Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue – Another good thing this week – the best thing in a long time, many signs have done well and the couple raised the titter. It’s the same, planners!

You can find my completed grid below with explanations of my solutions and where I have them. I hope you find it useful. Before you jump in, please contact me when the old rim will be out for a while. If you dig horror stories you might want to swing by my Reviews page, where I work in Stephen Jones.

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Series. (I’ll have a review of BNH12 soon after posting this, as it’s been a while.) I have even stuck one of my own stories on here somewhere. If you’re here for answers to some past Times Jumbo Cryptics, my Just for Fun page is the place to head.

The Weekend Crossword: Friday, April 10, 2020

Answer: VACILLATE (i.e. “feel wobbly”). The solution is VACATE (ie “[to] empty”) and ILL (ie “death”) placed “into” as follows: VAC(ILL)ATE.

Answer: FOCAL (ie “center”). The solution is FOAL (ie “new lease”, referring to the young horse) wrapped around, or “plug” C (short for “continue”), like this: FO(C) AL.

Answer: BATTERY . The solution satisfies “it doesn’t matter if it’s flat” and “it’s a pancake”, made from dough. One of the many points that made me smile when I finished.

Answer: REVUE (ie “a kind of theater”). The solution is REV (ie “minister”, a commonly known abbreviation of “Reverend”) followed by EU (short for European Union, pronounced “Brussels”) and reversed (marked e “after U-turn”) , like: REV-UE.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Answer: SPEECH (ie “input”). The solution is UNCLE (ie “relationship”) followed by the first or “leader” letters of “anarchist” and “resistance”, like: UNCLE-A-R.

Answer: SECOND PLACE (ie “in a flash”). The solution is SECOND (ie “[to] return”) placed “after” SPLIT (ie “leave”). It’s a repeat from last week, which is a little sad.

Answer: CLIENT (i.e. “client”). The solution is CT (a familiar abbreviation for “court”) wrapped around “holding” LIEN (ie “copyright”), like this: C(LIEN)T. Another story from last week with a similar, slightly darker theme.

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Answer: SCRAMBLE (ie “faster”). The solution is an anagram (represented by “after the shake”) of MEL’S BRA and C (ie “catch first”, i.e. the first letter of “catch”). A sign that scans well.

Bethel Journal 10/07/20 By Enquirer Media

Answer: PC PLOD (ie “copper”). The solution is PCP (a drug with the street name “angel dust”) followed by LOAD (i.e. “haul”) when the A is taken (marked by “abandoned by the”), such as: PCP-LOD.

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Answer: SPOONFED (i.e. “receiving undemanding pap”). The solution is SPOOFED (i.e. copied, “taken out”) and wrapped, “carried” N (i.e. the “joker at the end”, i.e. the last letter of “joker”), like this: SPOO(N)FED.

Answer: ASSET STRIPPERS (ie “rogue traders”). The solution is AS (ie “similar”) followed by SETS (ie “places”) and TRIPPERS (ie “tourists”). Another sign that the scan is very good.

Answer: REEDY (ie “thin”). The solution is GRAEDY (ie “gourmand”) with its first letter removed (represented by “chef leave”). One good ‘un.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Answer: SPIRITS (aka “mescal” – other spirits are available). The solution is that I will be let in, or I will be “caught by” TRIPS (i.e. “economic experiences”) when it has changed (indicated by “after the knock”), like this: SPIR(I)T . Again, good!

Answer: CORNER SHOP (i.e. “that stays open late”). The solution is CORNERS (ie “get [someone] into trouble”) followed by HOP (ie “dance”).

Answer: CONCUR (ie “go together”). The solution is CON (ie “scam”) followed by CUR (ie “scam”). Another sign that scans well.

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Answer: ORNITHOLOGICAL (ie “of birds”). The solution is OR (i.e. “on the other hand”) followed by me when inserted in or “taken by” a sign (indicated by “surprise”) of HOOTING CALL, like : OR-N(I)THOLOGICAL.

Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1421

Answer: COCKAPOO , a cross between an American cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle (ie “entry for Crufts”). The solution is COCK (i.e. “raised” – wahey!) followed by A and POOR (i.e. “dark”) with the last letter removed (indicated by “no tail”), like this: COCK-A -POO. It’s a perfect sign.

Answer: DEBRIS (ie “ruins”). The solution is DEB (i.e. “girl entering high society”, which is short for “debutante” – something I remembered from the previous puzzle) followed by SIR (i.e. “man owner”) after the conversion (indicated by “after rejection” ), such as: DEB-RIS.

Answer: EMENDATE (i.e. “[to] correct”). The solution is HE-MEN (i.e. “male types”) minus the first letter (symbolized by “going topless”) followed by DATE (i.e. “day”), like this: EMEN-DATE .

Answer: IDIOCY (i.e. “stupid”). The solution is I’D (a contraction of “I will”) followed by O (ie “love”, a zero in tennis) when inserted into or into ” destroy” ICY (ie “enemy”), thus : I’D-I(O)CY.

Plagiarism Scandal Leaves The Crossword Community Puzzled

Answer: MISSISSIPPI (ie, “[US] state”). The solution is that the MP (i.e. a “legislator”, a Member of Parliament) and the PI (i.e. an “inspector”, a Special Inspector) folded, “sounding” ISS and ISS (i.e. “space station in always”, where ISS is the International Space. Station) and I (ie, “[Roman Number] one”) like: M(ISS-ISS-I)P-PI.

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Answer: CONSIGLIERE (i.e. “counselor”, especially to a Mafia godfather). The solution is an anagram (represented by “unorthodox”) of RELIGIONS placed in CE (ie “established religion”, especially the Church of England), like this: C(ONSIGLIER)E.

Answer: ITALICSE (i.e. “put slant on”). The solution is that IT (i.e., “[sex] appeal”) followed by I’S (i.e., “[Roman year] one’s”) is inserted, “replaced by” ALICE (i.e., “The girl of Lewis [Carroll]”), as follows: IT-ALIC(I’S)E.

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Answer: HEARSAY (i.e. “slander”). The solution is HAY (ie “literary festival city”) wrapped in “collector” EARS (ie “listener”), like this: H(EARS)AY.

The Cross Word Puzzle Book: Third Series

Answer: SITE (ie “sites”). “Audio” indicates homophone. Solution is a homophone of SIGHTS (ie “visual experience”). Another good sign.

Answer: STUN GUN (aka “Taser bear” – other guns are available at your local self-service store). The solution is STUNG (i.e. “the pain”) followed by UN (i.e. “one”, like the young ‘un he he’).

Answer: PRINT (ie “model”). “O” indicates that the solution is hidden in the symbol, like: TITBI(T AS TE)MPTATION.

Answer: PENTAGRAM (ie “star”). The solution is PEN (ie “to write”) followed by TAG (ie “sign”) and RAM (ie “[to] thing”).

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

Answer: VIRUS (ie “bad influence”). The solution is VI (ie “Lenin first”, referring to the initials of his first names, Vladimir Ilyich) followed by RUS (short for “Russia”). Another good sign.

Answer: CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE . Clue points to Martin Luther’s “King’s support” of civil disobedience during the civil rights movement in America. The solution is CIVIL (i.e. “style”) followed by CIVIL (i.e. “dismissal”).

Answer: LIEUTENANCY (ie “commission”). The solution is LIEU (ie “place”, as “in lieu of”) followed by TENANCY (ie “property”).

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Answer: ACUMEN (i.e. “perception”). The solution is A (short for “space”) followed by CUM (ie “united with” in Latin) and then EN (ie “space”, referring to the author’s word for space is the width of “n”) .

Holiday Crossword Puzzle

Answer: ENCROACH (ie “enter”). The solution is ENC (a well-known abbreviation for “denial” used in formal letters) followed by ROACH (ie “fish”).

Answer: FREUDIAN SLIP . The solution satisfies “a visual error” and a humorous “underwear drop”, referring to the famous psychologist or “drop” Sigmund FREUD. Well, I thought it was funny.

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Answer: CORDON BLEU , a chef or “cook” of the highest caliber (ie “above the ranks”). Maybe there’s something clever I’m missing here. [Edit: Thanks to zouzoulap in the comments for explaining this. “Cook” is not only the verb of the sign but also an anagram, specifically COULD BE ON and R (represented by the “top of the judgments”, i.e. the first letter of ” rating”). Knowing how to hide it. I like it! – LP]

Answer: LICIT (ie “law”). The solution is that LIT (ie “will blow up”) is wrapped “around” CI (ie “Jersey etc”, referring to the Channel Islands), like this: LI(CI)T.

Beastly Clues: T. S. Eliot, Torquemada, And The Modernist Crossword

Answer: BARKEEPER (ie “one who works in a pub”). The solution is to PEEK (i.e. “looking”) back (indicated by “up” – this is a down arrow) placed inside, “taken by” BARER (i.e. “stripper”), like : BAR(KEEP)ER.

Answer: TISSUE PPER (ie. The solution is T (short for “time”) followed by OUTPUT (ie “to produce”) and PAPER (ie “Times, say”).

Answer: EGRET (ie “water bird”). “Excluded” indicates that the solution is hidden in the code. There is no sign of regression, however, which is minimal. However, you can see the solution converted in notation, like this: DE(TERGE)NT.

Angel Dust Letters Crossword Clue

Answer: YAWING (i.e. “going off course”). The solution is Y (ie “unknown number” – programmers like to use “unknown” to represent the letters X, Y or Z in their solutions) followed by AWING (ie “on the fly”). The Matter Of Desire: A Novel: 0046442395571: Edmundo Paz Soldan, Lisa Carter: Books

Answer: CASTRATION (aka “nuts removed” – I’m the biggest kid ever, I laughed when I got it, and I’m still laughing as I type this). The solution is CAST (ie “player”) followed by RATION (ie “limit food distribution”). Good point!

Answer: ENSCONCE (ie “decide”). The solution is N (abbreviation for “native” – ​​don’t forget the misleading capitalization) and SC (that’s “South Carolina”) placed or “suppressed” by E (like “English”) and ONCE (ie “before”), as in: E-(N-SC)-ONCE.

Answer: OVERHEAD PROJECTOR . The solution will satisfy the “display tool” and something that will be more expensive and “predictive cost”. Another one that made me smile when I figured out the solution.

Answer: WEASEL (ie “species”). “Overhearing” signal

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