Words With Letters Echelon

Words With Letters Echelon – Everyone deserves an inbox full of love letters, and we’re in the business of making that happen – we’ve sent over 250,000 love letters around the world. We send for adults who need information from you on the 1st of every month! So take a few minutes, sit down and write a letter. Tell them about yourself, maybe share a joke or a joke and let them know they are loved.

It can be difficult at first to write a letter to someone you don’t know. Our advice: just make it a conversation! What kind of things would you like to discuss with a stranger?

Words With Letters Echelon

Words With Letters Echelon

1. Letters must be legible (large print), handwritten, and not glossy. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist – make your card what you want to receive.

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3. Embrace nature! Recipients love it when the letters are personal. We encourage you to make your letters cute and funny – pictures, dialogues and cute graphics!

4. Be kind & considerate. You may include a return address, but please do not expect the letter to be returned. We want to make sure that recipients are not burdened by feeling indebted or unable to respond.

A note from Blanche’s granddaughter: Blanche loved being a grandmother more than anything. She has three grown grandchildren and an adorable 8-year-old granddaughter, as well as a daughter. She lost her husband to COVID in April, her son just 8 months ago to cancer. He works very hard and can be happy or funny. Born and raised in Michigan, she enjoys reading, fine dining, family gatherings, spending time with others, and simple things like birds and yoga. I’m sure he’ll find a new Netflix or food suggestion too! Blanche, or Mimi to us grandchildren, is a great supporter and full of love, and she deserves to feel loved and supported!

A note from Shirley’s granddaughter: Shirley is from California but now lives in Oklahoma on a large farm. He saw famous Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe and loved reading about them. She also enjoys watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Orange County and Beverly Hills. He spends his time taking care of the ducks on the farm, but they can only make him happy. Her move to Oklahoma has made her very lonely, and some words of encouragement will help her feel loved.

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Letters — Love For Our Elders

A note from Phyllis’ daughter: Phyllis turned 80 this year! He lives alone and hopes to work, because he talks a lot and likes to be with people. Phyllis enjoyed arranging flowers, writing notes to her family, and enjoying her favorite foods. He likes it when his family visits him because they have moved away, and he misses it a lot. He would love some letters!

Notes from Patricia’s daughter: Patricia is 89 years old and a former camp cook. She raised three children by herself. Her first husband, my father, died at 37. She remarried at 65 to one of the owners of the farm where she worked for 20+ years. He lived his entire life in California until 2015 when he came to live with me in Tulsa, OK. He is a bit lonely and spends a lot of time watching TV and playing on his iPad. He loves getting mail and this will be a big surprise for him.

A note from Marilyn’s granddaughter: Marilyn enjoys doing word searches and crossword puzzles, and watching TV, of course! His favorites include Gunsmoke and Family Feud. He also likes to play Scrabble. She is a widow and in a nursing home, with some COVID restrictions still. He would love some special handwritten letters to lighten his mood and inform him about the outside world.

Words With Letters Echelon

A note from Bob’s grandson: Bob Bachini (pronounced “bikini”) grew up in a small town in Montana in an Italian family. He reported that during WWII, the Sheriff collected all of his family’s guns as a precaution, even though they had no connection to Mussolini. He later spent 40 years on the railroad and was a representative in the state legislature, fighting for labor. Now he is disabled and loves to dance, talks about trains and speaks Italian which has started to recover. He often lies in bed feeling sad and saying “my head just doesn’t feel right.” His wife recently died suddenly, too. I know that any letter or news from others will give him a moment to smile.

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A note from Frances’ granddaughter: My beautiful grandmother is 93 years young. He moved from Connecticut to Florida to be closer to his family. He is very hot and insists on swimming every day! He enjoys playing bridge and solitaire. He often sits outside on the balcony for bird watching – he loves birds. He also enjoys socializing with others, which was difficult for him during the illness. Apart from myself and his nurses, he doesn’t interact with many people these days. I myself write to him often, but I know that he would be very happy to receive many letters from people who care about him. He has been feeling lonely and I know this will mean the world to him.

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A note from Lorna’s friend: Lorna enjoys walking in nature, playing with her dog, talking to her two older sons, meditating, singing, dancing, and -play music, watch fantasy or history. She is alone during COVID and is very isolated and depressed. It requires connection and inspiration. He is spiritual and longs to have a purpose and struggle knowing that his days are over (almost 80 years old). He used to live in Hawaii and San Francisco when he was young. He is a wanderer. A true hippie. And now, he would like some links and your help!

We are glad to have you join us on our journey of love. But we don’t want it to end here. Do more good by sharing your letter on social media and be sure to mark your calendars for our holiday letter mailing on Senior Day on February 26th.

We are run entirely by volunteers who process mail requests, communicate with schools and organizations, host volunteer events, and maintain our website. Although we love what we do, it is not easy.

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Consider taking your giving a step further by donating with your letter to help us continue to serve the elderly. The Echelon Font Family is designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, Marcus Leis Allion, and published by Barnbrook Fonts. Echelon has 1 model and a family package option. More about this family

This is a list of 585 glyphs in the font, including OpenType versions that can only be accessed by OpenType-aware applications.

Unicode characters of one character (Á, Ä…) followed by each letter (“A”), then OpenType variants (small caps, others, ligatures…). In this way, you can see all the differences in the same character in one place.

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Words With Letters Echelon

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Words With Letters Echelon

The updated version that is offered to previous customers for free does not require a new license; otherwise, each new version released counts as a separate issue.

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