Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters – Tonight we have a story of solidarity, hope and ultimately survival in the face of adversity. It happened more than 50 years ago, but when it was rediscovered last year, it caused a sensation. It is the story of a group of students stranded on a remote and deserted island for over 15 months. It might remind you of the famous novel – Lord of the Flies, by William Golding – but as you will see, the outcome of this real story could not have been more different.

The story begins in 1965. Mano Totau and five of his friends studied at a boarding school in Tonga, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Bored, rebellious and eager for adventure—they stole a traditional whaling boat—and set off for Fiji with reckless abandon.

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

The teenagers may have been raised by the sea, but they soon realized they had made a terrible mistake. On the first night a violent storm tore the sails from the mast and tore the rudder off the ship.

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For more than a week their crippled ship drifted aimlessly. 17-year-old Sione Fataua, the oldest of the group, told us they were convinced they were going to die.

Sione Fataua: No food, no water. We were just moving around in the wind. And after eight days we saw the island.

It was a volcanic island rising out of the sea. As the boat approached, a wave crashed into the rocky shore, leaving it in pieces. Exhausted teenagers struggled on the shore.

Mano Totau: The only thing we do is hold each other and say a prayer, “thank you God.”

The Story Behind The

The students later discovered that they had flown a hundred miles from where they started and landed on the island of Ata – on maps, nothing more than an uninhabited spit.

It was a story so remarkable that an Australian television crew later brought the teenagers back to Atta to reenact their experience. In the film, Sione, Mano and their friends show how they survived.

Movie “The Castaways”: They managed to salvage oars and a piece of wire and with this they set off to catch what they hoped would be their first meal in 8 days.

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

They demonstrate how they ate the fish they caught raw and quenched their thirst by raiding the nests of seabirds—drinking their blood and their raw eggs.

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Mano Totau: Any food. As horrible and dirty as it is, it is very nice to have it at that time.

When they got enough strength, Mano and Sione told us, they climbed the forested plateau of the island where they found a clay pot, a machete and chickens, all left behind by a small Tongan community that had lived on Ata before being torn from their home by slave traders. a century earlier.

Sione Fataua: I tell the guys, everyone has a duty on the fire. You have to tend the fire and pray for that night and get up in the morning, it’s still going.

The teenage refugees showed remarkable resourcefulness – they built a palm shack, planted a banana and bean garden and set up a watch list to watch out for passing ships. They even built a badminton court and a makeshift gym. They lived in harmony – we were told – most of the time.

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They kept cool by walking on opposite sides of the island, Mano says, although sometimes things got out of hand.

Mano Totau: You sniff him or something and tell him “shut up and chill, sit down, listen”.

Holly Williams: There must have been times when you were depressed, when you thought you would never see your families again.

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Sione Fataua: It was difficult. And I was—pray to God and—and I promise him, “if you can bring me back, I’ll serve you for the rest of my life.”

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For more than 50 years, the true story of Sione, Mano and their friends was little known outside of Tonga…

Dutch historian and bestselling author Rutger Bregman stumbled upon the internet. He flew across the world to meet Mano and made the story the cornerstone of his new book, Humanity: A Hopeful History.

Rutger Bregman: And I just couldn’t understand how this didn’t become, you know, one of the most famous stories of the 20th century. I just couldn’t understand it, because it’s just extraordinary, six kids on an island for 15 months. And they survived, how?

A story about vilified students, Lord of the Flies has been taught in high schools around the world for generations.

Life In The “dead Heart” Of Australia: The Geohistory Of The Australian Deserts And Its Impact On Genetic Diversity Of Arid Zone Lizards

The novel – later made into a film – is a nightmarish tale of a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island. They split into two competing tribes and descend into violence – culminating in mayhem and murder.

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Rutger Bregman: This is a really old theory in Western culture, that our civilization is just a thin veneer, just a thin layer. And that when something bad happens—say there’s a natural disaster or a shipwreck on an island and you’re free to establish your own society—people discover who they really are. You know, deep down people are just selfish.

Holly Williams: And you’re saying that the basic idea behind the novel, Lord of the Flies, is wrong? Are you saying it will never happen?

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Rutger Bregman: Well, if tens of millions of children around the world still have to read Lord of the Flies in school today, I think they also deserve to know about this one time in the history of the world when real children were shipwrecked on a real island, because it is a completely different story.

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A story of cooperation, hope and ultimately salvation. In September 1966, after 15 long months, Australian lobster fisherman Peter Warner was sailing near Atta when he spotted a burnt patch. As he approached, he was shocked to see a human figure.

Peter Warner: And this first figure swam towards us doing the Aussie King, as I call it. And then five more bodies jumped off the rock and into the water and followed him.

They boarded the ship and told the crew how they escaped from a boarding school and ended up shipwrecked. Peter radioed Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tonga, to check their story.

Peter Warner: And the operator said very tearfully, “It’s true. These boys were students of this college. They are dropped for dead. Funerals were held. And now you have found them.’ So it was a very emotional moment for all of us.

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Holly Williams: So Peter Warner saved you and brought you back to Nuku’alofa where everyone thought you were dead. And then they arrested you?

Peter Warner told us he paid off the owner of the stolen boat – and finally sailed the runaway students back to their home island, accompanied by an Australian TV crew who flew in to film their story. They captured the reunification of teenagers with their families.

Sione Fataua: My mother, she was swimming before I got off the boat. I’m the first to go to the beach, and give me a hug.

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Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Peter Warner: The entire population of this little island was on the beach, hugging the boys. The parents were crying. Then the fun began. Six days of feasting.

Leendert Hasenbosch’s Diary: The Story Of A Gay Soldier Marooned On A Desert Island

The story has never been forgotten in these islands, but when a British newspaper published a chapter of Rutger Bregman’s book last May, the story of the Tongan teenagers went viral – 7 million people read it in a few days. Hollywood studios entered a bidding war for film rights.

Holly Williams: Why were so many people around the world surprised and delighted by your telling of the story?

Rutger Bregman: Maybe we should have heard that? Maybe especially right now, in the middle of a pandemic? Were people looking for a story that would give them hope for a different way of living together, that a different society is possible. That it is not only violence, selfishness and greed in human nature, but that we can build on something different. Maybe that’s why.

It has been 55 years since the shipwrecked students were rescued. They never doubted how and why they survived.

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Sione Fataua: I think the culture where we come from. We are close. A really close family. We share everything. We are poor, but we love each other.

The teenagers had no interest in returning to the classroom, first working for Peter Warner, who had set up a fishing business in Tonga. Sione, as promised, later became a minister – he is now the head of the Tongan Church in America. Mano trained as a chef and moved to Australia. For half a century, he and Peter Warner have been best friends – whenever they can get out on a sail – forever retreating back to the Pacific Ocean where their friendship began.

Holly Williams: Why do you guys get along so well, you know, all these years after the rescue?

Abandon On Desert Island 6 Letters

Mano Totau: I think we strongly feel within us that we have something to help each other.

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Peter Warner: And we also have shared beliefs that got you through that trial on the island, you know, love, compassion and…

The teenagers composed a song when they were on

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