Words With Letters In Position

Words With Letters In Position – Are Wordle’s green and yellow boxes driving you crazy? Here’s how to beat the puzzle every day without breaking a sweat with some simple tips and tricks.

Wordle has taken over Twitter and the green and yellow boxes flood most users’ timelines. This game that tests your vocabulary is relatively simple, challenging and also competitive thanks to its social nature.

Words With Letters In Position

Words With Letters In Position

We’ve already covered what Wordle is all about, how to play it, and some other basics you can check out here. But even with these instructions at hand, you may struggle to guess the correct five-letter word in the given chances, of which you have six in total.

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Today we’re going to look at some tips and tricks to help you plan your bet better and get to the right word with the least chance.

Most people will throw in a random word in the very first guess, and take the subsequent combination of green, yellow and gray to guess number two and so on. However, this means that you will be wasting one of the six chances you have, and in my opinion, the most important one.

For the first guess, try to pick a word that has a lot of vowels, or maybe a couple of common vowels along with some commonly used consonants. Avoid words that involve letters like “X”, “Q” and “Z” in your first guess. These may be green letters for the word of the day, but remember that the point of your first chance is to narrow your search. For the same reason, also avoid words with repeated letters for your first guess.

Today I went ahead with “TABLE” for my first guess. This is a great word as it has both ‘A’ and ‘E’, very commonly used vowels. As you can see below, I immediately get one green and two yellow squares.

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This is where your contextual strategy game comes in. Use the color codes from your first guess to gauge what the word might be. Remember that you must always use green letters from a previous chance in the same position and yellow letters from the previous chance in a new position.

Never use dimmed letters again. You would just waste a chance. Use the in-game keyboard to your advantage as it will highlight shaded letters. Imagine that these letters have been plucked from your keyboard and you can no longer use them.

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While you’re at it, try to identify patterns that frequently used words have. For example, a ‘Q’ will almost always be followed by a ‘U’ in English, and ‘E’ and ‘A’ will usually be in the ‘EA’ order rather than the ‘AE’ order (there can always be exceptions ).

Words With Letters In Position

For yellow letters, don’t randomly place them in a new location, but try to place them in places where they are often found. For example, letters like ‘Z’ are usually unlikely to be last, but letters like ‘E’ and ‘Y’ are common last letters.

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Getting back to today’s game, I will now look for words with ‘A’ in the second place, and ‘B’ and ‘L’ somewhere in there. However, I know that ‘B’ and ‘L’ are unlikely to complete the word together in that order. Instead, I will choose “B” as the first letter, and put “L”, say in dot-3 to guess for “BALDY”, again, without using any gray letters from random one.

Chances three and onwards, you will mostly use your knowledge of vocabulary patterns as you did in the second guess to get more green letters and eventually the correct word.

However, you will also now use what I like to call the method of elimination, a common trick often used in Sudoku puzzles. Note that at random three or four, you may have some yellow letters that are yellow in multiple chances. Therefore, we can eliminate these possibilities to now place these letters in the only one or two spaces left for them.

If there are more empty spots left, use strategic vocabulary to figure out where the yellow letter can go next.

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Coming back to today’s word, you now see that we have ‘B’ at the beginning and ‘A’ right next to it. But since the ‘L’ has been yellow in two of the three remaining spots over the first two chances, you now know that it will occupy the last spot, making the ‘L’ the last letter of the word, effectively a given green letter in the next chance.

This leaves you with only two letters to guess, because the rest of the word already takes the form of “BA__L”.

While I’m tempted to try “BAGEL”, I mustn’t forget that “E” is already a toned down letter. Instead, I’ll look for letters that I still haven’t used, ones that make sense. Let’s try BASIL.

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Words With Letters In Position

If you still haven’t guessed the correct word, use the remaining three chances exclusively for strategic elimination, remembering the rules mentioned above in case of new green and yellow letters.

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As you can see from my guess, ‘S’ and ‘I’ are both grey, but ‘L’ is green just as we expected.

This is a good time to see if you might have any letters twice in the word. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t color letters that appear twice, so this is going to be completely manual.

Since no more new letters seem to fit, I will now try repeating letters. I will start with ‘A’, as vowels are often found twice in the same word. Therefore, my next guess will be ‘BANAL’, where I repeat the letter ‘A’ and also add ‘N’, an unused letter so far.

As you can see above, I guessed the correct word with minimal effort, and minimal random guesses, which got me to the correct word with two chances to spare!

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If you still haven’t arrived at the correct word, continue using the steps we’ve tried so far from Guess 2 to Guess 4 and you should arrive at the correct word in the last two chances.

BONUS: An easy tip to remember is that since Wordle changes the word every day, it is unlikely that today’s word from recent history will reappear. While this may seem like a small clue, it can be more useful than you think.

For example, if the correct words for the past two or three days were “Tiger,” “Tapir,” and “Fable,” it would be unwise for me to use those words in any of today’s six guesses.

Words With Letters In Position

There you go! Now that you know the tricks of the trade, all you need is a little practice and you’ll be a Wordle pro in no time. Happy Wordling! How many 8 letter words are there? There are many words in the English alphabet where some are only three letter words, while there are words with many letters in them. From three letters to seven letters or more. Below let us list some of the 8 letter words and their meaning.

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The following is the list of 540+ of the most used 8 letter words in the English language.

An unfortunate event that is unintended and occurs suddenly. It may cause personal injury or property damage or both. Similar words include accident, mishap or misfortune.

Details are correct and may include statistical or measurement information. It is accurate or correct information is provided. Another term is precise, error-free or correct.

Does not lack and has a satisfactory, or acceptable quantity or even quality. Similar words include plenty, enough, sufficient.

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It is an association or association that is formed because of a common goal or if there is a mutual benefit to be gained. It can also be a defensive alliance between countries or organizations. Similar terms include association, covenant, treaty or union.

Something that caused a change in someone or caused an influence on someone. Similar words are damaged, attacked, moved, touched.

The day a person is born. It is celebrated by the majority of people either on the same date they were born, before said date, or even after. Similar words are birthday, anniversary, date of birth.

Words With Letters In Position

An occupation or trade of a person. It can also mean living. Similar terms are trade, work, career.

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Someone hurt, injured or killed in an accident or war. A person is severely affected by an event. Similar words are casualties, mortality, loss, death.

This may involve treatment of patients or an observation made of patients in a laboratory or clinic. Common words include objective, detached, distant.

With a variety of colors, it can be bright and lively. Similar words are colorful, brilliant, glowing, alive.

Involve an idea with the use of imagination. It can be an artistic work. Similar words are imaginative, ingenious, innovative.

Master Of Your Domain Words In 3d Letters Stock Photo By ©iqoncept 59572179

To come to a conclusion or settlement. It is solving a problem and finding a solution. Common words are decision, commitment.

To find out unexpectedly, there may be a secret that has come out. Similar words are found, comes over, comes over.

Formal or organized election by voting for a person who is to hold a political office. Similar words are opinion poll, plebiscite.

Words With Letters In Position

To make an effort or to do one’s best to free oneself

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