Aman Home Collection Letters

Aman Home Collection Letters – &C’s new home concept designed by Vincent Van Duysen on stage at the 2022 Salone del Mobile in Milan. Light becomes an integral part of spatial design as it modulates the way the architectural composition is perceived and expressed. To recall the words of Walter Gropius: the new architecture opens the walls as if they were curtains to let in as much fresh air, light and sunshine as possible.

Housing is once again central to every corner of the home. A theater of living, where the quality of the home environment is the starting point for the design of different rooms: increasingly versatile, multi-purpose, adaptable and moldable to other uses. The idea of ​​a cozy, soothing and inviting home. But constantly evolving, which &C interprets through the wall systems, the protagonists of the project and part of the architecture.

Aman Home Collection Letters

Aman Home Collection Letters

In previous years, the narrative project honored the great protagonists of international modernism, but this year the references to the roots of the movement are mentioned fleetingly, as memorable. It mentions atmospheres: flowing homes to live in, large and cozy rooms connected to each other, permeated by indoor and outdoor spaces. And above all, the idea of ​​space, extremely elegant, but without arrogance for the sake of showiness, in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Comparing Alvar Aalto: spaces whose form expresses content and the content is linked to nature.

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Explains creative director Vincent Van Duysen, who is looking for lightness, fluidity and etherealness in the &C|Dada 2022 narrative project.

Like the home examples of American modernism, Vincent van Duysen imagines a one-story house where you can feel the touch of the earth, outdoors. Think homes with transparency, organized with light partitions and wide outward-facing verandas and terraces: thresholds, open spaces between indoors and outdoors, spaces that are private but in direct contact with light and nature.

“It is a hymn to ethereal design, inspired by the grand pavilions of the modernist era. Dynamic spaces are characterized by lightness of lines, skilfully combined with details and materials that create softly shaped products.

“Lines and shapes”, explains Van Duysen, “seek light for an endless dialogue with space and people. The products are designed to wake up, live again and alleviate the feeling of uncertainty, seek pleasure and happiness and fully embrace nature: air, light, oxygen.

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&C|Dada 2022’s narrative project proposes a home with a clearly defined style, without overlap, and where the interior springs from the relevance and harmony of forms: rounder, softer and more enveloping.

It suggests a unified space where every detail is part of a unified principle that animates the project. In this approach, furniture and modular units are the protagonists in the design of the rooms.

They are part of the architecture as they merge into the articulation of the house and bring together new compositional possibilities that wrap around existing architectures such as the fireplace or anticipate new built-in functions such as the bar and home office. This creates a symbiosis between interior decoration systems and architectural walls. And the dialogue between structural and movable furniture, which become the soloists of the home. Vincent Van Duysen likes clean, sensual material finishes. Light and material woods such as natural oak and eucalyptus, hand-brushed or visible culprit, create unique surfaces, live in touch.

Aman Home Collection Letters

In textiles, she prefers light and earthy colors and material patterns that emphasize the rounded shape of the pillows. Hence Marta Ferrin Dadirri, defined by the designer as “a collection of textiles that aims to find the ideal combination between quiet contemplation and attachment to the nature around us, a tribute to the warm colors of the earth and its infinite shades. A harmonious mechanism that combines neutral shades of gray, beige and camel, setting them layered with bright colors like moss green, yellow ocher and rust.To make the home ‘feel’, soft and real.Wrapped around itself, like a made-to-measure dress.

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“This year”, Van Duysen concludes, “the background of our products is a strong desire not to give up fluidity, sensuality or comfort. The concept of comfort can also be seen visually in the touch of materials. Our eyes are guided around every curve, while a wonderful sense of calm emanates from the entire range. The concept of protection, shelter is very important in my work and I think the collection reflects that well. We are surrounded by these liquid forms as if we were inside a cocoon in which we would like to live forever.”

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Fill out the attached form and we will contact you with our specialized interior designer team. They will contact you quickly to arrange a consultant’s time to develop the project, either through a personal visit to the nearest store or through an online meeting.

You will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. In the meantime, you can continue browsing collections and products. This week we are pleased to present a guest post by Christy Pottroff, who was in residence at the library last year as the Lillian Gary Taylor Visiting Fellow in American Literature, the Mary and David Harrison Institute. Christy is the Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Scholar in Early Material Texts at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in English from Fordham University. His dissertation is titled “Citizen Technologies: The U.S. Post Office and the Transformation of Early American Literature.” Many thanks to Christy for sharing with us her experience researching our wonderful collections of letters from Liberia.

Bad Cleaning And Housekeeping Habits

In 1833, Peyton Skipwith and his family set foot on African soil for the first time. After enduring decades of slavery in the United States, the Skipwith family was eager to start a new life in Liberia. But after a harrowing 56-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean, they soon discovered that conditions were far more difficult than they had been led to believe. The Skipwiths suffered from disease, a harsh climate, inadequate supplies, and conflict with local African tribes—experiences recorded in a small collection of letters at the University of Virginia’s Special Collections Library. These letters to Skipwithie’s former owner, General John H. Cocke, are at times relentlessly hopeful and at others full of despair. This dissonance between hope and despair represents in many ways the colonization of Liberia.

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[Life Membership Certificate for American Colonization Society], circa 1840. Certificate. American Colonization Society Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, progressive southern slave owners founded the American Colonization Society to promote the resettlement of free-born and formerly enslaved African Americans in West Africa. This strategy arose in large part because white reformers could not imagine the viability of a racially diverse society after slavery. However, the majority of African Americans did not support the colonization plan. The United States was their home, and they preferred to work for justice rather than immigrate. Despite the controversy, the American Colonization Society began sending African Americans to West Africa in 1822, where they founded Liberia. By 1867, over 13,000 free African Americans, including the Skipwiths, had immigrated to Liberia through the American Colonization Society.

Aman Home Collection Letters

Each new Liberian had deep roots in the United States; many left behind friends and family they would never see. And yet, despite the strong ties between Liberia and the United States, very few letters passed between the two countries. The Skipwith Letters at the University of Virginia Special Collections Library are indeed special. Spanish Magnetic Letters Alphabet Magnets

Letter from Peyton Skipwith of Monrovia, June 25, 1846. Cocke Family Papers (MSS 640). Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library. The subjects of the section presented here are his desire for more farming and books other than the Bible that are widely available.

The lack of letters between Liberia and the United States is curious. In the mid-1800s, the US postal system delivered more letters than ever before, and an ever-increasing number of letters came from all over the world. The United States Postal Service facilitated international mail by entering into bilateral postal agreements that ensured easy and affordable communication and commerce beyond the country’s borders. In 1851, the United States concluded postal agreements with all European countries. Postmaster General proudly announced new contracts with Algeria, Hong Kong, St. Kitts and Nevis, Beirut and many more.

The United States did not enter into a postal agreement with Liberia until 1879 (when Liberia was admitted to the newly formed Universal Postal Union). Despite the peculiarities

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