Words From Letters Falcon

Words From Letters Falcon – , the first solo exhibition of Kenji Nakayama’s paintings to be shown in the United States in five years. With this work, Nakayama expands on the abstract processes he had developed for his masterful 2014 Études series and furthers his quest to connect his fine art and commercial practices.

A sign painter by training, Nakayama’s commercial work is necessarily educational and hand-rendered in fonts he invents to suit the client’s needs. His studio work, while precise, is expressive, philosophical, and open to the random qualities of process and color. In Nakayama’s previous works, he has used stencils to define the paradox of peace and beauty on city streets and bridges filled with traffic. In his newer one

Words From Letters Falcon

Words From Letters Falcon

He used a brush to represent each of the 49 days that Buddhists believe the soul must travel before finding rebirth.

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Resulted from a long period of intensive commercial work during which Nakayama sought new approaches to the labor-intensive demands of sign painting. With the accumulated understanding, he returned to his artists’ studio during the last year to incorporate the purely formal qualities of stars into abstract paintings, not as bearers of meaning, but as a collection of line, shape and space.

Nakayama began each painting in this series by creating a background of broad, painterly brushstrokes. He then added letterforms, all of which he chose based on how they responded to the background composition and how well they fit together as visual sequences. Final unbroken strips of characters are not counted as lines of text; instead, they are reduced to basic compositional elements. Although Nakayama uses commercial lettering, he allows his brushstrokes to remain visible to reveal the hand-painting process that he has to hide from his commercial work.

Features large collages of what began as Nakayama’s handwritten practice sheets that reveal the obsessive nature of his work as a sign painter. As assembled here, the groupings of words encourage the viewer to read them as lists or sentences, but the incoherence of the phrases they form undermines the process and shifts the emphasis to the integrity of the letters as aesthetic constructions.

Gave Nakayama an opportunity to escape the all-encompassing nature of his profession and use his considerable talent in an abstract and expressive context. Removed from the demands of clients and branding, the work is improvisational and intuitive, while maintaining a formal and graphic edge. As a meditative experiment, the creation of these paintings allowed the artist to challenge and explore his artistic process and reach a deeper understanding of himself.

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Sun 10/27, 4-6pm: Día de los Muertos – Installation by Nayda A. Cuevas and events throughout Capitol Square

Kenji Nakayama was born in 1979 in Tomokomai, Hokkaido, Japan. A mechanical engineer by training, Nakayama made a major life change in 2005, moving to Boston, Massachusetts to study traditional sign painting and devote his time and energy to making art. Nakayama’s versatile practice ranges from meticulous pinstripes and gilded letters to multi-layered stencil paintings; and from abstract representations of Buddhist traditional beliefs to constructions of words and letters stripped down to their essential physical forms. Meditation and highly trained craftsmanship are hallmarks of Nakayama’s work, which has been shown internationally and acquired by the collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Four Seasons restaurant in New York. SK Falcon Font Family was designed by Salih Kizilkaya and published by Salih Kizilkaya. SK Falcon includes 24 styles and a family pack. More about this family

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Words From Letters Falcon

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Page One: ‘the Maltese Falcon’ (1941)

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Words From Letters Falcon

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Words From Letters Falcon

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Words From Letters Falcon

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SK Falcon is a geometric semi-serif font. Inspired by the anatomy of mechanical structures, it was designed in 2020 by Salih Kızılkaya according to modern design needs. It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to ensure the security of user data. Please update to the latest version.

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