5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E – Search any app store and you’ll see thousands and thousands of options for games. We’ve seen waves of popular game obsessions sweep through society, from Tetris to Angry Birds to Candy Crush, but there’s a new option taking the world of brain games by storm.

You won’t find it in the app store. You won’t see any ads for it either. It doesn’t even have its own dedicated domain.

5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

It’s called Wordle and the premise is simple. Every day there is a secret 5 letter word to guess and you have six tries to guess it. On each trial, the game tells you whether each letter you typed is a correct letter in the right place (green), a letter that is in the word but in the wrong place (yellow), or a letter that is not at all in word (grey). You can only play the game once per day. Super simple and satisfyingly challenging.

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It was created by artist and engineer Josh Wardle (“Wordle” is a play on his last name) and he did it not for money, influence or commerce, but for love.

Wardle’s partner Palak Shah loves puns, so he decided to make him one. According to The New York Times, Wordle was a side project for Wardle during the pandemic, and the intent of going public isn’t — and won’t be, according to Wardle — to make money. He just wants people to enjoy it.

“I think people appreciate that there’s this thing online that’s just fun,” Wardle told the Times. “Don’t try to do anything shady with your data or your eyes. It’s just a fun game.”

The fact that you can only play it once a day is a refreshing change from games and media that do their best to keep your attention and engage you for as long as possible.

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“I’m a bit suspicious of mobile apps that ask for your attention and send you push notifications to get more attention,” Wardle told BBC Radio 4. “I like the idea of ​​doing the opposite – how about a game that deliberately. doesn’t want too much of your attention? Wordle is very simple and you can play it in three minutes and that’s all you get.”

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No ads? No data collection? Aren’t there algorithms trying to read your mind or nudge you towards something? No, no and no.

“I don’t understand why something can’t just be fun,” he told the BBC. “I don’t have to charge people for it, and ideally I’d like to keep it that way.”

5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

When you play the game, which you can find here, you have an option at the end to share your results. Here’s what the cast looks like, with no spoilers about the word or any of the letters:

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The gray boxes are letters I typed that are not in the word, the yellow boxes were letters that are in the word but not in the right place, and the green letters are correct letters in the right place. (This was the second day of play and I was pretty stoked that I got the word in three tries. It took me all six tries yesterday to get the word “SIEGE”).

As someone who loves word games, I find Wordle delightful to play. It’s quick and simple, but not easy. The difficulty depends on the word and what you guess initially, of course, but since it’s different every day, it will never get old. Wardle told the Times that he started with 12,000 words, but whittled it down to about 2,500 to keep the most obscure words that most people wouldn’t be able to guess. The key to a good game is to be challenging enough without feeling impossible, and Wordle fits the bill.

In a time when everything feels complicated and/or profit-driven, having this little pure pun that wants nothing from us but a few minutes of fun is refreshing.

Thank you, Josh Wardle, for giving us all your sweet gift, especially when we need healthy simplicity more than ever.

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The two-hour live premiere episode of the star-studded 31st season of “Dancing With the Stars” was emotional to say the least as actress Selma Blair took the stage.

Four years ago, Blair publicly announced her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis – a chronic disease that causes many different symptoms, including vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired coordination.

It was clear that going into the competition was more than a chance to win a title for Blair. In an interview with ET Canada, the “Cruel Intentions” actress said that “I hope that by doing this show, I can show people with disabilities the joy that can be found in ways that you never expect.”

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5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

Blair certainly achieved that goal. She and professional dance partner Sasha Farber won third place and brought the audience to tears with an elegant and emotional waltz routine to “The Time of My Life” by David Cook.

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Blair posted a shorter clip of the dance on Instagram, writing in the caption that “Tonight will go under my pillow of sweet dreams for the rest of my life.”

Blair, who normally walks with a cane, was most concerned with maintaining her balance during the performance. But relying on Farber was a welcome relief. “I was a single mother. I’ve always loved supporting people and then having so many people supporting me, oh my gosh,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

She added that the opportunity to dance came at a time when recovery had stalled. “I couldn’t get motivated to get stronger. Then this came and for the first time in my life I was like, ‘Yeah, that makes sense…’ I want to start learning how to improve myself again,” she shared. Thanks to his work with Farber, the “legal blonde”. ” The actress is getting stronger day by day, which gives her immense pride.

Blair’s comeback is certainly inspiring – it takes immeasurable amounts of grace to go through all of life’s challenges and still remain hopeful. Whether or not she makes it all the way through the competition, she’s already won something much deeper, proving what’s possible.

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Birthday parties are usually a good time for everyone involved, but sometimes things can get a little rowdy, or you may have some crazy neighbors who are upset their invitation got lost in the mail. Anyway, someone calls the police to complain about the noise in hopes that the event will be shut down, or at least the revelers will quiet down. That’s exactly what prompted Greensboro police officers to head to a 15-year-old’s quinceanera, but instead of breaking it up, they joined in on the fun.

If you’re not sure what a quinceanera is, no problem. It is a 15th birthday milestone celebration for girls in Latino communities to mark their transition from childhood to womanhood. The celebration is usually a big affair, involving beautiful dresses, an elegant venue, lots of delicious food and upbeat music. It wouldn’t be surprising if the music and festive cheer emanating from a girl’s Quinceanera caught the attention of a few neighbors. But when the officers came to check the noise level, they were invited to the party and they just couldn’t refuse.

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The three officers appeared to have enjoyed themselves and were given a free meal to tide them over until the end of their shift. According to the Greensboro Police Department’s Facebook page, officers also handed out stickers and posed for pictures with the birthday girl. While this noise complaint could have gone a lot differently, it’s nice to see that the officers chose to celebrate with family instead.

5 Letter Words Containing Letters P U E

People in the comments of the Facebook post couldn’t get enough of the officers’ good deed. Joyce Marie said, “Thank you Officers Matthews, King and Johnson! This is a wonderful way to build community and family and especially that young girl will never forget it.”

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Kelly Jo Netter commented, “Now that’s community policing! These officers turned this into a positive experience for the residents involved. Thanks!”

There are hundreds of comments praising the officers, like Becca La Fea, who says, “This is a very special event in our culture. They must have been very honored to have you there. You guys are awesome!!!”

While there were some comments saying the party shouldn’t have been loud, the comments section was mostly positive. Lots of birthday wishes for the teenager were woven into the comments, but most people were happy to see the community police in action. Knowing the people in the neighborhood where you enforce the laws has had positive effects for communities and officers.

It’s clear these officers had no intention of ruining this teenager’s special day, and while the noise complaint may have gone unsolved, they gave the family something to smile about. Hopefully the neighbors weren’t too upset and came to understand the significance of the day for the girl and her family.

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The Greensboro Police Department received a message for the teenager and it was to wish her a happy birthday and we wish her the same. This one

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