t “technically” our 100th day of school yet…but come join them for a fun, dress up day!

Alphabet Songs For Kids

Dress your baby like a 100 year old on Thursday! Can you imagine how cute our little babies would be?

Does anyone have any plastic bags they can bring to school today? I forgot to grab mine from home before I left this morning.

Thanks to the donors, the children in our class were able to choose some books to take home. The boxes and books sent home today are for you to keep at home 🙂

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

At your request, here are my favorite YouTube videos that can be used to learn letter sounds and letter names!

How To Teach The Alphabet!

Use the video below to help your child learn letter sounds and letter movements. A written description of the movements can be found here… https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/11391321/the-zoo-phonics-cast-of-characters-safari-learning

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Use these videos to help your baby write the letters of their name well (quickly)! During the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, children have 1 minute, 30 seconds to name all uppercase letters and another 1 minute, 30 seconds to name all lowercase letters.

Use this video if your child has a good understanding of letter names and letter sounds. This skill is used to help children break down words while learning how to write words they don’t know how to put together!

Mrs. Aldafai and I visited Sammy today, and he is excited to come to school on Tuesday! Sammy likes the color red, Power Rangers and Paw Patrol.

Zoo Animal Phonics! Learn Letter Sounds & Identify The Letters In The Alphabet

If you see Sammy and her mom on Tuesday, please help them learn the morning routine and find our classroom.

River Oaks PTA will be hosting the 1st Annual Culture Night on April 16, 2020 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm and they need your help! To make it a wonderful and diverse event, they need to join our efforts to make it a memorable night for our students, families and staff. There will be free food, music and entertainment!

We would like to have a gallery walk/display showing different countries. Each family can create a display board, bring food and/or artifacts that represent a country and share its interesting cultural facts. You can also represent a country you are not from.

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

Additionally, each grade level will be assigned a continent and each class will represent a country. Your child will be part of a class project in which they will research and learn about the assigned country. Come see their work!

Zoo Phonics Animals Felt Finger Puppets/jungle Animal Wool

It doesn’t stop there! We will also have a fashion show where students and parents can showcase cultural wear. Clothing should be appropriate for school.

But wait! Do you have instruments and would like to sign/perform in front of the school to represent your country? Do you know how to make a henna tattoo? For more information please call Ms. Sandy at 313-827-6750.

To participate in this event, please complete the home early form and return to school by Friday 24 January. We will contact you on the phone number below for further queries.

We need parents to bring food from your country to taste.. Please help us make this a great family event.

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Alphabet G Letter Of The Week Phonics Recognition, Sound, Tracing & Craftivities

We’ll talk more at the parent meeting on Thursday, but… the kids are very interested in this YouTube video to practice naming letters and making letter sounds. Here is a link to practice!

How’s your break going? Are you ready to go back to school? Just wanted to remind you about our field trip on Wednesday.

On Monday we will take some time to talk about what we did at home during the break. If you want to send a photo (emailing photos will work too) of something your child did on Monday – that would be helpful. See below for examples… [email protected]

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

I’m looking forward to spending my winter break with these 2 crazy kids! My nephews Zayden and Liam…they sent me this picture earlier today with a message that read: “We’re ready to spend time with you Auntie Julie.” Zeke Zebra is sharing some of his favorite tips, games and activities for you to enjoy. – All for free! Be sure to check back regularly for new exciting activities and advice!

From The Hive: Z Z Zebras, Zippers, And Zoo

Yesterday was our last posted lesson. We hope they’ve helped you stimulate your child’s amazing mind as you use their mind and body (and busy hands) to explore new things.

It is a pleasure to create lessons for you, knowing that they are used all over the USA. will be done by precious families in

If you ever need something to do with your child(ren) over the summer (need to stimulate their brains daily) go back and try some of the lessons you haven’t been able to try!

If you have any questions to ask me or if you need educational help, my email address is below my name.

Letters Alive® Zoo Keeper Edition

Today we continue to celebrate the week of Cinco de Mayo with some fun activities you can enjoy at home!

We want to thank all the nurses around the world who risk their safety to care for those in need.

Celebrates “Helping Hands”! Children should learn that there is always time to reach out and help others.

Who Let The Letters Out Zoo Phonics

Spring is here, so we thought we’d share some fun spring treats with you so you can try them at home with your kids! “Robbie Rabbit,”

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